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June 6th, 2008
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- from Atlas International Headquarters, St. Johns, Florida
FIRST – a sincere “THANK YOU!” to everyone who helped make the book a # 1 Bestseller by ordering a copy on the release date.

[NOTE - the book and special release date bonus package is still available, even though Amazon is showing, "Temporarily Out of Stock".
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I post this article today – not to toot my own horn – but rather to show you what can be achieved when you set your mind to something.

First we start with a cool screen shot of my book, Fatness to Fitness, sitting in the top spot on the Exercise and Fitness Bestseller List on (as I’m typing this – it is STILL in the # 1 spot).

exercise and fitness book bestseller
#1 Bestseller: ‘Fatness to Fitness’

We hit # 1 around midday yesterday and have been there ever since.

Now – here is why this is important….

Several weeks ago the book wasn’t even printed – in other words, ‘there was no book’… yet.

BUT – it was in the works – as about 3 years ago I decided to ‘write a book’…. AND make it a Bestseller.

That was just the beginning.

Everything that followed that decision was fueled by ‘focused intention’. In other words – I did whatever I needed to do – to fulfill my goal.

The fact that you see my book in THE top spot should light a fire in you. It should make you truly understand that YOU are capable of achieving much more than you might believe at this point in your life.

See – to the book/publishing world – before yesterday – ‘Joey Atlas’ was a ‘nobody’. Joey Atlas didn’t exist.

Well, that’s different today.

Because, literally – from a ‘million miles away’ – I was preparing to strike like lightening. And that I did.

Now – you must understand that the books that sit at the top of the bestseller lists are backed by the biggest publishing companies in the world with a LOT of money to spend on marketing and advertising.

BUT – again, I go back to this: When you put your mind to something – you can achieve great things.

You make a decision…

Then you assess your current status. You learn what tools are needed. You find out what paths are available. You decide which path fits you best. You map out a plan. And then you follow your plan – with an open mind, ‘flexibility’, and enthusiasm – with the end result in focus.

That’s how I went from ‘nobody’ (I say that facetiously) to # 1 Bestseller (I say that with all seriousness). And it’s exactly how you can go after your own goals – whatever it or they may be.

A few cool notes about the book release. We also hit # 19 on the OVERALL Amazon Bestseller list yesterday (I think we are currently # 24). This is amazing considering the names that you see on that list – some real heavy hitters who get tons and tons of media exposure every single day – and that there are a few million books on Amazon.

And we are also at # 4 in the ‘Health, Mind & Body’ Bestseller list. When you look at some of the books and authors that we leap-frogged yesterday – its a bit ‘energizing’ to say the least.

For those of you asking…

“Yes!” – my next book is in the works… and I want you in it!

The title is ‘Fitness – The Atlas Way’ – and YOU have the opportunity to be featured in that book and be part of my next Bestseller. All the details are in the last chapter of Fatness to Fitness.

Essentially – you turn yourself into your own success story by following my advice while tracking your progress along the way – and when you reach your goal – you send me your ‘Before and After’ success story, interview questionnaire and photos. If it’s good – you are in the next book.

Thats in for now – Don’t forget to leave your comments below – I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

‘Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

You trainer for life,

joey atlas

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