Your Personal Trainer: “I’m Coming to YOUR House Soon…”

May 6th, 2009
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Your Personal Trainer: “I’m Coming to YOUR House to Get You and Your Family In Great Shape FOREVER”

I just had to share this exciting info with you today… because it pertains to the future of ‘in-home fitness’ – your fitness to be exact…

There’s a lot going on here at ‘Atlas International Headquarters’ in regards to what the future holds for you.

Let me explain…

Ever since I started offering my exercise programs to people around the world – via DVDs, e-Manuals, print book, streaming online video…

There has been a constant positive energy coming back to me in the form of a very flattering wish – that basically sounds like this:

“Joey, how I wish you were local so that you could actually train me in person. Your programs are so effective – I can only imagine what kind of experience I would get to have you train me at home…”

Well, every time I read one of those emails – it resonates within me. And I’ve read a mountain of them over the past 5 years – So, I’ve decided to come to your house.

Here’s how… Right now – we are working on plans that will allow me to ‘flip a switch’ – and I show up, LIVE, on your TV or computer screen for a real time training session.

We will be setting up a professional video broadcasting in OUR VERY OWN home gym area. When its time for ‘todays’ workout – I turn the system on – You tune in – And BOOM! we are working out TOGETHER.

And I’ll be doing various types of workouts… for Men, Women, Kids, etc… You’ll even see me putting my wife and kids through their paces so that your other family members can tune in and follow along as well.

See, with modern technology making things so simple – it allows you to do what was previously un-imaginable.

My goal is to bring to highest quality, best results, ‘health club experience’ to YOUR home – for you and your family – for a mere fraction of the cost. This will save you time, money and creates more quality time for you and your family, as you ‘do fitness’ together – with me as your trainer.

I would love to hear from you about this – no matter where you are in the world… If you have quesions, comments – or if you just want to share your excitement about this – please just click ‘Comment’ below and type away. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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