The Mystery of Belly Fat Caused By Gluten Allergies

April 7th, 2011
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Be sure to check out the new book from Kelley Herring:>>>Guilt Free & Gluten Free Desserts

UPDATE: here is the link to the interview page => Gluten-Free Health and Fat Loss Interview

And this interview we just did will help you – even if you only “suspect” you are allergic to glutens to some degree. You’ll understand why when you listen to what she reveals in the interview…

I know for a fact it’s going to help the type of person who is “stuck” and frustrated about putting so much time and energy into doing the right things – but still not reaching their goals…

We even get into other ’symptoms’ glutens can create – such as:

- bad skin
- headaches
- low-energy
- insomnia
- mental fogginess
- constipation
- and more….

Until then – I have 3 things for you:

1 – Why Jen Knows Her Stuff When It Comes to This Confusing Topic
2a – Great Article On Shocking Stats and – 2b. 7 Keys to Gluten-Free Fat-Loss
3 – A Very Insightful Q&A (question submitted by Ella & Frank Rizzo)

First: Why Jen Knows Her Stuff…

The key to Jen’s background is this fact: As a fitness pro and trainer she personally suffered for years from a gluten intolerance which slowly got worse over time – until she had no choice but to dig into the topic and figure out what she needed to do to overcome this food related allergy.

By living through this experience on a personal level, Jen has been able to translate this into a gluten-specific approach to meal planning for fitness, weight loss and awesome energy – simply through a modern approach to managing the glutens in your eating habits.

Most people reading this understand the topic of Gluten intolerance, food allergies and gluten-free nutrition. But for those who don’t…

Shocking Stats In the Growth of Gluten Free Foods and Interest

The report ‘Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages in the U.S. 3rd Edition’ projects that U.S. sales of gluten-free foods and beverages will exceed $5 billion by 2015.

According to the 210 page report “Gluten-free” has become an identity for the tens of millions of Americans who have reduced or eliminated their consumption of wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Indeed, consumer demand has driven the extraordinary surge in the market for gluten-free foods and beverages. Many people are gluten-free out of necessity, because they suffer from celiac disease or a food allergy.

But a growing number are gluten-free by choice, as evidence emerges that this diet may treat medical conditions ranging from autism in children to rheumatoid arthritis in adults….

Others find that living gluten-free simply makes them feel better. An online survey conducted expressly for the report Gluten-free Foods and Beverages in the U.S. reveals the number-one motivation for buying gluten-free food products is – they are considered healthier than their conventional counterparts.

Specialty marketers like Glutino, Pamela’s Products, and Kinnikinnick Foods have exploded onto the mainstream scene, and health-oriented companies such as Bob’s Red Mill and Amy’s Kitchen have demonstrated a commitment to producing reliably gluten-free foods.

Due to their growing retail presence, as well as to continual improvements in gluten-free products overall, the report estimates the U.S. market for gluten-free foods and beverages at $2.6 billion in 2010, for a compound annual growth rate of 30% over the 2006-2010 period.

7 Keys to The Gluten-Free Lifestyle for Optimal Health & Fat-Loss

As you’re creating your Gluten-Free nutrition strategy – these are the critical areas to focus on:

1 – Identify the glutens you are now eating on a daily basis
2 – Learn the easiest ways to take the glutens out, and replace them with the right alternatives
3 – Conversion tips to transform your favorite personal recipes into Gluten-Free versions
4 – Which companies create gluten free foods and how to locate them in the supermarket or online
5 – The quick tricks for label-reading; so you can spot glutens in a snap and avoid them
6 – Which restaurants have high gluten menus and which ones serve low gluten meals
7 – You need to know what to order when dining out

When you get this going – it’s all connected and it simply becomes your ‘eating lifestyle’…

Click to Take the 7-Day Challenge - It's FREE

Click to Take the 7-Day Challenge - It's FREE

Again, here is the FREE interview: => Gluten-Free Health and Fat Loss Interview

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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Whey Protein Recall: Salmonella Warning

March 23rd, 2011

Today we get right into the important info you need to know… So, here it is:

22 Brands of Whey Protein Recalled Due to Salmonella Concern

The FDA posted a recall notice involving 22 brands of whey protein powder due to potential contamination with salmonella. Read complete article and product/company listings here:

That is a LONG list of companies and products involved in this massive recall.

But, sweetly enough – if you were to read the whole list of companies whose protein products/powders are being recalled – you’ll be pleased to see that my partners at ProGrade are NOT on the list… Again, proving their dedication and commitment to bringing you the highest quality fitness nutrition products.

As a matter of fact – just to celebrate this situation – after I post this for you, I’m heading into the kitchen to make a mid-day “Cocoa Body-Toner” with… Joey’s Favorite Protein Powder:

Here’s my private (now public) recipe :-)

“Joey’s Cocoa Body-Toner”

- ½ scoop of PG Protein Powder, chocolate flavor (see link above to get yours)
- 4 ounces of non-fat unsweetened Almond Milk (you can also use skim milk, etc..)
- 4 ounces clean/filtered water
- 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder
- ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
- 3-4 large ice cubes
- ¼ stevia extract powder (even though the PG powder is sweetened with the miracle herb sweetener, Stevia extract, I still like to add a little more – because I have one of those sweet tooths, ya know…)

Put it all in the blender, press “High” button – and BOOM!! Done..


Regarding the topic of Gluten-Free nutrition and Gluten Allergies…

It seems I’m getting more and more questions about how this fits into the fitness lifestyle. So, I’ve been gathering some insightful info, talking to some true experts and a several people who’ve successfully learned to manage the condition and experience some incredible results…

I’ll be putting together a few great resources and some helpful info for you very soon – so stay tuned for that post…

Please feel free to share this post with anyone else you know who will benefit from this type of helpful fitness and nutrition info.

And if you have any questions, comments or thoughts – just post them below. I’d love to hear from you…

Thanks for reading – and acting…

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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