Fitness Foods # 3: Eight “B” Foods to Include In Your Weekly Meals Plans

April 10th, 2009
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Fitness Foods # 3: Eight “B” Foods to Include In Your Weekly Meals Plans

As always – any food I suggest – is preferably of organic origin. And your meats are ideally grass fed, free range, etc…

1 – Banana

This is one of my all time favorites – and I eat one every day. Bananas are a great source of magnesium (good for your bones and heart health) – and they are loaded with potassium (about 400 milligrams in a medium one). This is good since we are supposed to get close to 5,000 milligrams of potassium per day. Remember, potassium helps regulate blood pressure, fights bone loss and reduces your risk of kidney stones.

2 – Brown Rice

The difference between white rice and brown rice is not the color. White rice is brown rice AFTER it has been processed and devalued. Unlike white rice, brown rice is a true whole grain – because it still has the bran and germ of the natural grain. So you get the true ‘whole grain’ benefits – and about 10 times as much body-benefiting potassium and phosphorus.

3 – Bran

Either as cold cereal or hot cereal – bran kicks butt (I love oat bran cooked in water for breakfast [11:30am] with a medium banana, and 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed).

What do you get? A very nice dose of fiber, magnesium – and some VERY good quality carbohydrates.

4 – Brussel(s) Sprouts

Just 4 of these natural powerhouses gives you about 240 micrograms of vitamin K – which is twice the measly amount the average person gets in a full day. And trust me – you NEED vitamin K.

5 – Beef (Eye of Round is good)

Red meat is not evil – unless you are eating half a pound every day…

A 3 ounce serving of high quality beef gives you a body toning and strengthening dose of protein – at only 160 calories.

What else do you get from ‘the beef’? Zinc and vitamin B6 – two more essential elements you need to function optimally

6 – Broccoli

Yes – its STILL good for you… – As one of the top ‘dark green vegetables’ – you want to find a way to get this on your dinner table a few times a week if you are interested in reducing your chances of getting cancer – just to name a few…

7 – Blueberries

..VERY high in antioxidants …boost your brain function …helps lower cholesterol …loaded with vitamin K …may help prevent osteoporosis …prevents hardening of the arteries …loaded with fiber …should I keep going?

8 – Barley

Pearl barley has the outer husk removed – so DON’T eat it. You want WHOLE GRAIN barley – which still has the valuable husk. We all know the benefits of true whole grains – so no need for me to rehash here. You can also try bulgar or buckwheat groats (kasha) – as they are also nutrient packed whole grains.

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And stay tuned for more from…

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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Fitness Foods # 2: Five “S” Foods to Include In Your Weekly Meal Plans

February 24th, 2009


Fitness Foods # 2: Five “S” Foods to Include In Your Weekly Meal Plans

In Fitness Foods Issue # 1, which I sent out last week – I raised some controversy over the ‘Canola Oil’ issue.

I’ll say one last thing about it…

There are MANY readers of this newsletter. People from all over the world, from all levels of socio-economic groups – with various levels of financial means – at different stages of trying to change their lifestyle habits for the better.

While one reader may be at the peak of their health and fitness journey, simply striving for maintenance – another person may be simply trying to figure out how to cut down on high fat, highyl processed foods – as their first step in their journey to better fitness and a better life.

My mention of canola oil was not a recommendation to use it as your sole choice of fat in your daily diet – but rather it was to give various readers another occasional option to explore as they try to create their own ‘fitness lifestyle plan’.

As a professional in the field and a father of 3 growing children – I wouldn’t serve us anything that is going to kill us – nor would I tell you, my appreciated reader, to consume something that would kill you.

So I repeat – If, on a WEEKLY basis, you add 4 or 5 tablespoons of NON-GENETICALLY ENGINEERED, EXPELLER PRESSED, ORGANIC Canola Oil to your diet – this is a HUGE difference as compared to consuming 6 or 7 tablespoons of the “evil” version of canola oil.

When I sent out the quote from Dr Andrew Weil – those were his exact words on the subject of canola oil – excerpted from a longer Q&A type article. If you want to read it just search ‘Dr Weil canola oil’. He and I share a VERY similar opinion on this subject.

OK – enough of that – let’s get on to this week’s Fitness Foods Issue # 2

A reminder first – Always choose organic versions of any foods I suggest – if it is within your means.

1) Steel Cuts Oats

Talk about a cheap, tasty, nutrient packed breakfast? I eat Bob’s Red Mill, Organic, Whole grain steel cut oats. Just a 1/4 cup gives you a solid 7 grams of protein and a satisfying 5 grams of fiber – with only 24 grams of energy sustaining, net carbs. Add a pinch of stevia, a half teaspoon of cinnamon, a tablespoon of raisins – and you are ‘in the zone’, my friend.

Take it up a notch by adding a tablespoon of ground flax seeds – and you wont be hungry for about 4 or 5 hours.

2) Sardines

I eat these about twice a week for lunch. Loaded with Omega-3s – sardines are also a fantastic source of calcium (when eaten with bones, which I do) and vitamin D. Open a can (packed in water, not oil) – sprinkle with a bit of sea salt and black peper, and say hello to a hearty serving of body-toning, fat-burning protein.

Add a chopped cucumber with a little vinegar or lemon juice and you are ‘in the zone’…

3) Sweet Potatoes

The deep orange color of this great veggie should make it dead give away to its nutritional value. Truth be told – these orange beauties put the regular white spud to shame because they have more vitamin C, folate, calcium, manganese and beta-carotene than the white variety of potato. As a matter of fact, one sweet potato (with skin) has a booming 25,000 IU of beta-carotene.

4) Spinach

My good friend, Popeye (some of my friends think he’s my half brother) knew what he was doing whenever he squeezed open a can of spinach. As one of the ultimate dark green leafy veggies, spinach is loaded with vitamins A and K, a bit of folate – and a bunch of lutein. Lutein is associated with reduced risk of macular degeneration (the leading cause of impaired vision and blindness in people ago 65 and over). So, you wanna be strong and have good eye sight for the rest of your life? – then do like me and Popeye – and eat your spinach.

5) Strawberries

With these I would strongly urge you to go organic if you can. It is widely known that non-organic strawberries are farmed with relatively higher levels of chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc…

While organic strawberries may be a bit pricey – you can certainly make them ‘go further’ by mixing them with a bunch of other organic fruits – for a high fiber, nutrient packed, fruit salad dessert.

The nice thing about strawberries is that they contain powerful antioxidants, anthocyins, which as we all know – offer powerful health benefits for people of all ages. They also give you a nice dose of folate and vitamin C.

I hope you enjoyed Issue # 2 of Fitness Foods. Have a comment, question – or just want to say “Thanks!” – then click on the ‘comment’ link below – and let me know…

And don’t forget to print this out and add it to your shopping list.

And stay tuned for more of these coming your way.

Have any questions, thoughts – or just want to say “Thanks Joey!” ? – then just click on the ‘comment’ link below – and let me know…

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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Here’s my response to yesterday’s ‘5 C Fitness Foods’ article…

February 24th, 2009


We got a ton of ‘thank you’ emails responding to the e-newsletter I
sent out yesterday – and as I anticipated we also got a few
screamers and shouters – asking me “Why are you recommending canola
oil – it’s a toxic chemical!!”

(for those of you who missed it – I’ve added it to the bottom of
this email) It’s actually the next blog post now…

Well, let’s put this to rest right now:

1 – I should have prefaced my recommendation of canola oil with my
very typical “always choose organic, non-gmo brands.” I usually
attach this to any food suggestion – but I left it off yesterday, in
haste… my mistake.

2 – Some of you are correct – most canola oil is of a genetically
engineered variety – that is NOT what I suggest to add to your
daily nutrition. As I mentioned in # 1 above – go for
expeller-pressed, non-gmo brands, such as Spectrum brand.

3 – I did not say to replace the best source of healthy fats -
which I always tell you is Extra-Virgin, Organic Olive Oil. My
suggestion is to simply add it to your diet as a ‘less-flavored’
option when cooking certain dishes.

– Dr’ Weil – yes, THE Dr. Weil – shares the same sentiments as I
do when it comes to canola oil…

Here is a statement right from the lips of the master of natural
health himself, Dr. Andrew Weil:

“I use canola oil in moderation, when I want a neutral-tasting oil,
but I always look for organic, expeller-pressed brands. The
lower-cost products sold in supermarkets have often been extracted
with chemical solvents or high-speed presses that generate heat.
Both methods alter the oil’s fatty acid chemistry in undesirable
ways. Furthermore, canola oil producers use a lot of pesticides on
their crops, and I suspect that residues find their way into the
finished product, so be sure to check labels.”

Did you see that – let me highlight it so we don’t miss it:

**I use canola oil in moderation, when I want a neutral-tasting
oil, but I always look for organic, expeller-pressed brands…**

That’s it for today…

Stay tuned for the next ‘Fitness Foods’ article.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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Fitness Food List: 5 “C” Foods for a Fit, Strong, Lean & Healthy Body

February 24th, 2009


Fitness Food List: 5 “C” Foods for a Fit, Strong, Lean & Healthy Body

1) Canola Oil

Cut down on butter, lard and other saturated fats with healthy vegetable oils that offer beneficial mono-unsaturated & poly-unsaturated fats. This is great for your skin and even better for your heart. (but do keep in mind we still need some small amounts of saturated fats for optimal health and function). Safflower oil is also a good choice in this regard. These are also good oils to cook with as they have a higher tolerance for heat as compared to olive oil (which is an amazing choice for salads, etc…)

Keep in mind – no matter which fat/oil you choose – its still 120 calories per tablespoon.

2) Cantaloupe

The light orange color is a dead give away that this delicious fruit is a good source of beta-carotene. It’s also a great source of vitamin C. I like my cantaloupe a little sweeter – so after I cut the whole melon into cubes – I sprinkle some stevia powder on it – and shake the sealed container for a nice little kick of natural, no-cal sweetness.

3) Carrots

Just half a cup give you 150% of your daily Vitamin A. What else is there to say? go organic when you you can – its worth it.

4) Cauliflower

A nice source of Vitamin C – and most likely a source of anti-cancer compounds. You can take this low carb veggie – cook it, then mash it – then sprinkle with sea salt, some black pepper – and a touch of olive oil or butter – and you’ll think you’re eating gourmet mashed potatoes – without all the heavy carbs. Yeah Baby!!

5) Chicken Breast

Start with free-range, cage free, organic – boneless, skinless breasts (if you can)…

Then dice it up…
Place in bowl…
Add 1 table spoon of canola oil (or olive oil)
Some sea salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika.

Mix it up with a fork – and then pan sear it in a heated pan until cooked.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Fitness Foods. Print it out and add it to your shopping list.

And stay tuned for more of these coming your way.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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Healthy Breakfast? Eat What Your Trainer Eats

April 4th, 2008

- by Joey Atlas, M.S. – Exercise Physiology


“What should I eat for a healthy breakfast?”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions of fitness pros and personal trainers, by people interested in getting into shape (or back into shape, again).

Quite often people will take this one step further and ask, “Joey, what do you eat for breakfast?” While I have a handful of answers for this – I’ll share with you what I ate for breakfast today. Note – this breakfast is fine for men and women.

First key number – total calories = 340

Second key number – protein = 14 grams

Third key number – FIBER = 8 grams

Where did this protein, fiber and 340 calories come from?

1 – Sturm’s Organic Oatmeal – Maple Spice, Naturally Flavored
— available at Walmart (

[WARNING - even though I post a product's website - I am NOT recommending all of that company's products - for example - the company above makes some evil and unhealthy products - stuff that I have banned in my house - and that I strongly advise my clients not to consume - stay tuned for more on that...]

2 – One teaspoon of Pavich Organic Raisins (

3 – Two tablespoons of Nature’s Bounty, Ground Organic Flax Seeds (
— available at Walgreenes, Target and a bunch of other places

4 – My morning coffee (I make this right in my office):

‘Joey’s Cocoa-Chino’

- 4oz Organic Skim Milk
- 1 teaspoon Unsweetened Organic Cocoa (
- 1 pinch of KAL Organic Stevia Powder
- 1 teaspoon Organic Sugar
- 2 shots organic espresso

Now some of the ‘Muscle Men’ (and women) reading this are saying, “Joey, you’re crazy – you can’t build any muscle – there’s not enough protein in that meal.” To that I just say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ – so here:

This is what happens when you eat ‘like a bird’.

I’ll get into this ‘high protein psychology’ in another article – not enough room here…

But I can tell you this – I know the difference because I used to be one of these guys, about 18 tears ago – the Mega-Protein, Lift Lots of Weights, Muscle Builder type guys…

Stupid me – I wasted lots of time, energy and money (my ‘muscle-man breakfast’ used to be in the 2100 calorie range, maybe higher – crazy, but true).

Anyway, the breakfast above – gives me 340 WELL BALANCED calories to nourish, fuel and energize me right into the early afternoon without a single hunger pain.

My body doesn’t go into this fabricated ’starvation mode’ (what a joke). My body doesn’t start cannibalizing itself by burning it’s own muscles for energy, [see photo above].

This breakfast is easy, fast and perfectly balanced for the fitness lifestyle. Again, this is not what I eat every day – it just happened to be my choice of breakfast today.

What did you eat today? Have a question about my breakfast? (post it below via ‘Comments’)

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“Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

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Fitness Book Predicted to be “Best-Seller” by Saving the World

March 19th, 2008

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Jeff Anderson

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Lisa Britt
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Fatness to Fitness is so much more than just a book. It’s a step-by-step guide to looking and feeling your very best. It’s chock-full of sound advice, but in an easy-to-follow format that you can actually adapt to your busy schedule. I loved the lessons and I loved that it focused not only on nutrition and exercise, but also on how to have the right mind-set.

“I think you’ll find it very refreshing that Joey has been where you might be right now. He knows how you feel and he knows how to lead you to your best. He’s been there and is ready to show you the way. With this book, you have a blueprint for success. All that’s left is for you to take action. Take advantage of all that it offers and look forward to achieving your optimal self.

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Chad Tackett, BS, CPT
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