A Good Form of Trans-Fat Gets You Leaner and Healthier?

September 28th, 2009
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I just traded articles with my good friend, trusted colleague and Nutrition Specialist Mike Geary.

I was going to wait a few days to Post this – but this one is so helpful – I couldn’t hold off. So, here it is…

It’s an article that sheds some amazing light on the issue of nutritional trans-fats – and how they affect your body fat.


A Type of Trans Fat that Makes You Leaner and Healthier?

by Mike Geary
– Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist & co-Author – ‘The Fat Burning Kitchen’

We all know that trans fats are horrible for your health right? But what if I told you that there is a specific type of trans fat that’s natural (not man-made) and actually helps you to lose fat faster and build lean muscle?

Well, check out the excerpt from my new program that I co-authored called “The Fat Burning Kitchen” >> http://tinyurl.com/FatLossKitchen below:

“…Not many people know this fact, but CLA is actually a natural form of trans fat, but it is FAR different than the artificial trans fats from hydrogenated oils that are so deadly and that you hear all of the negative information about. CLA is actually one of the only healthy trans fats in existence.

CLA is a natural form of healthy trans fat that occurs in the fat on the meat, and in the dairy from ruminant animals such as cattle, bison, deer, goats, sheep, kangaroo, etc. CLA in natural form has been shown to help in burning off abdominal fat and also maintaining or even building lean muscle.

Warning: do NOT use CLA supplements as they contain an artificially created form of CLA that is a different CLA isomer compared to the natural CLA isomer that’s found in meats and dairy from ruminant animals. The CLA isomer found in CLA supplements can have negative effects in the body and is more similar to an artificial trans fat. The only form of CLA is that going to benefit your health and help you to reduce body fat is the natural CLA isomers from grass-fed beef, bison, venison, etc or from grass-fed raw milk or cheeses.

Also, grass-fed meats and dairy contain 3-5x the CLA of grain fed meats, so avoid your typical grain-fed grocery store meats.

So that is the reason why I focused more on red meats such as grass-fed beef and bison during this 23-day cutting cycle instead of chicken, turkey, or fish — because the extra CLA can really help in accelerating fat loss and preserving lean muscle…”

There you have it… there actually IS such a thing as a healthy trans fat… bet you didn’t know that!

This was an excerpt from my brand new program I just co-authored with an extremely knowledgeable nutrition expert named Catherine Ebeling.

The program is called “The Fat Burning Kitchen”.

Because this is our launch week… you can grab the program for half price this week only. The price will double in a few days at the end of the week.

Also, I wanted to really knock your socks off with this program, so if you grab a copy this week, I even decided to throw in a special bonus section that gives you every single nitty gritty detail of how I just went from 10.2% bodyfat down to 6.9% bodyfat in only 23 days while I prepped for a photo shoot recently.

This is advanced stuff for when you might have an event such as a wedding or a beach vacation coming up and you need to knock off some significant bodyfat in only 3-4 weeks time frame. There’s nothing unhealthy here… but these techniques are definitely “amped up” from the norm.

When I say nitty gritty details… I’m talking everything, including specific spices, teas, nutrients, exactly what I ate, carb/protein/fat ratios and how I manipulated timing of nutrients to accelerate fat loss.

Seriously, we did the body comp tests and I went from 10.2% BF to 6.9% BF in only 23 days. I’ll be sharing the pics on my blog in a week or 2, when I get the finals back from the photographer.

You’ll find out all of those details of how I did this in the bonus chapter if you grab a copy this week.

check it out:

http://tinyurl.com/FatLossKitchen <<= Click Here

Get your copy today so you don’t miss out on the special offer.

Eat clean – Be Lean…

— Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

By all means please feel free to share this post with anyone you know who may benefit from this type of helpful info…

Stay tuned – as I have a bunch of other freebies I’ll be sending your way later this week.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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Fat Loss Fact: Long-term Diet Study Shows Caloric Balance Key Factor In Weight Loss

March 17th, 2009


Fat Loss Fact: Long-term Diet Study Shows Caloric Balance Key Factor In Weight Loss

A 2-year study of 811 overweight adults assigned to one of four diets has found that the proportions of macronutrients did not affect how much weight they lost. The targeted percentages of calories derived from fat, protein, and carbohydrates in the four diets were 20/15/65, 20/25/55, 40/15/45, and 40/25/35, respectively. The diets consisted of similar foods and met guidelines for cardiovascular health. The participants were offered group and individual instructional sessions.

Among the 80% of participants who completed the trial, the average weight loss was 4 kg (about 9 pounds) and the results were similar in those who were assigned to a diet with 20% or 40% fat; 15% or 25% protein; and 65% or 35% carbohydrates. Satiety, hunger, satisfaction with the diet, and attendance at group sessions were similar for all diets. The diets also improved lipid-related risk factors and fasting insulin levels. The authors concluded:

**Reduced-calorie diets will result in clinically meaningful weight loss regardless of which macronutrients they emphasize.

**A range of fat, protein, and carbohydrate compositions can have beneficial effects on risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

**Such diets can be tailored to individual patients based on personal and cultural preferences and may therefore have the best chance for long-term success.

[Sacks FM and others. Comparison of weight-loss diets with different compositions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. New England Journal of Medicine 360:859-873, 2009] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19246357

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Real Fat Loss Secrets: Do This and Lose Fat Non-Stop

September 3rd, 2008

Real Fat Loss Secrets: Do This and Lose Fat Non-Stop – Regardless of Age, Genetics or Body-Type

- by Joey Atlas

Ok – you ready?

    Go into your kitchen…

  • Chop up a half a tomato
  • Chop up a cup and a half of lettuce
  • Add 1/3 can of chick peas (be careful which brand you choose)
  • Add 4 – 6 pre-washed baby carrots
  • Add a sprinkle of sea salt
  • Add a shake of black pepper
  • Add 2 shakes of balsamic vinegar
  • Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Mix and eat…

There – now you’re burning fat…

Easy right?

Yeah, I agree…

That’s EXACTLY what I just ate for lunch – and it was awesome…

It tasted great. I’m satisfied but not stuffed. My energy is at peak level – and I don’t feel sluggish like most people do after the typical mass population crappy lunch. I won’t be hungry for about 3 or 4 more hours and if I do get hungry – I just dig into my bag of tricks (tactics, actually) and I’m still on target – keeping my metabolism steadily burning right along…

The truth is – fat loss is really that easy – but I also understand you might have a lot of questions about that recipe and about other elements that are related to that recipe and the big picture of fat loss and ‘dieting’ – such as…

  • “When do I eat that, Joey?”
  • “Can I substitute something in that recipe, Joey?”
  • “I work the night shift, Joey – when should I plan this meal?”
  • “What about snacking before or after that meal, Joey?”
  • “What if I’m still hungry after that?”
  • “What about the other meals in my day Joey?”
  • “What if I don’t have all the ingredients?”
  • “What about my willpower, Joey?”
  • “What about the next day – and the day after that?”
  • “What if I get gas from this meal Joey – then what do I do?”
  • “What if I don’t like that, Joey – can you show me something else for fat-burning?”

There are more questions than I have space for here – and you probably have some specific questions of your own (you’ll have a chance to ask them below if you want to later…)…

But here’s what I have to offer you right now – as I sat down to eat this for my lunch – I started to think about what separates me and other successful “dieters” – or shall we say ‘good eaters’, from the majority of people who just can’t seem to get it together and make it all work in the name of FAT-LOSS?

The timing on this is great – and it has prompted me to issue a helpful warning for you…

URGENT WARNING: Fat-Loss Dieters Are Being Targeted for Easy Profits

Fat loss product and diet program marketers consider September and January as their ‘Gold Rush’ times of year – when in their words…

“all the sorry ass yo-yo dieters, fatties and fitness wannabe’s are looking for their next magic pill, miracle gadget or ‘breakthrough diet’ – to help them finally drop all the fat and flab from their bloated bodies.”

That’s a direct quote I pulled from a diet/weight loss industry, marketing forum… Mind you these folks are not health or fitness coaching pros – these are marketers who make their pay by preying on people’s weaknesses and desperation…

And during the next few weeks you’re going to see a relentless onslaught of bullshit promotions and marketing blitzes fueled by hard-selling sales tactics to make you think you’ve just found ‘The Thing That’s Finally Going to Work for You!”

Here’s my advice – straight from an industry insider, consumer advocate and someone who truly cares about YOU and your results…

Don’t fall for any of it…
Don’t allow yourself to be dazzled…
Don’t let your emotional guard down…
Don’t let yourself be fooled, robbed and cheated…

Yeah – I know you want something – I know you need ’some kind of help’ – to get you through the tough times and ‘over the hump’ – you want some guidance – you want a trusty adviser to turn to…

You want something that’s gonna show early results that can be easily sustained with an approach and methodology that is realistic and can followed anywhere in the world – the US, China, India, Brazil – WHEREVER!!

Its ‘Tactics’ That Work

This does exist – but its all about TACTICS… and not just a plan…

Every war that was ever won – was won because of TACTICS – not an overall battle plan…

Every company that has succeeded through both good and bad economic times – has done so with TACTICS – not a general business plan…

Every famous or successful person has climbed to great heights – thanks to TACTICS – not just a general life plan…

Every World Series, World Cup, Daytona 500, Stanley Cup, British Open or Super Bowl has been won with TACTICS – not an overall general game plan…

It’s TACTICS that separates the winners from the losers – the successful from the unsuccessful – the victorious over the defeated….

And its TACTICS that are going to be your true secret weapon – the missing link you’ve been searching for to help you reach your winners circle – your gold podium – your triumphant rise to your own personal championship…

For a few lucky people – simple strategies and techniques are enough to get the job done – but for MANY – as in the vast majority – they are not…

Strategies and Techniques are what I included in my book, ‘Fatness to Fitness’ – no TACTICS though…

You may be asking “Why no ‘tactics’ in the book, Joey – if you are touting them so strongly in this article?”

Here’s the deal – I wrote ‘Fatness to Fitness’ as my first entry in to the mainstream….

Leading with an arsenal of eye-brow raising TACTICS could have cost me my credibility, my reputation and ultimately my career… simply because these tactics are not commonplace in the mainstream media…

And that wouldn’t have been good for me or for you…

But for now here’s what you need to know about TACTICS:

  • Tactics make difficult tasks easy…
  • Tactics give you deadly leverage against your foes…
  • Tactics allow you to side step any danger that comes your way…
  • Tactics give you the winning state of mind because you can control any situation…
  • Tactics allow you to turn any possible point of failure into the perfect set-up for victory…
  • Tactics are your small bag of effective secrets that nobody else can understand…
  • Tactics give you shortcuts to certain points that others don’t even now exist…

See, there are several KEY reasons why so may people fail at fat-loss and dieting – and these TACTICS directly address those key reasons and simply wipe them out of the equation – clearing an open path for your permanent fat-loss success…

During the next few weeks – I’ll be posting more articles, info and insight about this topic right here – so stay tuned…

As I finalize this Fat-Loss program based on these TACTICS – we are preparing to open up the doors in time for the New Year here in the US – and the program will be open to people in every country – but spots will be limited… I’ll elaborate more in the next few weeks…

In closing – I would like to ask you to share your past diet and fat-loss attempts… What you tried… Why it failed you… And what you believe you need to get you to success… Just click ‘comment’ below my dashing head shot…

Your trainer for life,
joey atlas

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Former Fat Guy is Quickly Becoming Sex Symbol

June 26th, 2008

How a Former Fat Guy is Quickly Becoming Sex Symbol Through Fitness

- by Joey Atlas
If you’ve been following me for at least the last few months – you already know about Colin’s fat loss success story. As I mentioned previously – he’s the guy featured on the back cover of my book.

He likes to keep me posted on his progress – and he sent me this great email a few days ago. Read it and see what inspiration you can draw from it to fuel your motivation to change your life for the better.

colin after body fat loss
The Sexy Stud Says
‘He ain’t done yet…

…What ever that means to you – because it’s not the same for everyone…


I was at work today working away and a lady come up to me and said “you know I was going to buy a big bag of chips, but I seen you over there and know all the weight you had lost and I put the chips back cause I didn’t really need them” I told her “good for you”.

She told me she had lost a bit of weight but put some of it back on, now she has a tough time trying to get back into the routine of sticking to her diet. I told her the next time she got the urge for a snack grab a fruit to eat like an apple, orange, grapes, banana or a pear. If it’s nice out you may just go for a little walk. Sometimes it’s hard work but worth it in the end.

I guess this is a part of the fitness ripple effect. I’m still smiling and proud that I can be such an influence on people I don’t even know.

PS – Before that I had another lady today come up to me, I didn’t know she was and asked me where did I go to (meaning the weight loss), she told me I looked good and I’m doing a great job. I told her I had 158 lbs gone and her jaw dropped; I said it was over 2.5 years losing it slowly so it didn’t make me look sick like some people do when they lose a lot of weight.

Then first thing this morning when the store opened a young lady who works at Tim Horton’s was in picking up groceries and I said “Good Morning” to her, she looked around and seen me there working away and she said “you know the other day I seen you at the mall and you look good”

I told her thank you! hehehehe

Keeping Fit!

Colin Cramm

What are your thoughts about Colin’s success? What fitness success are you trying to achieve?

What’s your biggest obstacle?

Click ‘Comment’ below – and let the rest of us know…

Your Trainer,

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Fat Loss Updates – Fitness Through Healthy Weight Loss

June 18th, 2008

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

Fat Loss and Fitness Through Healthy Weight Loss – Photos of Proof

Many of you know already Colin Cramm – as he is one of the fitness success stories featured on the back cover of my book, ‘Fatness to Fitness’ – but it is quite likely you haven’t (yet) heard of his good buddy, Todd.

I’m writing about these two amazing guys today for 2 reasons:

1 – a lot of my male subscribers wanted to see more success stories about mens’ fitness and fat loss, as they have “already seen more than enough female fitness success stories across my websites”.

2 – to illustrate something I wrote about in the book, ‘the Fitness Ripple Effect’.

Here is Colin’s most recent photo – showing him standing behind his ‘fat jeans’ (size 48!) – and he noted that he is now COMFORTABLY wearing a brand new pair of size 36 pants – that we can’t see becasue his massive ‘fat jeans’ are blocking our view. GREAT STUFF! – We’ll hear more from Colin in the near future, as he is “not done just yet…”

colin after body fat loss
Fat Loss – Photos of Proof

Now, meet Todd (minus 135 lbs!) – one of Colin’s good buddies who was inspired by Colin’s transformation and decided he needed to do the same thing – or else probably die way before his time. Todd is still at it – so we can consider this a ‘during’ photo – and we will be sure to hear back from him – as he is a strong candidate to be included in my next book, ‘Fitness – The Atlas Way’. Here he is…
todd during fat loss diet and fitness success
Todd – Down 135 lbs, and Still Burning Fat


This brings me to the ‘Fitness Ripple Effect’…

So many times – it’s the action and success of one person that can inspire and positively influence other people. Such is the case with Colin and Todd. It’s also what I attribute my fitness success to – thanks to my father, and it’s what has recently changed the life of another ‘Joey’ – read on…

This is a message that was posted just yesterday in the members only forum at my other site, BestFitnessAdvice.com:

…and that’s why I think this forum is great. Not only do we have our trainer for life but other people interacting and helping and encouraging each other along the way. I will keep going in the same direction, in my gut I know if I stay consistent and am patient with myself then all will fall into place.

By the way, my 12 year old son was having problems with the bottom of his back, therapist gave home exercises to do but they didn’t really help. Him to has the “belly” and the doctor said he would have to exercise his back.

As I have changed my eating habits they also are reflected on my son and he started doing the ABS dvd with me but he does them twice a week. It’s so cool because he’s interested in exercise, we spend quality time together AND his back no longer hurts him. Thank you Joey.

P.S.: So funny because my son’s name is JOEY.


Are you creating a ‘Fitness Ripple Effect’ on those around you? Have you been influenced by someone else’s inspiring success? Whatever the case – I would like to hear about it – please post below – by clicking on ‘Comment’.

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else…

Be Fit!

Your Trainer,

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Lose Fat and Be Fit with Herbs and Spices

June 13th, 2008

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’
A question was recently posted in the ‘Comments’ section of the blog – and it’s one that I hear every few weeks – and it’s a great topic to talk about. Here it is…

“While I am waiting for your book to arrive I wonder, If you can comment on use of spices such as Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, etc as part of diet. Especially, for someone who likes to follow a vegetarian diet.”

The quick, short version answer to this great question is…

Herbs and spices are ESSENTIAL to a healthy diet. Thats why we’ve been gifted by their abundant presence on this earth. They are perfect for any diet – regardless of type – vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, and even the ‘regular’ non-diet – healthy diet, etc, etc…

Besides the countless benefits offered by all of the herbs and spices avaiable to us – they can, in fact, be an essential tool in helping people lose fat and become fit.

The flavor enhancing effects of these botanicals give you a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment in your daily meals – allowing us to eat less because we were able to enjoy the amounts we did eat.

Some would say – “Well, if it tastes better – wouldn’t I eat more of it?”

In my experience the answer is no.

When combined with other tactics, strategies, and principles of a healthy fitness lifestyle – the herbs and spices become our ally.

They are easy to find, relatively cheap to purchase – and super simple to use.

They are also fun – and can make meal preparation a cool event for you and your family.

There are a lot of them – so experiment, be daring and be creative. You’ll be surprised at the results.

An Special Note: Some herbs and spices do contain compounds that can interact or interfere with certain medications or dietary supplements. Do check with your doctor if you are unsure about your specific situation.

What herbs and or spices do you like using in your healthy foods and ‘diet’ recipes? Post them below by clicking on ‘Comments’.

Your trainer,

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Fat Loss – Struggle of a Lifetime or Reward of a Better Life?

March 28th, 2008

As per the dictionary – there are about 3 or 4 definitions of the word ‘fitness’. In the real world, however, there are as many definitions as there are people willing to volunteer their answer. Many factors go into this ‘infinite meanings of fitness’ scenario – but one of the most influential, is one’s own place in their journey to a better quality of life – a state of optimal fitness.

I remind you – when I use the phrase ‘optimal fitness’ – I am not saying we must all look like the models that cover the pages of the glossy fitness and glamour magazines (although there is nothing wrong if you do) – I’m talking about fitness that goes beneath our outer layer – fitness that includes your health/medical profile, your moods, your energy, your longevity and the vitality of your spirit… Fitness is not just about ‘ripped abs’, ’super hot bodies’ and ‘chiseled muscles’ – no its much broader and deeper than that.

We each have circumstances, experiences and life situations – that influence who we are, how we think and the actions we take. At any given point we have the ability to go inside ourselves to take more control of ‘who we are and what we choose to do’ – There is a great example of someone doing this right now in her brief but very insightful article, (click to read => The Struggle of a Lifetime.

Many of you – male or female, fitness beginner or seasoned fitness pro, will get something out of reading this article and following Leanne’s progress. The photo overlay of her fat loss she shows, is very neat – …never saw one like that. Her story is one that MANY of you will be able to identify with – and on the other hand some of you will have no idea of what she has gone through – BUT – you may know someone who has or is going through what she talks about.

Learn from her words and see what you can do to help yourself or someone you know who may be looking for some support and encouragement. In world loaded with isolated health and fitness tips – a ‘true to life’ story can be the big catalyst that moves people into action and toward permanent success.

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

joeyatlasheadshotsmall.jpg joey-atlas-sig.GIF

PS – much praise and lots of questions coming in to us regarding this site/blog and the new book. One answer is, Yes. – I will be covering a wide array of health, fitness and exercise information in the articles I post on this site. Topics ranging from ‘proactive mindset’ to circuit training and beyond – just too much to list here – so just stay tuned…

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