Abs Exercise Machines: Big Problem With Ab Machines and Your Abs

January 20th, 2009
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I hope you are being faithful to me, and your ‘AtlaStyle’ exercise sessions…

I have to tell you what happened today…

We have a typical fitness center in our community. A full circuit of machines with weights stacks, some benches with dumbbells, a line of cardio equip., and some more free weights – NOT how ‘Joey Atlas’ would have advised them to put the place together… anyhow…

While my creation, The Bodyweight & Band Family Home Gym, is being built for our house – I’ve been using our community’s fitness center for some of my workouts (I get lots of stares, glares and questions – when everyone see me doing all this bodyweight stuff and not lifting an ounce of weight or touching a machine with a weight stack on it.)

There is a tiny mat/stretching area – and I was going through one of my 20 minute Abs/Core routines from my dvds: http://www.AbsofStoneCoreofSteel.com – and a woman was about 6 feet away from me, using this massive ‘abcrunch’, body-folding unit…

When I stopped for second – she asks “What do all of those exercises do?”

I reply – “They all target your abs and core in a balanced and safe way – while bringing results better than any machine.”

She says, “So those moves are better than this thing I’m using?”

I say, “Exactly.”

She says, “I find that hard to believe. Because this machine is made for the abs and stomach area.”

I reply, “Please dont take offense to this, but how long have you been using that machine?”

She says, “3 or 4 times a week for the last 5 months.”

I say, “Has your midriff changed at all?”

She says, “It’s stronger, but it still looks he same.”

I say, “So are you going to keep doing it – or look for something that will bring you the changes you are looking for?”

I also went on to explain why machines like this simply cannot stimulate and properly engage the hundreds of muscles in the female abdominal, core and lower back region – and that the unnatural, repetitive motion can often leads to injuries and setbacks.

She smiles and says – “OK – can you teach me your routine?”

I say, “Yes – and then some… Just go to: http://www.AbsofStoneCoreofSteel.com you can get my world famous abs and core program right from the site. I’ll be teaching you via the DVDs – and then you can come in here and tell others how to do things right – and get results.”

She was totally excited – she couldn’t even wait – she dashed out of the fitness center and said she was going to order her dvds asap.

Encounters like this are very fun – and I always welcome them.

It’s much easier when I go somewhere as an ‘unknown’ and nobody knows my background – but its also fun to feel like a celebrity and have clients and subscribers recognize me in public and politely approach me and say, “Hey, aren’t you Joey Atlas? OMG, I have your programs – and your stuff is amazing – It’s so cool to meet you in the flesh!”

My kids get a kick out of that stuff when they are with me.

Remember …

“Don’t be like everybody else… Be YOU… be FIT… be SEXY!”

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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