‘Pump-Up the Economy’ Fitness Book Give Away

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It’s no secret – When people are in better shape, they are more productive, happier with themselves and nicer to other people.

People who are happier, stronger and healthier can use this energy in the workplace or in their own business (and at home) to ‘get more done’ and be more prosperous.

So in my efforts to help improve the economy by helping people get in better shape – both inside and outside – I’ve decided to give away digital copies of my Amazon.com Bestseller, Fatness to Fitness.

The print version of this book sells on amazon and B&N – EVERY DAY for $14.97 – but YOU get it today for $0 – Pretty cool huh?

But please don’t be selfish here – All I ask is that you also spread the word to as many people as possible – no matter where they are in the world. Just forward, share & post the link to this page any way you can possibly think of.


Fatness to Fitness: Digital Version

Be sure your FREE Adobe Reader is updated to the latest version so you can read or print the book in PDF format. You can find them here for quick download if you need it:

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,


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