Stevia Uprising: Natural, No-Cal Sweetener Kills Artificial Sweeteners

February 19th, 2009
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Stevia Uprising: Natural, No-Cal Sweetener Stevia Kills Artificial Sweeteners

It was raining yesterday – so I did a 30 minute hill/run/stride treadmill workout before I did my Atlas Bodyweight Routine…

I’m not a TV watcher – but while on the treadmill – there are about 4 TVs going at the same time – so ill check ‘em out to see what the mainstream world is being “shown”…

On comes a short commercial about the artificial sweetener Splenda.

It was ridiculous – but as true as true can be. Here’s what they presented:

“It starts as sugar.”

“It tastes like sugar.”

“But it’s not sugar.”

My question is:

“What in the world happened between “Starts as sugar…. – …But it’s not sugar.”??

Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a chemical scientist in this case) to figure out how Splenda starts as sugar – and then magically its transformed into “not sugar”…

Truth is the artificial sweetener companies are shaking in their boots because Stevia, the natural, no-calorie herbal sweetener is positioned to kill off all chemical sweeteners. This is HUGE and its a massive boon to our long term health and fitness.

Stay tuned for more exciting and very important news on this topic.

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Your trainer,

Joey Atlas

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