Fat Loss – Struggle of a Lifetime or Reward of a Better Life?

March 28th, 2008
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As per the dictionary – there are about 3 or 4 definitions of the word ‘fitness’. In the real world, however, there are as many definitions as there are people willing to volunteer their answer. Many factors go into this ‘infinite meanings of fitness’ scenario – but one of the most influential, is one’s own place in their journey to a better quality of life – a state of optimal fitness.

I remind you – when I use the phrase ‘optimal fitness’ – I am not saying we must all look like the models that cover the pages of the glossy fitness and glamour magazines (although there is nothing wrong if you do) – I’m talking about fitness that goes beneath our outer layer – fitness that includes your health/medical profile, your moods, your energy, your longevity and the vitality of your spirit… Fitness is not just about ‘ripped abs’, ’super hot bodies’ and ‘chiseled muscles’ – no its much broader and deeper than that.

We each have circumstances, experiences and life situations – that influence who we are, how we think and the actions we take. At any given point we have the ability to go inside ourselves to take more control of ‘who we are and what we choose to do’ – There is a great example of someone doing this right now in her brief but very insightful article, (click to read => The Struggle of a Lifetime.

Many of you – male or female, fitness beginner or seasoned fitness pro, will get something out of reading this article and following Leanne’s progress. The photo overlay of her fat loss she shows, is very neat – …never saw one like that. Her story is one that MANY of you will be able to identify with – and on the other hand some of you will have no idea of what she has gone through – BUT – you may know someone who has or is going through what she talks about.

Learn from her words and see what you can do to help yourself or someone you know who may be looking for some support and encouragement. In world loaded with isolated health and fitness tips – a ‘true to life’ story can be the big catalyst that moves people into action and toward permanent success.

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

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PS – much praise and lots of questions coming in to us regarding this site/blog and the new book. One answer is, Yes. – I will be covering a wide array of health, fitness and exercise information in the articles I post on this site. Topics ranging from ‘proactive mindset’ to circuit training and beyond – just too much to list here – so just stay tuned…

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