Fat Loss for Smart People: No Fat Loss for Idiots Here

August 19th, 2008
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Fat Loss for Smart People: No Fat Loss for Idiots Here

- by Joey Atlas

In anticipation of the fat loss diet coaching program I’m putting together – you can expect to see lots of talk about the fat loss dieting subject on this blog – lightly sprinkled with other various topics of enhanced health, fitness and LIFE.

As a follow up to one of my recent articles: the emphasis of the new program (set for release in about 2 months) will be on ‘tactics’ – … a handful of closely guarded tactics that I’ve been reluctant to share until a recent conversation with an old fitness colleague of mine, Frank.

I’ve been pretty secretive about these tactics over the last 21 years because they are very unlike what you read about in the mainstream world – and I haven’t been quite sure if I want to go ‘against the grain’ as there is no question they will raise controversy – not because they are unsafe – but simply because they are different – and deviously simple to use…

Yeah your girlfriends will hate you because you look fantastic… – they’ll swear you had some kind of surgical procedure.. blah, blah, blah – but hey – who cares – you and I will know the truth about your success…

These ‘underground’ tactics will allow you to take your focus off of calorie counting, unrealistic meal planning, strict exercise routines, endless cardio sessions – and most importantly – the destructive, typical ‘dieters’ mindset. I can promise you it will be like nothing you’ve seen or heard about before.

I can’t go further into this as I know for a fact I have some devious competitors following every move I make – But you can be assured I’ll keep you posted as best I can over the next few weeks and months – right up until I pull back the curtain to reveal what will surely cause a stir amongst my peers and the diet, fitness, nutrition industry – It will be quite exciting to say the least…

Stay tuned for more about that – and please feel free to post your thoughts, questions comments, and even your desires at the end of this article – but first a diet question and answer. This was sent in by an ‘Atlas Client’…

Dear Joey…

I’m finding it hard to believe that something out of a can such as the peas, corn, etc. can be healthy for You as I’ve read labels on cans & have been told by health professionals to stay away from canned food & eat fresh as they all have large amounts of sodium, salts, & hidden sweeteners, etc…so please help Me understand how this will help My daughter who was so happy that I found something that would help Her…



Great question Jules…

I’ve mentioned this in many past articles, in interviews, in my book Fatness to Fitness, and in the Blow-Torch ‘Diet’ section itself…

“Always choose fresh or frozen over canned goods when it works for you.”

The reasons why I make this statement is…

GENERALLY speaking – canned foods ‘tend’ to have more sodium and preservatives than their fresh or frozen twins. Additionally – there is ongoing controversy about BPA lined cans – and their potential to adversely affect your health.

You can read more about that here: http://www.cspinet.org/new/200804021.html

HOWEVER, it’s important to note that there are many canned products that I consider to be VERY good options for the weight control in a healthy lifestyle…

For example – today for lunch I ate half a can of chick peas with some other ingredients – from the company ‘Eden’ – they make many organic items AND – they have done away with using cans that are lined with BPA – great news for us – as this move will prompt many other companies to do the same!

In regards to high sodium content…

MANY items now are available in a low or no sodium version – and some savvy companies are using the healthiest salt available… SEA SALT

Another example:

Yesterday – for lunch I simply opened a can of ORGANIC Spicy Vegetarian (I’m not a vegan) Chunky Chili from Health Valley – NO SALT ADDED (this is on the front label) – it was a 2 serving can – I ate the whole thing…

fat loss diet food
Organic Chunky Chili

So – a $2.19 organic lunch that took me 30 seconds to open and about 10 minutes to eat – and who said eating well was hard and expensive!! Anyway… here’s the nutrition breakdown for the whole can:

* Calories = 300
* Fat = 2 g
* SODIUM = 150 mg (this is amazing!!)
* Carbs = 62 g
* FIBER = a whopping 20 grams !!
* Protein = 18 grams!! – I can feel my muscles growing as I eat it!!

I hope that clears things up…. OH! – I gotta mention this… As I was putting this article together – I was notified that yet another fat loss diet scam went live on the internet this week – I wont get into the details today – but when the time is right – I’m gonna show you EXACTLY how to tell that the program is pure bogus right down to it’s core. You will be sick to your stomach when I expose this thing…

But for now – I want to hear from you – leave your comments, wishes, desires, questions, problems, etc… below.

Your trainer for life,

joey atlas
weight loss program

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Comments (48) to “Fat Loss for Smart People: No Fat Loss for Idiots Here”

  1. Sara Says:

    I eat fresh whenever possible, sometimes I buy frozen fruit but always check to make sure it is just fruit and nothing else. I read the labels of everything I buy that is not fresh…I stopped using salt eight and a half years ago and have never missed it.

  2. tina Says:

    My schedule is pretty packed.. and I’ve found that a LOT of things on your Blowtorch diet are PERFECT for throwing together at the beginning of the day and heading out with at least the first three or four “meals/snacks” ready to go. I also had concerns about eating canned veggies and I’ve found a good alternative as long as you’ve got a fridge at work. Tupperware makes a little bowl that comes with a steaming top so you can literally put your frozen peas, tbsp olive oil, and s&p right in it before you leave the house and then pop it in the microwave for two minutes and your lunch is ready to go. (Just so you know I’m eating these as we speak!) just thought I’d share another method of preparation for this wonderful lunch suggestion.

  3. Pam Says:

    Can you please tell me if sugar substitute is worse or better when it comes to causing belly fat. I have heard a dozen different answers.

  4. Amy Says:

    I always hear that your diet is 80% of your success in changing your body. I am not concerned with losing weight per say, as much as I am with losing current fat, and gaining muscle. I am 5′6 129 and am fine with my weight, but want to replace the jiggle with va va voom. So I have read countless articles on going low carb and higher protein. First, I am a poor college student, and some days, the thought of a funky can of tuna or luke warm cottage cheese for lunch makes me want to barf, and it doesn’t keep me full. What are some good, on the go proteins that I can eat?

  5. Jim Says:

    What kind of weight lifting regimine do you follow to develop the muscles you have?

  6. Linda Hurst Says:

    I prefer fresh veg but live on my own so use frozen as well.Good to know from you that it is OK and healthy.

    I have 3 damaged discs (lower spine) what exercises can I do with out adding to my pain? I am sure the extra weight I have gained is making things worse.

  7. Peggy Lockard Says:

    Hi Joey, I am 61 years young,5ft. 5 in., 130 lbs. and am working with the hips,butt and thigh DVD. I try to do it 3 or 4 times a week. Wow, I sure am feeleing it and I can see how it is going to work for me.
    I have a question about the loose skin around my waist. I never had it before and I don’t like it. I am on a 30 day detox plan and am eating mostly a whole foods diet. I hope that you have a plan that will work to get things tightened up for me.
    I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks Joey, Peggy

  8. marsha blong Says:

    Joey,help I have packed on 30lbs in the past year,now I weigh 230 lbs. at age 62. I have watched my weight all my life with help of other loss weight programs. I retired 5 months ago and I feel my ass has a screw in it to the couch,thats right a couch potato. I am lucky to have a husband,who is great but he does try to suggest and help. Duh I have sort of a large pool,lots of places to exercise free or I can even join the Wellness center.Which is a great health club. My wonderful husband has loss 50 lbs of weight 2 years ago we were both doing fine but here I am! I hear the American public is so over weight so thats one of my dumm excuses. My docor told me last Appt that women live to age 81,but the way I am going 70, Didn’t help me canyou

  9. elizabeth Says:

    Hi Joey,
    firstly i will want to thank you for all your advice and DVD for leg hip and butt makeover i normally get from you, i am overweight and will like to ask whether all thes lowcarb,protein shakes some nutritionist recommend really works? then i want you to help me i’v got a lot of flesh around my hips and my thigh is also heavy infact that is where all my extra weight is mostly concentrated, what can i do to reduce it. i’m 5″10 and currently weigh about 265 oz, please i need your help fast.


  10. Desiree Says:

    This is great stuff Joey. I have been with your program for about six months and love it. I feel so much better about myself. I have also tried to stick with the ‘28 Day Blow Torch Diet’ of which I can’t get through faithfully like I want, but I love to eat red meat, so that doesn’t work for me. However, your program has taught me to eat healthier and smaller portions and excersize smart. I have dropped a ton of weight because of you, I can’t say how much exactly but ten pounds for sure and who knows how many total inches! It is just amazing the work you are doing and the fact that women can trust that you are really doing the right thing for them is great! Thank you for all you have done! I look forward to hearing about more of your progress in finding the ‘right’ thing for us!!

  11. yana Says:

    hi joey, what have you heard about WU-YI tea?

  12. ann lalor Says:

    hi there. please can you answer me this one question. ihave asked many trainers on my e mail but no answers for me . maybe you can. its about drinking . i have stopped my drink of gin and tonic and now i drink mainly red wine sometimes white wine with loads of ice. you see i drink every nightmaybe about three glasses during the week and more at weekends. please discuss this with me as i train at the gym 3 to 4 days a week. thank you

  13. Deborah Says:

    Thanks for the info on fresh v. frozen v. canned. Good stuff. However, I do have a question about canned salmon. I eat a lot of canned salmon because that is the only wild caught Alaskan Salmon that I can eat and I enjoy it right out of the can on top of a bed of organic spring mix. The frozen Alaskan Salmon smells awful and tastes “fishy”. The only fresh salmon available in the stores in my area is farm raised and no thank you. What is your opinion on the canned salmon?

  14. jetta Says:

    hey joey can you tell me what to do with my cellulite?i’ts killing me…i hate it!!!

  15. Becky Says:

    Good day Joey, I have recently lost 107 Ibs in a year and I have a lot of lose skin in the abdominal and the uppper arms area and Im wondering is there a specific exerise I can be doing to help get rid of this extra belly……gross

  16. Micha Says:

    Great – I sure appreciate that you want to share ALL with us.
    Here is my opinion thus far, & what I have seen with my own body during the last years.
    1. Maltilol, Splenda (the latter is bleached sugar, why is everyone in love with it??) and all that type of sugar substitue is a weight/fat gainer. I personally don’t trust Xylitol, though it tastes pretty good, and it is supposed to be good for your teeth(!?) It is from corn grown from patented Monsando seeds. and when one reads about how all that came about it is the last thing to eat. I am better off with eating fresh fruit for sugar, or adding a few drops of stevia. This helps my fat loss, BUT I must eat lots of vegetables and low sugar fruit in moderation.
    2. My belly expands when I get into eating breads that have gluten. No problem with sprouted bread, as there is no flour. Likewise no problem with oatmeal.
    3. I have eaten for about 5 weeks without counting calories at all, have lost inches, & a few pounds, even though I ate sugar. My daily work outs have probably been burning 700 or more calories.
    4. I use flax seed oil and a bit of olive oil. Also take Primrose oil capsules and can lose weight with it!
    I have lost a dress size using your Leg Hip Butt DVD’s my legs are getting firmer, and now I have started my slightly modified version of Blow Torch. I want to lose another size and get gorgeous:)). Thank you Joey, now I wait to hear how I can do things better to get to my goal faster! I have lost quite some fat, but have lots to go still, though I am within the healthy range

  17. neelam Says:

    hey joey my weight keep on rising and to lose fats from my upper body and my bum its killing me help me out…….

  18. Joey Atlas Says:

    Wow – so much to answer here:

    Pam – the only sweetener I advise people to use is the natural, no-cal herb – Stevia…

    Jim – 97% of my workouts are bodyweight only – I may use some light dumbbells here and there – but thats it…

    Linda – get some of those extra lbs off by walking – better on a cushioned treadmill for your disks – but get started ASAP. And add some basic floor work – focused on the core and lower body…

    Peggy – keep at it – and try adding some mid-section/core work http://www.AbsofStoneCoreofSteel.com – also – just want to note – I was never a big fan of any detox plan – especially if your diet is pretty clean overall…

    Marsha – it’s time for you to help yourself Sweetheart – although my coaching program may be a great fit for you, supportwise…

    Elizabeth – stay away from the low-carb stuff and protein shakes – besides the crap that is in most of those products – none of that is sustainable long term – even if you get the weight off – the rebound effects can set you back bigtime

    Yana – Wu-Ti is an absolute joke… – it’s tea – that’s it!

    Ann – quit boozing it up every day! – Just kidding – wine daily is good – try to keep it at 2 glasses – not 3 and go for organic and sulfite free – you can get these now for about $9 a bottle – great stuff!

    Deborah – I’m a big fan of canned salmon (wild) Costco has a great one – but my favorite is from Trident Seafoods – it has the bones and skin (to eat) – and it’s awesome!

    Jetta – you need my lower body program – order it here only if you really want to get rid of your cellulite: http://www.LowerBodyMakeover.com

    Becky – not sure which exercise program you are following – but you could benefit from a full body routine and give your skin some time – its elastic and may slowly tighten up also…

    Micha – keep at it – you’re gorgeous already…

    Neelam – you need to get yourself on a program – the fat doesn’t go away just because you want it to…

    Thanks everyone,

  19. Amro Says:

    Thank you Joy , Best wishes to you

  20. Cindy Says:

    To Joey,
    How many grams of fat is allowed when trying to lose weight?
    Yes I realize zero is the best, but I am finding that near impossible. I finally found a light butter that I can use instead of real butter. It is Land O Lakes light butter spread with canola oil. I find that I have more problems with butter alone, than any other item (besides fried foods, which seem to be a huge no no). Plus I insist on it being all natural.
    I also happen to LOVE fried fish, but I don’t like it baked that much. But I like baked shrimp and fish sticks. I realize the salt and fat content in them is very bad, but I keep hearing how good fish is for you. I am “formerly” a huge beef-eater. i can’t eat that much beef any longer, it is sooo high in fat.
    I am doing better on the high fiber part of my diet, but not great.
    I find I lose more weight focusing on low fat.

    Yes I agree with your ideas about fresh and frozen foods. But I think if people really wanted to know the content of their foods, canning and freezing foods is very simple. During our harvest times it is very easy to get fresh farm produce and then put some up for winter time eating.
    People are so busy these days, they forget how to do basics for themselves.
    thanks for answering my questions, please send the answers to my e-mail address. Thank you, Cindy

  21. Jackie ( England) Says:

    Joey Please help I’m 57 years old quite fit I go to areobic’s and walk my dog 3 miles a day, I have an under active thyroid gland and take medication ever day i’m on a low fat diet, dont’t eat any meat, eat fish 3 times a week but still cannot loose weight please help jackie

  22. mary Says:

    hi joey,
    i love the way you handle issue and i say kudos to you. however, you always talk about weight reduction but not weight increase because just as a lot of people want to reduce weight, there are ones that would prefer to add like me. i would like you to tell me what needs to be done to increase weight i.e the kind of food, exercise one need to undergo. thanks for your usual respond

  23. Nolene Says:

    Hi Joey

    I am on the skinny side and would like to ask you assistance in a proper nutrionist diet to gain weight. I want to gain weight as well as muscle.

    Please advice?

    Thanks for all you help. You are the best!!!!!!

  24. mary Says:

    hi joey,
    how do i order for your book from nigeria, thanks

  25. raymond Says:

    how can i build ma muscles

  26. reem Says:

    strange but seems interesting joey ill be all ears when u reveal what u mean about such forrm off diet and successs in wwt loss without tortute, thanks joey

  27. maria dougherty Says:

    I am 62 yrs old and my dream is to be able to workout 5 days a week (my 2hr workout each day) and be able to eat anything I want just on the weekend and never gain any weight. I have been working out since I was very young and I am one of those people who stopped doing body weight exercises ( Gloria and Jack Lalane) and started buying different pieces of equipment. Today I do your exercises and will continue the lower and upper as well as I am going to order abs/core dvd and hope I will grow old as just a lovely women. I do not look like I exercised most of my life but my dream has just begun. I no longer think of giving it all up at 65 and being a size 16 l/2. I want to go on living my good dream, thanks to you!!!! God Bless! Maria

  28. Patty Says:

    Hi Joey
    I never get tired of reading your articles.
    You have such a personal way of getting your message out.
    Makes us feel as if your real and not just some
    phoney trying to sell another exercise product.

  29. Joey Atlas Says:

    Cindy – there is no set number for grams of fat – not in my teachings and methods anyway – thats too restrictive and backfires longterm…

    Jackie – are you taking Synthroid, Cytomel or Armour Thyroid for your condition – …may need a higher dosage and a review of your total daily calories

    Mary – any of my exercise program will help you – but you must add more healthy calories to your daily diet (nuts, olive oil, etc) – and keep your cardio at about 15 minutes – 3 X per week – no more than that

    Nolene – see comment to Mary above…

    Ray – see my friend Vinny’s site http://www.BuildingBigMuscles.com

    Thanks everyone!

  30. Alexy Says:


    I am 4.10 in height and my weight is 90lbs. How can I gain 10lbs fast in one month?


  31. Samantha Says:

    I have to admit, I really didn’t think you’d take the time to reply to the comments and was pleasantly surprised when you did.. I am seriously considering getting your book now..

    What I actually want to ask you is: What do you think of the Atkins diet?

  32. Joey Atlas Says:

    Forget Atkins – that “diet” – is HISTORY…


  33. Sarah Huffman Says:

    Thank you guys so much!! I hadn’t realized what I’d been doing. my whole life I have been telling myself lies. I do matter. People care about me. Today I learned I can float! My amazing and understanding sister was telling me to swim to the bottom of the pool and pick up the stick. I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it. But I saw my sister dive for a stick and I knew I’d be fine. I trust her. I trust that I will be alright now. I have a full life ahead of myself. Full of surprises and interesting things to learn about myself. Thank you for your support!!!

  34. Sarah Huffman Says:

    Nobody is perfect. Especially not me. There is no need for me to be perfect because people will love me for who I am. I know that now. *sitting here crying*

  35. Jackie ( England) Says:

    Joey, Thanks for your reply I’m taking 75mcg of Levothyroxine daily my GP says i’m in the normal limit,and i’m on a 1400 cal a day I weigh 11st

  36. JAN Says:

    Hi Joey!
    I am thoroughly disgusted. I cross train(body pump,step with weights and aerobics) 5 days a week for an hour and walk for one hour on the other days. I have been working out all my adult life. I am 61 and in great health. I eat lots of fruites and vegetables and complex carbohydrates. I have been trying to loose weight but can’t seem to do it. I weigh 150 and I’m 5′4″. Of course my belly fat is the biggest problem. Do you think I should see a nutritionist to make sure I am eating right?

  37. Pam Says:

    I have been doing the lower body exercises, mainly the trouble spot ones and added a few more from the lower body manual. I can tell some differences already. I am not overwieght, just not as tight muscled as I want to be after having 3 kids. My most desired things to change is legs and lower abdomen. I have had 2 C sections and the lower stomach area is alittle bit weak. I ordered your abs of steel DVDs today. What is your recommendations for me to get great results for my areas that I want to change and see the results fast!? My body needs to be toned.

  38. gloria Says:

    Hi Joey,
    I am about to start your Blow Torch Diet and mentioned this to a friend. RUBBISH was her reply, what you need to get you started is… Wait for it!… Colonic Hydration!!

    I coughed and am still starting yours Joey. Just like to hear your response to this one.

  39. randy echavez Says:

    it’s amazing that we hear such wonderful testimony who actually loss some fats, dont you worry pal im gonna tell all of my friends, how great your program. Thanks and more power!!

  40. sarah Says:

    joey.. hi
    im 18 and wiegh 151 lbs my height is 5feet 4.5 inches…i want to lose weight till december..please tell my how i can accomplish that.

  41. neerja Says:

    dear joey,

    thanx so much for all the efforts you did for me, have lost 1.5″ all over the body, i could not believe but people have started tell me, when i have taken an inchtape i got to believe it that i have really lost the fat.
    thanx & rgds,

  42. horwing Says:

    dear joey
    i would like to have flat stomach by december plz. plz help me out in this. best regards. horwing

  43. tetlanyo Says:

    i am trying very hard to loose belly fat, but there is no improvement at all. I feel like giving up.

  44. Jeanette Says:

    Hi Joey,
    I’ve recently ordered your upper body workout and look forward to it arriving. I successfully lost 63 pounds about 3 years ago however I have not been so successful about keeping it all off. I was struggling a bit before but now I have moved to a very small town of under 500 people so there is no gym here and the grocery store 4 ailes so making healthy choices can be a challenge. I’m hoping your workout helps solve my issue of not having a gym. I’m also interested as to what your idea of calorie intake should be while trying to lose weight? My old program I was on would be 1200 does that sound about right?

    Thanks Joey

  45. amy Says:

    Hi Joey, I like the blogs sent out great info,
    I have a question for you, what do you think of the nutrisystem program ? Is it another fat loss diet scam or is a good eating diet plan?
    Once again I enjoy the blogs. Hope to hear from you soon.

  46. Sarah Watts Says:

    I think the best way to keep your weight under control is to listen to your body whenever it is trying to talk to you. When you are getting heavier immediately get into the emergency mode. Good points over the kind of food one should eat.

  47. waseela Says:

    Dear Joey

    I am currently working your Leg Butt & Hip Excercise DVD and I am telling you dude I look hot at the age of 47 – I am planning to order your abs DVD – I am telling you today that you know your thing and I am definately going to try that chick pea salad because at my age I need to cick butt with my metabolism.

    May God shower all his blessings on Joey ATlas who share his time and knowledge so selflessly to total strangers.

    Warm Regards

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    [...] Flabby Loss For Smart People: No Flabby Loss For Idiots Here Hot fat loss coaching, fat loss diet, fat loss for idiots, fat loss program ← Counting Calories Annoying You? Try Calorie Shifting [...]

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