Updates from AtlasVille: Your Butt & Body, My Tonsillectomy & New Home Gyms for Men AND Women (and kids!)

February 26th, 2009
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Updates from AtlasVille: Your Butt & Body, My Tonsillectomy & New Home Gyms for Men AND Women (and kids!)

Doesn’t matter if you are male or female – you’ll appreciate
something from this today…

OK – First here’s what happens next week (this is mostly for the

The official opening of the ‘Butt Specific’ program will be on
Tuesday. We’ve been getting tons of emails asking when this program
is being released. And I know I’ve been talking about this for a
VERY long time – but trust me – whoever takes advantage of this
program will quickly realize how “worth the wait” it was ;-) )
(I’ve attached the email that went out to the women on the ‘Butt &
Body Enhancement’ Priority List yesterday – its after my PS at the

Second – In 2 weeks (March 11th) I’m having my tonsils removed, so
I may be lying low for about a week or two – so don’t worry if
you don’t hear much from me until the week after. (send me love,
get well fast wishes, fruit baskets, etc.. as I HATE being ‘off my
feet’… – drives me crazy)

Third – both the men AND women will like this one… (I may have
mentioned a little bit about this already) As of 2 weeks ago I
have a home & health club gym unit that is PATENT PENDING. This unit
is based on my methods and programs – so it is unique and will
most likely be patented – but that’s only the beginning…

I am bringing this unit to market – with or without a patent – it
doesn’t matter either way. It is ideal for family use, as all of the
exercises are body-weight and band type exercises – and there is
a great deal of adjustability.

More importantly – I will also be offering training programs with the
unit – which is something you do not see in the mainstream fitness
equipment offerings.

The first one is being built for our home right now – and we will then
begin scaling up production and marketing via the internet. These
units (I wish I could share the name – but we have to wait!) are
being made in the USA – and will carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY – yes
you heard that correctly.

There’s more to tell – but it will have to wait a few weeks. I want
to make note – this concept has been in development for over 2 years
and someone recently ‘challenged’ me to make it a reality – so now
I am.

Also – in conjunction with this unit – I’m filing a patent application
for a smaller unit, specifically made for women – who are devout
followers of my ULBHTM program (and/or the soon to be released ‘Butt
Specific’ program) – This unit not only eliminates the need for
trying to use things around your house, and a ball, and steps – but
it also allows you to add a whole new dimension to all your ‘Trouble
Spot’ areas and the rest of your home fitness needs.

OK – I have a mountain of work to get done with all these exciting
projects that we are working on – and my ‘tonsillectomy’ coming up
next week…

- I have to bow out here and say “talk to you later…”

Stay tuned in…

Your trainer,

Joey Atlas

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