Six Pack Abs vs. Eight Pack Abs – What’s the Difference

August 7th, 2008
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Six Pack Abs vs. Eight Pack Abs – What’s the Difference

One of the most often asked questions I get from guys is “Joey why is it that some guys have six pack abs and others get eight pack abs? Is it their diet, their workouts or what?”

What made me think of writing this article today is my friend, Mike from – called me about a week ago while he was working on a new article – to ask me my perspective on the same exact question.

In a nutshell here’s what I told him:

If you take a look at this photo:

six pack abs to eight pack abs
Six Packs Abs or Eight Pack Abs

You’ll see what’s known as the Rectus Abdominus – these are the 2 strip like muscles that look like 2 pieces of flat beef jerky running parallel to each other, from the pubic area up to the sternal area…

Each strip has white lines running horizontally trough them – these are bands of connective tissue.

For most men – the top 3 bands (not including the top band/connective tissue where you see the muscles attach to the front of the rib cage) are what creates the six packs abs look…

But what about the bottom band? Don’t all men have that same band in the lower abdominal area?

Yes – we all do – but (now here’s where ‘genetics’ comes into play) – that bottom band – in most men – is sitting at the same level as the muscle – or very close to the same level.

See the ones above it – the ones that create the six pack look – are actually lying below the level of the muscles – so they create like a little valley between the individual ‘blocks’ of muscle.

So – since the ones at the bottom are at the same level as the muscles – there is no ‘valley’ – to create the separated look and hence you don’t see the eight pack – just a six pack – not that “just a six pack” is such a bad thing to have, right?

That’s the simple truth.

Some experts will argue that with “stricter dieting” and “harder workouts” – you can eventually get your six packs to become eight pack abs…

But if you’ve know me for a while – my philosophy on this is:

Just give me the six pack – I don’t need two more – I have a life to live and it’s not ‘in the gym’…

Mike from knows exactly what I mean – and he loved the simplicity of my answer. If you happen to go watch his free online videos – don’t forget to tell him “Gumba Joey sent me.” (that’s Italian slang for ‘friend’)…

And if you want to try a few of my six pack ab and core workouts – you can try these free videos right now: Ab and Core Exercises <= Click and Do Them...

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

Joey Atlas

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FREE Download: What to Never Eat After You Workout

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Comments (165) to “Six Pack Abs vs. Eight Pack Abs – What’s the Difference”

  1. Six Pack Abs vs. Eight Pack Abs - What’s the Difference Says:

    [...] admin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptOne of the most often asked questions I get from guys is “Joey why is it that some guys have six pack abs and others get eight pack abs? Is it their diet, their workouts or what?” What made me think of writing this article today is my … [...]

  2. Tina Says:

    Hi Joey, wanted to know the best way to get my abs in shape. I’m fairy slim every where else, it’s those stubborn abs….help.

  3. BK Says:

    To Tina,
    If you mean your abs are overdeveloped then I’ve found that just flexing them often can tone them down to a slim shape.

  4. phatso Says:

    this is a lie, plain and simple

    people arent stuck at a 6pack only because of “genetics”

    see, i was stuck at one for a while (in reality, still kinda am)
    but in reality, what i have noticed is that not only have i not been doing the right exercise, i havent eaten well enough to induce muscle growth down there

    for me, in the earlier stages, my bottom was flat like a board. Once i began doing the right exercise, that has become bigger.. enough to stick out and show(really looks like a “7-pack”)
    now i am now goign to complain yet, if it keeps getting bigger and not splitting down the middle like the other pairs, then i’ll say its genetics
    but i know that cant be the case, since if i run my fingers through them, it is clear that i have two more down there, not a big one

  5. MG Says:

    You all are lucky to have abs of any description. Mine have been removed due to a cancer op and a prothesis sewn in to hold all in place. This makes exercise of any description difficult, yet many women are in my position. A weeks worth of leg lifts just barely allows me to walk without pain.

  6. ToPhatos Says:

    Well as u see in the picture the muscle is built in a 8-pack but just like the article explained the bottom 2 don’t seem separated because there’s a muscle under them which pops out into the ‘valley’ created by them being separated…
    So yeah, they’re separated, but no, nobody will be able to see it
    [unless u have the right genes...anyway I can't see why 6 pack isn't enough]
    All u can do is develop the lower muscle…It’s good but wont make the bottom 2 ’squares’ separate…

  7. nate Says:

    i got a six pak in 5th grade and my families history is that we are a small build……anywho i am in 9th grade and have an 8 pack! why?…cuz i worked for it! no one in my family has a six pack

  8. Bobbi-Lea Says:

    well i am a girl and i have a 6pack at 11 and my whole family is like skin and bone. the only way you get abs is you work for it and train hard. i have done martial arts since 4 and from then ive been aiming high. seriously guys, you want a 6 pack… work for it.

  9. Enm Says:

    my girlfriend claims to have an eight pack and be strong she is quite strong and works her arm out a lil but I’m doutin she has an eight pack coz I’ve Neva even seen a six pack on her but if she is telling the truth is there a possibility that it cud just b thru her being very slim or slim and a bit toned also I am onli 12 and don’t wanna ask my parents for weights do u have any exercises I can do with jus my self to get me a mor toned looking six pack or possible 8 pack and som exersices for shoulders biceps and triceps.

  10. sikander Says:

    nice conclusion joey

  11. Danny Says:

    im 15 years old and i got and 8 pack ha… but it took me a while to get i was working on them for a while can wait to go to the pool or beach

  12. a-sin Says:

    im 15 too. when i was just turned 14 i was 4′10 and had man boobs and fat hangin from my stomach. i started working out 4 hours a day and run 3 miles daily too.And now i just turned 15. im 5′5 and have a 8 pack. just shows that hard work can get you any where.

  13. WallaK1d Says:

    I hate when little kids talk about how hard they’ve worked to get their “8-packs” when its only because they are skin and bones. LOL

  14. VerLoo Says:

    Yeah exactly… loll.

    They think they get their six-pack because they trained for it. But it’s just because they are still growing and therefor their BF% is very low. That’s why people, whom never do any powerlifting but have low BF%, have abs. But when you ask them to do a little benchpressing or squating they can’t do more than 30lbs.

  15. Abbas Says:

    Hey no thts not true im 13 and i have 8 packs…..and its because i went to the gym everyday and ate like salads for days ..i really worked hard to lose the fat and i went to the gym like everyday !!! Day and Night !!

  16. Xaphan the Norwegian Says:

    I’m 14 and, yes, I’ve got 6-pack. Don’t tell me I haven’t worked for it, I really have. I was only skin and bone when I was younger,then I started to train hard, and I got more and more muscles. Abbas, if you only ate salad, you would NEVER have six pack, ’cause salad don’t contain protein, and your muscles won’t grow without protein. Most certainly, you’ve got a “skinny-pack”.
    Something which is also important is to remember to train your whole body, not only your abs.. Doesn’t look nice with six-pack if you’ve got geek arms. And, don’t overdo it. I say this out of experience. Train hard, but not too hard. It doesn’t help to train hard for two months and then quit because you can’t take anymore. It’s training over time which gives results. Much training, yes, but not too much. And yes, the only way to sixpack is, and will hopefully forever be, HARD WORK.

  17. Robert Says:

    I’ve found a good and professional service to help you get six pack abs at

    They have been doing this many years, and many people have had success thanks to them. Quite interesting.

    kind regards!


  18. * Says:

    you young dumbasses are full of it… I used to have an 8 pack when i was 14 too. I am in very good shape and think i could at last any in a diversified fitness test. I still have abs but not half as impressive as they were when i was 13. You kids sayin you worked hard in the gym…go play some sports and have fun. Liftin and all that shit is not needed…Who cares how many sit ups you can do if you can’t run 5 miles. Also for anyone tryin to work there way into shape, don’t run for miles. Run shuttles and do sprint work, it will tone your entire body.

  19. Thay Says:

    i read this article… and it doesnt really say anything about it being impossible to get an 8 pack… ive heard rumors about it being impossible, and ive been goin on a month and a half trying to reach that last two…is thats a true fact, that for some people it is impossible to get an eight pack?

  20. K Says:

    hey little kids:
    the reason you’ve got that six or eight pack is mainly because as you go through puberty and grow, you naturally lose weight. You may have had a 6 pack in grade five but it probably wasn’t really cut and was probably because you were very skinny. Yes you may have worked out and eaten only salad, and it may have helped, but eating just salad is unhealthy. I hate when stupid, lazy people try to lose weight by eating very little. Eat a regular meal and just exercise for god’s sake! Also you may have a six pack, but what about your fitness, strength, and flexibility? How fast can you run 40yds or a mile? Can you even bench press the bar? Yeah, you say yes, but my bet is that most of you don’t touch the bar to your chest or you bounce it off your chest like an idiot. Can you touch your toes? Okay since you’re young you’re probably pretty flexible. Also don’t just work out your arms. It looks like shit. Even if you work your entire upper body, but not your lower body, you’ll get body problems (bad back, etc.)
    Also, in my opinion, biceps are the most useless muscles in the body and it pisses me off that big biceps are the main sign of strength. The only reason to work them out is to keep them balanced with the rest of the body. Not that any of you care, but just in case, I’m 17 and I’m not just talking. I work out 5 days a week and run 3 days a week (But I don’t work out the same muscles 2 days in a row or when they are sore, because that means they are still recovering from my last workout.). I don’t have a six pack, but I’m working on it (And don’t say that “I’m just jealous.”)

  21. Camp Says:

    I am 13 and I am week. I will be going off to High school soon and I hear alot of kids get the crap beat out of them. dO YOU GOT any exercises i can do to stregnthen up? and Do you got any fighting tips?

  22. Daniel Says:

    I am afraid you are wrong, at least in my case. I have a very bold 4 pack above my naval, and a slightly less bold 2 pack below it (due in part to what you were saying regarding the muscle’s and tissue’s equivalent level). I have a slight depression along the upper quartile of my top left ab, indicating that, genetics permitting, I would have an 8 pack. But ladies and gents, I regret to say I have a quasi-7 pack.

  23. Russ Says:

    I agree, this makes complete sense. I am 4%BF and I have rippling 6 pack abs. This used to be the norm, but then Taylor Lautner came along with his 8 pack and now that is somehow the standard? Kid has good genetics I guess, but no need to ruin it for the rest of us!

    BTW, as a kid I did have a six pack, and yes it was cause I was skin and bones (I called it the “skinny pack”), but I have been going to the gym doing resistant ab exercises for years so now my 6-pack is legit. If you feel it, you can tell.

  24. max Says:

    i have an 8 pack and im 13 and yeah i worked for it took me a year to switch from six pack to eight pack

  25. Tough Nips Says:

    Kids, Kids, Kids… Us older folk don’t need you to tell us ur ages, we can tell ur immature lil bastards by what u say, the human body cant be summed up by a book, and such a large section of it certainly cant be summed up by saying, ‘you just gotta work hard’. Bodybuilding is a science, and no science can be explained in such small writing, if you really want to achieve, and i mean achieve successfully, you need to read books, analyse websites, ask friends and aquaintances, the list goes on, basically speaking u need to get off ur ‘hardcore’ asses, calm down a little, and do some dam research! Most of what u guys say is true, but its only a ‘half truth’, because yes, hard work will develop muscles, but have you considered that hard work may also screw u over for a long time if you do too much of it?? yes, salad is healthy, but like Xaphan says, without some real beefed up foods in ur diet, u can expect nothing more than ripped, but scrawny arms, u’ll look like a nerdy hulk… wich is just weird. On the same note, all protein, no salad, and u can expect to gain muscle at the price of being a sick little bugger every third day of ur life. Maybe ur on a roll, and u already have salad and protein, well done. But food contains a hell of a lot more than that, i used to have sugar all the time, in my cereal, in my coffee, and in the bought and processed foods… the main part of my diet was cereal, and the main drink was coffee, two great things to eat and drink, but over a six month period i suddenly found i had no bloody energy, none! i would be wrecked after a 400metre jog, or 10 pushups, i felt like a fat ass wanker that was slowly dying from diabetes or something. turns out, it simply the excessive amounts of sugar in my diet that caused the weakness, chest pains, and exhaustion. its all good to know what u need to achieve something, but u gotta know what to avoid as well. Hard work, great… too much hard work, ur f*****. And K makes a point that i bet is true for a lot of u young fellas, does the bar even touch ur chest, can u run as far as ur amazing abs hint u can? How fast do u do ur curls, have u got correct posture or are u going to stuff ur back for life? Do u exercise to failure, or do u stop when it hurts, and do extra sets? Cus thats one great way to fail at bulking. Dudes, u got so much to consider, yet ur looking in one direction, ur not thinking outside the box, if u keep being so narrow minded and simple u’ll end up just another dumb footy jock who thinks with his dick and a big mouth. Like i mentioned before, u cant sum up the science of bodybuilding, or getting an eight pack in a paragraph or two, this isn’t supposed to be a freaking guide to getting muscly, its supposed to trigger the light bulb in ur head, get u thinking, get u past the typical cliche bullshit that spouts from the mouths of other youngsters… take advice from someone whos been there, done that, and succeeded. That applies to every aspect of life, not just working out. Peace.

    P.S. Hey Camp, getting buff is a start, cus peeps wont want to fight u, much less pick on u if u look capable.. But if u want to know how to fight, begin by learning speed and kicking. not that pretty boy crap where u toe punt them in the shins, practice sidekicking thin air and staying balanced. Just remember that time and practice makes perfect yeh…

  26. SHAyan Says:

    wow, look at all these little kids commenting ;) girls claiming to have six packs at 11 and stuff :) its really amusing but w/e anyways you can develop a “six pack” by doing cardio and keeping your heart rate up also a good nutrition will work wonders as well

  27. paul Says:

    lol ya have ta laugh at the kids sayin they got theres from the gym when ur not allowed ta b in the gym untill ur 16 by law cuz there bones and muscles anit strong enough so how wud the people at the gym b doin there jobs legaly if they let them in lets get it rght kids

  28. Derek Says:

    I’m 18 have a very low BF% and am in quite good shape. But i didnt just get it handed to me. I mean yea ive always been skinny but ive never really been defined. So when wrestling call outs came around this year i figured hey im a senior its my last chance to do it so i might as well. I had did it for half a season a few years ago but i completely forgot what they put you through. My school has one of the hardest wrestling programs in the area. I was told when i went into it that i would be in the best shape of my life by the time it was over. Now it’s over and i admit i am in the best shape ive ever been in, i can run about 5 miles flat and about 3 miles of stairs without getting remotely tired. From all the running we did and the hundreds of sit-ups, push-ups, and airplanes i’ve made myself pretty defined. i have a very solid 6 pack, i have the V cut down my pelvic area as well, but for some reason i cant figure out how to get the very bottom two abs. I run about 4 miles a day, and also do a variety of workouts at least 5 days a week. These include ab work outs as well. I eat a normal amount of food everyday ( all 3 meals) and it’s usually healthy food too. i try to avoid greasy fatty foods. Is there any specific work out i have to do or specific things i need to eat in order to work these abs so they are visible?

  29. Kev Says:

    I’m 15, and I haven’t really done ab workouts for more than a month. I do play competitive tennis at the Midwest level, and was a state champ. The problem is that due to serving, I have like an 4 pack on my left side, and a 3 pack on my right. Any suggestions? Thanks

  30. anonymous Says:

    okay i am reading how you people are saying young people only have 6 packs and stuff cuz they are skinny….you lie…. i am 14 and i wrestle play football run track and all that stuff and i have had a sixpack since i was 8 because i would do situps every night because i wanted a six pack and now i have as you have previsly read and it is not cuz im skinny its becasue i worked on ab workout stuff and ate meat

  31. anonymous Says:

    and i way 105 and bench 100 so i am not just abs and stuff

  32. 14yearoldabs Says:

    I right now have about a 6 pack or 7 pack an i really want thoughs pure 8 any sugestions?? and i am only 14 so i have a while

  33. T Bag Says:

    Camp, you sound like a pussy but dont worry, high school isnt really that bad. If you dont want to get your ass whooped just dont talk shit to people or insult mexicans. Also, if youre cool, people will watch your back.

  34. zachdakid Says:

    Look in all honesty it takes very little work to get a 6-pack compared to other muscles. If you are starving yourself by just by eating salads you are not “building a 6-pack”. You are recreating the holocaust. You not giving the vitamins need to build them. You might have a 6-pack but the rest of your body is suffering. You probably look really bad.

  35. None of Your Buisness Says:

    Tough Nips, you are a complete idiot. If I work out moderately as a teenager, and do it up until my adult years, guess what? I just might still have my six pack, and everything. In your answer, you constantly contradict yourself, and the only reason you have to back up your statements is that you can “tell ur immature lil bastards by what u say,”, mister perfect grammar adult.

    So why don’t you go on reading your little books, and I’ll keep doing obvious works in moderate amounts, eating healthy, and whatever else I want, and stop spreading bs just because you had to work harder than us because you didn’t start working out earlier. Sorry, we had the brighter idea sooner in our lifetime.

  36. kyle Says:

    im 13 and ive got a six pack but ive been trying toget a eight pack please leave me some advice

  37. naqiuddin Says:

    im 16 and i have six pack without doing and sit up or any abs workout. im an ectomorph and a runner at my school. and i think if i workout my whole body. maybe i can get eight pack.

  38. alex Says:

    im 11 i have a six pack and trying to get an eight pack just if someone would give me advice so will you even eating. nutrituose foods and working out i cant get it

  39. jordan Says:

    yh im 13 ive got a six pack
    buy a ab king it really does work
    and yeah im 9 stone 5foot5
    prety big for my age

  40. Benibob Says:

    Most of you kids saying you have a six pack or eight pack are just lyers. 90% of the time I hear someone say they have a six pack they don’t. Rememmber, you don’t have abs unless other people notice them. You may think you’ve got them when you look in the mirror, but people have a way of deceiving themselves. It is much more satisfying to be told you are great than to insist that you are. Ask a hot girl if you have abs, I bet most of you will be told you don’t really have abs if you do this. You probably all talk about how much you get laid when in reality you are all virgins. If you brag people will notice your shortcomings allot more. If you are modest people will notice your strengths. For example my abs are good (better than average) but not great. If I take my shirt off without calling attention to myself I often have people tell me im ripped. However the one time I called attention to myself like a little whiney teenage girl, and said “hey check out my six pack” I was told that I was fat. It is okay to not be totally ripped. Most men will never see their abs. Just keep working out, and soon you won’t need to brad about yourself on chat rooms like this. Get in real shape and others will brag for you.

  41. BPV Says:

    Hey I’m 16 and i have a six pack as well though it is not because my low BF and young age. I spent 2-3 hours in the gym daily and eat healthy. I simply work hard for my body and if you ask me to do a little bench pressing thats fine cause i can get up 215 lbs… i weigh 155 btw

  42. Zain Says:

    I’m 23 and have been training hard for a good 6 years. Today, I’m 5′9, 170, 7.4% BF. I have a very ridiculously ripped six pack. I’ve got the build of a lightweight bodybuilder. Part of that is probably also because I was a wrestler in high school and continued to work out hard with a trainer.

    BUT, I can’t get an 8 pack. Joey’s explanation makes sense. I have almost no fat, and I can’t feel the bottom abs either. I feel the “valley” but I don’t feel any splits in the bottom valley. If it was possible for me to have an 8 pack, believe me, I would have it. It has to be genetics and Joey’s explanation is the only one that has made sense. I have heard for years it takes “developing” your bottom abs, but after the last year with another nationally reputable personal trainer, we have come to the conclusion that my unbelievably defined 6 pack will have to do :) And I know most of the people on here have wondered why I would complain about a 6 pack, but even a rich guy still tries to make more money!

  43. Murph Says:

    You guys want to get jacked with lean muscle and a ripped 8-pack? Do the bar workouts that these guys do:

    If you can do that, you’ll have an 8-pack

  44. sew Says:

    These posts are all complete shit aside from the true stories and should be deleted from the internet.

  45. Blake Says:

    Lol. Funny stuff. To the kids, i had a 6 pack when i was 9 lol, and it was because my mum didnt feed me properly and i never stopped running around,lol nothing more. Low body fat LOL. In my late teens i started bulking up and doing far too many ab workouts, literally hundreds per night yet saw only small improvements to my abs ie ripped but skin and bone. Later i stopped working out, and kids when u hit ur 20’s if u eat right u will naturally gain fat in places as ur metobalism slows. However upon workin out again i found the secret to great abs, weighted crunches, reverse crunches, leg lifts e.t.c. Always with weight, 10-20 reps for 4 sets incorporating 4 different ab exercises in a superset. Do some cardio if uve got bulk round the belly, and eat right. Protein + low fat food. Really, its not hard, it just takes consistancy and time.

  46. cliffo Says:

    i was born we 2 extra abdominal muscles and it is possible for me to have a 10 pack pretty neat huh

  47. Garrett Williams Says:

    OK being young doesnt give you a 6-8 pack. We work for it, I have had a 6 pack since I was 12 and I am 17 now but guess what. I played football for 6 years, ran track for 2, am a 2 time state championship qualifying wrestler (152lbs 2008-09,160lbs 2009-10 seasons), and also qualified for states in cross country in 2009. I bench press 280 pounds, run a 4.63 40, run a 5:17 mile, and squat 370, deadlift 340, and I promise I can take you down. Being young does not mean that you are not an athelete. Oh btw Benibob, I am not a liar, you can look me up because this is my real name, I live in WV.

  48. lookwatchadid Says:

    Im 14 years old and i have a cut six pack but its not a skinny pack it is a cut six pack. Im 5′6 and weight 135 lbs. not very much but i can also lift alot. i can lift more than just the bar. Bench-175 Squat-250 deadlift-260 so u cant just say that all kids abs are just skinny packs. and yes i eat more than just salad. my diet is high in protein and carbs but low in fat becus im trying to bulk up for next season. Not all kids abs are skinny packs

  49. :) Says:

    I’m 14 years old I’m a girl I have a six pack I got it by doing cardio workouts crunches sit ups and running 9-15 miles a week I also have great arm strenght from playing tennis someone tell me how that is not hard work ????? Although most of u guys and girls are older then me it doesn’t mean u have worked harder then me age is but a number I am only 14 but I have been through a lot and there are a bunch of asses that are 14 but act like they are 2 I for one am not them may e I’m wiser beyound my yeArs but for all u big kids who dare to generalize little kids ask itself what is the difference the only only difference between a teacher and a student is the size of the desk yes I agree many people lie but to single out kids is like saying all animals are equal but some are more equal.

  50. Donnie Says:

    I’m almost 16, I’m 5′11 and weigh 140 pounds. I play 3 varsity sports at my highschool and I’m very much in shape. I have the v in the pelvic area. U can see my six pack at times but it’s not very defined. Any suggestions on what I should to have a great 6- pack all the time? And for people wonder the 3 sports I play are soccer; wrestling and tennis

  51. steve Says:

    im only 13 and i have close to a six pack/eight pack(the lower ones r kinda visible..u can tell theres six but the right side is not as strong and visible i found out that that can be genetic…how do u get more muscle on the right side?(so they even out)

  52. Jack King Says:

    I was born yesterday and I have an 8-pack as well!!
    You losers!!!

  53. Young Wazz Says:

    am 20 and i got an annoyngly awesm 6 wrkng 4 an 8 pack.i eat nrml fud & wrk awt daily.push-ups,sit-ups,abt 100 sets per day n sm bnch presses wil,disciplind and gd rest & u’l gt gals droolng.gals also gt 6pax?f** dat.

  54. haris Says:

    im 14 and i have a ripped 4 pack im 6 feet tall and they allowed me at the gym because of my strength and size

  55. abs Says:

    i believe the little kids, it does come with a hard work, not hard work for and adult but hard work for a 13 year old, ive never not had a six pack but the last year of been really training them and they legit, so to all the little kids, if you have six pack, ur doin jsut fine, jsut remeber to keep pushing as u naturally get stronger over time, oh and a tip to everyone, i have pretty crazy abs, and what i do is never not eat healthy, no sugar, or unnatural food, alot of vetgies fruits and meat, and 12-30 reps with heavier weights, it works, and i do eat alot of fat to, just not trans fats or hydrogenated fats or stuff like that just anything God made, and no pork either because if its natural…your body can process it, if it has presrvatives and any man made nutrional stuff, it will confuse your digestive system because it was not programmed to work that way causing your body to store it because it cannot even be properly digested nonetheless used for fuel or energy, Thats just the way God created us, so thats how we work, and it does work because all my friends hate for how ripped my abs are, not to brage or anything lol

  56. MF Says:

    I’ve been mixing my programs, ranging from the 300 program, to 6-15 max. To get the max effect of any exercise (any!) mix it with yoga. It’ll get you faster recovery (as we all know resting is the most important part of exercise :) ) and more toned muscles. To get an 8 pack just do Russian curls 3×15->60 sets, you’ll get results

  57. MF Says:

    PS: I have a BMI of 20 aka I’m skinny and yet I have an 8 pack

  58. Perry Says:

    my 3rd set of white lines end right before my belly button which means all six muscles are above my belly button, the last 2 that would make the 8 pack are right there with my belly button…my belly button is about halfway through the last 2 muscles so im assuming this would be considered an 8 pack? since there is obviously a valley there because of the belly button

  59. Matt Says:

    I had a very bold, clear 6 pack when I was 12 and I was quite fit but I didn’t work out at all to get it and I was definitely not skinny (not fat though just a but chubby). I’ve lost it now, I’m almost 17 and still do as much exercise as I did then. I think that proves that young people just naturally get easy 6 packs.

  60. Daniel Says:

    Alright… so the way I see it, it always takes work to have abs after you’ve hit puberty. Now- that being said, it continuously gets harder as you continue to grow older, your metabolism slows down, etc. etc. there are lots of kids that have 6 packs, but when they get older, diet, alcohol and other poor choices land them looking like every other middle aged man. Having a six pack when you’re 11 may impress 11 year old girls, but the idea would be keeping it. That’s much more impressive.

  61. steven Says:

    im 16 n worked hard for my six pack. for those who say us young people cant lift weight I can bench 250 n squat 400. i run a mile in 5 minutes. I play football hockey and baseball. If you can beat those stats. n tough nips. ur a loser.

  62. steven Says:

    tough nips. you are really pissing me off. i can probably do all the stuff you say i cant way better than you can. yeah bodybulding is a science. but hard work will get you there. u think you know so much bout lifting but i bet I know more than you. also, u think ur cool cause you can rip on a bunch of young kids.

  63. Ollie Says:

    people saying that it isn’t due to genes and all it takes is a bit of work, quite clearly just do have the genes but couldn’t be bothered to work on them, this is a great article and after alot of weighted hanging leg lifts and reverse crunches and so on i have never been able to get the gap like i get on my others, this makes perfect sense and is very reassuring, basically great article and great knowledge!

  64. Mitchell Says:

    Ok, im a kid, but i was wondering, is it bad to have a 6 pack when your a child, is it unhealthy or anything?

  65. kc Says:

    im 11 77 pounds and 4 foot 9 whenever i flex my abs they feel rockhard and i have like a centimeter of skin on top of them. can i get my six pack. if i can how. email me at

  66. mike Says:

    Hahah you little 12 year olds are funny. You don’t have a six pack, or an eight pack. You have skin and bone. Go to the gym. Do compound exercises. Then when you are 16, 5′7″, 138, you can bench 180 1RM, squat 230×6, have 13 1/2(flexed) inch arms and a 40 inch chest(flexed) with 8%bf AND still have a six pack you can talk.

  67. kc Says:

    im 11 77 pounds and 4 foot 9. whenever i flex my abs they feel rockhard and i have like a centimeter of skin on top of them.can i get my six pack. if i can me at

  68. Skye Says:

    I’ve had a six pack since I was 11 and I won’t lie, I weighed about 80 pounds and hadn’t lifted a single weight. You could see my bones but I was still very athletic for some weird reason. I started to wrestle in high school though and went from 80 to 103 freshman year to 119 sophomore year to 140 when I quit and now i’m 135 as a senior. I still haven’t lifted weights but the wrestling exercises i did still keep me in shape along with parkour and bboying.

  69. Daniel Says:

    i truly have an eight pack and i’m around aot of people who have six packs and most people actually can’t even get six packs there are people i know who have four packs so i don’t believe any of these stories except the real life stories and i have brothers and two of them have six packs and they can’t achieve an eight pack like me so it truly is based on genetics.

  70. Jon Says:

    Hi, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been working out on my abs since i was 9. From then until now i still do sit ups often. i can do about 200 sit ups straight with out getting tired. In my opinion, I believe it is about genetics. I have had a 6 pack for since I’ve started working out on my abs and it hasn’t changed into an 8 pack. I’m positive it wont. My abs will most likely stay the way they are now for my entire life. About a year ago I helped my friend work out on his abs and in 2 months he had developed an 8 pack. I have been working out on my abs for 6 years and they haven’t changed to an 8 pack but my friend works out for 2 months and he gets an 8 pack right away. This must be about genetics. Theres simply no other explanation.

  71. Buddha Says:

    No matter how sick your 6 or 8 pack, when you die it’s going to be consumed by bacteria and worms the same as my fat gut. No matter how high the level of fitness you reach you will still approach death with every breath.

    However you care to spend your short life is your business but people ragging on eachother for having or not having a “6 or 8 pack” at a given age is a joke. It’s just a low bodyfat percentage not strength in any way or form. Realize this while some people may have been more physically conditioned at a given age others may have been perfecting mental tasks demanding an equal amount or more practice. So Steve get over yourself.

  72. Nanda Says:

    Excellent. Helping people to shape up. Doing good service.

  73. rishikesh akre Says:

    hey joey hi this is rishi from india i am a personal trainer from india i need some advie from u brother i have a good phisque but i am lacking is my abs i trained pepole but when i look at my self i feel little ashamed of my self because i work out daily i take my abs workout first before my body part workout i have divided that in to two parts that is upper and lower in one day in between i do circuit tranning with some poweryoga exercise for one day and i do my jogging on sundays or i play football myproblem is doing all this i am not getting my abs but my belly size is increasing it looks okward u know being in this professon it wont work pls advice me with ur exprience and knowledge what should i do to get my six to eight pack i am eagrely wating for ur reply brother

  74. Tman Says:

    For all those ppl who think that kids are born with abs…..well you have to work hard!!!when i was 11 i was really fat and now after i kept doin cardio and crunches i’ve lost tha fat and i now have a 6 pack
    (Which is currently gettin an 8 ) and now i’m 14 :P …..just proves tha fact that with enough work you can achieve a 6 pack….(but you gotta have determination too) btw i’m 14 :P

  75. joe Says:

    hey Im 15 and i have a thin layer of body fat over my abs i want a six pack so badly what can i do to get it thats healthy

  76. Cindy Says:

    Hi, My name is Cindy..i’m 14 I was just wondering what are good workouts to get atleast a 4 pack… i already have a flat tummy..i jog everyday for atleast an hour and i have cheer practices but i dont have anything!! any suggestions anyone?(:

  77. Woody Says:

    Ok,all yall “adaults” keep saying ” all yall little kids are idiots” just because they say they have six-eight packs and got it through hard work. It is very possible. I use to be quite chubby I worked out at the gym(P.s. yu can go to the gym at age 13) and ran around a lake near my house(about 2.2 miles). I still didnt have a six pack but I lost my gut.(took me about a year just for that. Then I started football continued to work out as usual and then I got a 2 pack. Three years from then(present day) I started to work out lift weights(worked out all my muscles.) and now I finally have a six pack. I’m only 15(which i turned 2 ddays ago) but I truly worked for it. And as for the skinny part I know thats true for some ppl but not for me because I work hard I run track and play football. I can leg press 350+ pounds easily, I bench 155 and I only weigh 120lbs. I can curl 35+ pounds with little struggle. And a year before that I culd hardly bench the bar with only 5pounds on each side, I culd only curl like 15pounds, and I only culd leg press about 135pounds.

  78. 13Anon Says:

    Well, I’ll be honest, I have a 4 pack, almost a 6 pack, I’m 13, obviously, run track, play basketball, little bit of football, I was skin and bones, trust me -.-… I run whenever I have time/feel like it, I exercise as I feel I need, Tuesdays and Thursdays at the gym. I curl about 35.. (sad shh) I leg press maybe 270, I weigh 134 I’m 5′9, I bench 135 even though I struggle quite a bit on it, 6 pack abs on some kids are from being skinny, some of us, not trying to brag, but I worked for it, hard, I ate junk food all the time, I started eating healthy, protein, fruits, water, meats, fish, etc.. Ate my vegetables, drank water before dinner, I’m almost at 6, it’s just about defined, so to all the older people, no offence, but for some kids, it really does take work, I worked from bones (not literally) into muscle.

  79. MS Says:

    God! I’m only 18, but I hate how kids brag about themselfs. i had a 6 pack when I was 9 and I thought it was all defined and amazing but i look back at photos of myself then and realize my 6 pack was skinny and hardely noticable, but now that I’m getting older i do either 500 sit ups a night or leg lifts to no end just to try n keep a half decent 6 pack. Ya… It’s easy when u’r younger, but seriously grow up. Don’t brag about how great your abs are because almost everyone of you will loose them once your done with puberty. SIMPLE FACTS…

  80. Melo Says:

    hi guys, im 16, me an my friend, came up with this plan, ok so here it is, both of us want to get extremely ripped and everything, idk wut he does we r doin different methods, i am running on my treadmill for 30 minutes a day adding .1 speed per day so if i start at 3.0 id b at 3.1 the next day and so on, right now im at 4.0, tomorrow 4.1 ect.., then right b4 i go to bed i do crunches, ok lets say i start out at 100, well every day i add 20, and i do planks for however many seconds, i add 5 seconds a day to the planks, so right now im doing 320 crunches and 55 seconds of planks, tomorrow it will b 340 and 60 seconds, are these good work outs to do? i just started eating healthy, im about 190 pounds right now… embarresing i know, any tips?

  81. Oscar Says:

    Stupid little kids! I’m 22 right now and I was 18 when I got my 6-pac! And it wasn’t cause I was skinny.. I actually worked out every day and did a shit load of cardio! I fucking earned them and they were extremely toned! And they still are… I bet their stomach is just flat and u can barely see ur abs and their talking about having abs when they probably don’t have SHIT!!!

  82. G-man Says:

    I’m 14 and I’ve got a six pack and have had one since 5th grade. It’s not because I’m “skinny”. In fact, I was quite plumpy for my age; but I hated it. So I started to work out a lot. I don’t need to go to a gym. Mostly because they wont let me. So I work out in my own house, 5 days a week for 3 years now. and it has been greatly rewarding. I am 5′7, 146 lbs and can bench 275. I can run 100 yds in 9.6 seconds and a mile in 5:12. I have no “skinny pack”. All the muscles in my body are balanced. I am currently working on getting an eight pack, and I can see it coming along quite nicely. All of this has nothing to do with my age, but with the fact that I have been working for it for 3 years now. I eat well balanced meals. I dont starve myself like all the other little children who have posted their thoughts on this website. Starving yourself does not help your body in the least. In fact, you are hurting your body. My body looks the way it does now because I have taken care of it and I intend to continue doing that.

  83. Adam Says:

    Im 15 and have had an 8-pack since year 7, and a 6-pack for quite a long time. its not the teenager “oh i have a six pack” when it turns out its basically small lumps, like lots of people in my year. the reason is i climb 4 times a week and climbing tones your body really well, i can do hundreds of situps and once hit 50 dead hang pullups.

    long story short: if you start rock climbing, you will get an 8 pack as soon as you hit 8a (like me :) )

  84. andre Says:

    why is every one bragging about there 6pack and stuff. question for all the guys who bench 200+ when the hell are you going to have a 200pound object on your chest and be like oh i trained for this all my life. And the leg press yeah right if you can’t hold that with your on arms good luck

  85. Nick Says:

    Hi, I can see how people would be mad at these kids talking about having a six pack and how they go to the gym every day since they were 11 or some shit, and it annoys me how they think they are buff because they weigh like 120 pounds or something. I am 14, 5′5 and I have been trying for a six pack and its worked out pretty well, i do lots of flutter kicks and curlups, and I lift when i can, i weigh 140lbs and I do have a six pack, and its not a skinny pack, or atleast I think its not, its got to have a decent amount of muscle because its very well defined and I have a lot of body fat compared to these people, its at like 14-16%(fluctuating), you cant see any bones in my body other than my ribs a tiny bit, I try to balance it out and im trying to define the abs a little more, anybody have any tips to cut body fat %, or any better exercises for abs that are better than flutter kicks? And dont give me any shit about “go outside and play sports and have fun”, I do go outside, I do have fun, I’m a Jrotc cadet and my idea of fun is doing pushups and obstacle courses, sports suck shit and arent as fun as doing PT and stuff at my school, and all my friends love pushups, pullups, and obstacle courses as much as me, so theres no point in telling me to go outside with my friends because ill keep going along, so you can help me or leave me pretty much alone. Thanks for the help.

  86. No Name Says:

    i’m only 13, and i cant say i’ve got any muscles from hard work cause i didnt. i guess i could just thank my parents cause, i only actually realised i was quite athletic, when i just bothered to look myself in the mirror properly one day. its quite wierd cause i eat alot, but never get fat and my eight pac ab, just stays there. i’m also quite strong, amongst the top 5 fastest in my year at school. also have been picked to do some crosscountries and stuff at school. And i got here without actually any like long term excersices or anything. is this just luck? or is it just cause i’m still a bit young?. do you think i could stay like this as i grow if i start working out?… i just want different opinions.

  87. Hope Says:

    I am only 9 and I am a serious athlete with a 6-pack, no joke.I trained hard at recess by running and sit-ups every morning I had vitamins and did sit ups and at night did sit ups at least 100 every night,just work hard and you will be fine ;)

  88. Jacob Says:

    I’m 14. Have a 8 pack, I do have a low body fat but thing is im a runner, now you people say it’s because we don’t work for it. I’m 5′7 145lbs and I can bench press well over 100lbs. But that’s only because of my genetics, rugby training, ju jistu, karate,gymnastics, etc… If someone happens to have anything over a 8 pack their probably on steroids and going to die soon from an OD of them. Run 100m in just a little over 10 seconds (most of my mass is in my legs. Not my arms like the guy 2 posts above me who does 275lb benchpress which I say for 146 pounds and 5′7 feet tall should be impossible unless ur arms weigh that 146 lbs by themselves

  89. Dylan Says:

    dude where are you from i think i might know you im a climber too and in the british team and cracking 8a (:

  90. Sam Says:

    look, doing loads of sit ups and other exercises dont make your abs show through, it just strengthens them. I have been training in the UFC youth since I was 12, it involves working out 6 days a week alternating strength and power training with intense cardio training. Its a lot of hard work and commitment to keep this up but it is definately worth it if you want to get bigger and stronger. I am only 16 now, I currently bench press 90kg, do dips with a 30kg weight on my belt, do pull ups with 30kg on my belt, squat 120kg and i increase the weight every week by around 2-3%. I have a six pack and to be honest I couldnt care less about having a 8 pack as that would take more time doing cardio and cutting out some of the weight sessions. All of you lot who go on about how your 14 with 8 packs and 6 packs, however much you think you workout hard, you dont because you already burn loads of calories doing nothing because of your age. I still burn loads aswell but all im saying is when you build your whole body up and have 6 packs then you can brag all you want.

  91. tyler Says:

    Look I’m 14 and I have an 8 pak. I haven’t really worked out or done sit ups all the time. All I do is sports. I have had abs since I was 5. U can get 12 pak by working out and stuff u don’t have to be on steriods. My cousin took those and he never got a 12 pak.

  92. Niloy Says:

    Well what he said is basically true, you can’t really separate two more pax from six pax cause that would be like cutting it into two. I am 16. My friend who is one year younger than me has a clearly visible six pack. I probably have a 8 pack but it doesn’t show cause of the small layer of fat over it.

  93. jon Says:

    idk if it’s genetics, but when i was in 7th – 8th grade i had an 8pack. in fact i was solid as a rock from swimming 4-8 hours everyday up white water rapids. (i live where rivers are plentiful) but, my 8 pack never really went away, even when i grew a beer belly. now i’m doing the same routine as the 300 crew, and even though i still have the stomach over them, when i flex i can feel them full as ever, with the other 6 showing clear. could be genetics, but i think it’s what you did as a child, sticks with you through life.

  94. Adam Says:

    This is stupid, all those people saying that they have six packs and that hey really want nutrition advice, its so stupid, you do some decent exercise that works your core muscles, like swimming and do sit-ups or something.
    I have one and i’m not going to say i worked specifically for it, but i swam for 4 or 5 years and I’ve had one since i was about 10 in year 6. Although then i was probably just a little skinny.
    Quit being an idiot taking pills or whatever and just do exercise.
    Everyone in my rugby team apart from the big fat people have six packs coming on.

  95. Ian vaneau Says:

    Man, I have a six pack and I do a lot of workouts everyday. 600 “sit-up” not crunches, non stop. Hence it took me awhile to get it to where I could do them all at once.. And I have been doing them for two years now. I do legrises, and other workouts. And I AM A WRESLTER for 6 years. I have yet to see those two lower muscles..
    Is there anyway I can achieve these lower abdominal muscles to show?

  96. J Says:

    Hey guys, I’m 19 and I’ve been working on my 6 pack since I was 16. At age 16 I was 5′6″ and 220 pounds of mostly fat. I had a huge gut and was rather lazy. I started rowing and working out 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. After a year I had lost 50 pounds due to working out and a healthy diet. Although I had a “flat” stomach I didn’t exactly have abs. After another year of the same routine, I had a noticeable 4 pack. That 4 pack stayed with me up until about 2 months ago. All I wanted was a complete 6 pack and being a D1 rower, I was told by my coach to eat a lot of food so I could have more energy for my workouts, and although this worked, I had changed my diet to the point where I wasn’t eating all too healthy. I changed my diet back to fresh foods, such as fruits, salads, and lots of protein (egg whites, fish and chicken), along with whole wheat carbs. After 2 months of this, along with my rowing workouts I finally have a full 6 pack. It might not be an 8 pack, but after 3 years of working towards this goal, I’m happy with my result.
    In my case, hard work, and good nutrition helped me to get my 6 pack. Do lots of cardio, (and lift if you want to have abs and muscle as opposed to being a stick) and eat healthy!
    Good luck!

  97. Jordan Says:

    hey, im 15 and i have got a 6 pack, and 8 pack when tence, i want a 8 pack without tensing tho , i do situps often, still trying to get them, any help?

  98. leno Says:

    I have only got a six pack, im 23 and run around 10 k’s a day. I would have to say that what really does annoy me is people who poke fun at people who are runners for not having large sized arms. I do my resistance circuit daily and i must admit that i am a very slim/athletic build and i find it difficult to put on mass, however all of my running and gym work has toned my body and shows all muscles. It is not just about the arms but about the general fitness, but in saying that i want an 8 pack so badly :P

  99. shy guy Says:

    Hello I’m 13 and the problem with me is that I just get those six-eight packs I only have flat abs any help?thnx

  100. josh Says:

    I’m 15/16 i have a 6/8 pack and these weird things on my side i dunno what they are and i was wondering if this was normal ? :)

  101. KM Says:

    I have a 6 pack but… i tried to have 8 packs but i realized it was hard damn:( and im only 10

  102. Jonah Says:

    Aww come on everyone, don’t hate on the kids. I’ll confirm somethings though. Yes, you do have to work to get abs, even as a kid. I remember. But the kids don’t have to work as hard, but they do have to work for it. Their work-outs won’t be as hard as ours though.
    And for those looking for good work-outs,
    Do raised legs circles

  103. Y r u all hatin Says:

    Im 19 and just got my 6 pack a year ago. I use to be a chubby kid but i started to do P90x ab ripper x everyday and now im in the best shape of my life. I nvr once changed my eating habits but i did start to drink water only. Now for all you giving young kids crap you should stop cause when i was 13-17 i didnt have a 6 pack so obviously they r working a little to get there. so ____ you haters. Getting your six pack takes dedication, now im dedicated to get my 8 and if i cant so be it, im still gonna try everyday and make my 6 look better. And in case your wondering i can now bench 2 plates, not a shit ton compared to my monster friend who makes it look like a joke while i kinda struggle but i am still new to lifting so in time and with my dedication i will get there. So for all you lazy people just getting on here to talk smack to the little kids you should get a life and start workin out. Stop being so jealous. I know i stopped and took action and look where it got me im in the best shape of my life, you could be too.

  104. * Says:

    All the adults on here who are mocking the younger people and saying that the only reason they have six packs is because they are young and are only skin and bone, I can say that’s not always the case. I’m 15 and last summer I weighed 185 pounds with a waist of 36 inches. Since then I’ve lost 30 pounds and I’ve done it through pure hard work. I ran at least 6 times a week and now I go to the gym 2 times a week, and run and do the Spartacus workout( amazing workout from the Spartacus tv programme). If that’s not hard work then I don’t know what is, because now I’m 155 pounds, 29 inch waist, and whereas you are complaining about younger people having no strength, I can free weight 75kg bench press. When I started I could only bench 40kg. Now I also have a 7-pack which is kinda weird, but I’m waiting for my top two muscles to come through properly, one of them almost has. It just shows, I’m 15 and can bench more than an average man and I worked my ass of for 9 months.

  105. Sasuke Says:

    Hi Joey i am a 14 year old boy and i have 8pack.Well i would like to know if it will make my growth rate slower because i got this 8 pack by accident and i am worried because since i got it i havent been growing as much as i did last year.

  106. eljohn Says:

    hi, i’m eljohn and i’m not going to a gym or having a diet etc., but still i have an eight pack abs and i’m only 15 or sixteen at that time and until now i’m 18 i still have the eight pack abs

  107. Johnny Says:

    Anyone can get a 6 or 8 pack. It is not as hard as you think. Two years ago, I weighed 220 lbs …
    It was the beginning of my Eighth grade year. That was bad. In January 2010 I decided it was enough. I decided that (as a regular American teen.. who loves xbox ) i should just do more things with friends and be active.. After a month of this change I had dropped from 220 to 160 lbs. Which was small for my family with a very large tall build. I was like EMO skinny! but I decided I wanted to get ripped. I found an AB routine and 40 Push ups that i did in the morning, at night, and even in the school bathroom stall.. after my two months of this. I went to 175 with a six pack and big pecs. It has now been 2 years since i was 220 and im now 180 and I got MY 8 pack. … and NOT THE SKIN AND BONE TYPE FYI! hahaha It only takes the desire to do it. Its all the mind. If a 15 year old can do it, then I’m sure that people 15-912 years old can do it too!

  108. Jack Says:

    I have a vertical line going down my abs but no matter how hard I try I can’t get horizontal lines please help?

  109. Enrigo Palatzo Says:

    Hey guys. Im 6 years old and have a cut six pack. Dont say i dont work hard cause i can bench 315 x 3 squat 405 x 6 and i can run a mile in 3:49. Im trying to get an 8 pack but my other abs are just so big that the bottom abs dont have room to grow. I have a very healthy diet consisting of drinking only water and eating ice and protein mix. Ive been working abs for 3 years now, doing about 6,000 crunches a day and running marathons on the weekends. For those 20+ year olds that talk crap about kids having skinny packs, you are just jealous!

  110. ShakDaddy Says:

    i disagree with how u said u dont need 2 more the perfect body is with 8 not 6

  111. Chris Says:

    If you ask me, both genetics and appropriate exercises have a somewhat role in this.
    We are generally the same, meaning we are all human, but different at small details which determine the final outcome.

    Gl to you all with your exercising. Im just working on getting the six packs going for now. Got 2 packs atm lol

  112. Jay Says:

    hate to say this but anyone between the ages of 10-17 who are claiming they have an 8 pack is just full of it. It is just your body fat count. I had one at that age too pretty sure most of us had it. Not a bad thing. However i’ve been working out since i was 14 at the school gym an my home basement gym. I’m now 20 years old an still working out almost everyday if not twice a day. Sore or not sore i still do it an have always followed this. I do have an actual 6 pack that i did exercise my ass off for smh. For some reason i cant make that leap into an 8 pack though :/ its ashame cause of all the effort an working out ive put into it an i dont have one. Meh guess i gotta just keep working out an pray they brick eventually

  113. Chris D. Says:

    Um i really need help cuz every workout I do seems to only affect mah arms and chest and the area below the chest a little. But the area where my belly is, isn’t losing fat at all. Im 15 and it makes it look like i have love handles. Help meeeee.

  114. Rafed Anjam Says:

    hey… i am a 17 years old boy…..i have 6 pack abs but i am quite skiny….my weight is 50 kg… sumone please tell me ,how to gain weight…….and how much time is needed for 8 pack abs….

  115. River K Says:

    All the kids rockin their abs and ***, I’m 14, I went through puberty at 8, I’m 6′2 and ur “8 packs” are pretty bull***, even if u have it it doesn’t matter at this age, work out the rest of ur body not just ur stomach

  116. blah Says:

    Arguing on the internet is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  117. Jayne Says:

    Bobbi Lee sounds anorexic. Get over yourself, girlfriend!

  118. matthew Says:

    if you want an 8 pack or 6 pack to stand out <every1 has one but its usualy hidden by fat, eat alot of protein or use shakes use portion control eat a healthy diet and do crunchies ect dont do sit ups tho and only do it around 2 times a week its a type 1 fibre muscle which is endurence so its not the same as triceps or biceps also press ups and pull us if you dont have weights will do.

  119. Cody C. Says:

    i am 15 years old and until recently had a flat abdomin then i started working out, if you are skinny and have a 6 pack its not really a 6 pack, because my brother is that way and when we go to the pool and stuff girls actually ask him to put his shirt back on, but i really really tryed for mine.. if you dont eat its almost impossible to have and impressive abdomin, i snack 6-7 times a day and exercise every hour on the hour that is how i got into shape so dont listen to others trying to put you down because you are “young” the truth is if you work at it and actually know what your doing it will always be impressive.

  120. deepak Says:

    how get 8 pack abs

  121. Toxin1241 Says:

    OMG i was shcoked wen i found that i had 8 pac and was only 11 yrs old but i did do alot of exercise and have a rep at school for huge muscles but im gonna have to keep fit or ill get excess fat

  122. 7packking Says:

    lol i worked on my stomach muscles for about 3 months and got a seven pack i am 16 i have not done sit ups in a while however the muscles are still as prominant as ever but i want an eight pack so wht do i do

  123. David Says:

    I can not see the top two of my abs, I have the two just above my belly button and the two above that but those two seem to go up quite high then there is a bit of a gap between my pecs and (upper abs) I have a sort of big rib cage but should that really stop me from getting a 6 pack and being stuck with a 4 PAC? It looks kind of like the top two rows are just one row (if that helps you understand)

  124. anon Says:

    I am only 13 eat regularly and am a competitive ski racer that does very well and I do dryland training throughout the summer I have a six pack and I agree with the fact that it is because I’m growing and also because i am using my core for balance while skiing and working out during dryland but you cannot only eat salads eat normal food it’s better for your bodies and helps develop muscles. I also do parkour wich really helped get me into shape and has greatly improved my overall bodies performance (cardio,balance, and upper and lower body strength)

  125. Ramin Says:

    I have about 11% body fat after losing 7 kilos in 6 months and i have good BMI , i go gym for 5 years and i can see lines and fibres in my chest and arms and legs plus i can see my 4 packs , but something is bothering me is . My lose skin on belly and when i pull it up i dont see any abs below my navel! Is this possible genetically i dont have 6 packs and its just 4 packs for me?! I work my ass off at gym and on cardio work out but i see i have less than 1 cm body fat depth. Plz guide me …

  126. Jake says Says:

    Im 13 years old and I was really chubby last year but then my body started to change my muscle tone started to change and I ran 5-7 miles a day and done a shit load of sit ups and iv got a six pack but thats all through running. do cardio but if you want to lose weight rapidly jump rope is the best thing you can do to lose weight everyday do it and you will see results and don’t believe what people say about your more likely to get a six pack when your 13 or 14 look at Ryan Reynolds ripped as **** anything is possible but it depends on your determination hope I helped :)

  127. Juan Hiram Says:

    IM 16 i do pretty much crazy shit load of stuff. I work with lumber and the thing is that my friend had a 12 pack and he showed me the secret which was “RIP” off of your six pack in half.Ive been working out & now i have 10 packs well im almost there. I also go for runs lots of cardio and I can bench 120. im only 5′4 and 120 lbs. I think IT was also that my doctor told me I had constantly adrenaline rushes which I used to their full potential.

  128. Bobslobtheblob Says:

    All you people who says you’re 14 and spend 4 hours a day in the gym, you’re either lying or have no life. Even if you work out a lot, and you get all big… blah blah blah… noone will like you because you have no social life. If you’re still under 15 have some fun being a kid.

  129. TheSituationNorth Says:

    Hey guys, you need to get some things straight. 1: The point of the article is that an 8-pack is only achievable if you have the right genetics. 2: It is possible to get a quasi 6- or 8-pack by being skinny, but that doesn’t mean your abs are strong (at 15 I had a “skinny-pack” myself). 3: The only way to get a real 6- or 8-pack is by both strength-training and low body-fat. Just so you know, I work out 5 days a week, weigh 145 but bench 200, and have a clearly defined 6-pack

  130. Cort woodard Says:

    First off there is no “workout that will give you abs…. Your abs are visible based on your body fat percentage you can make your abs bigger but definition and results come from cardio and burning fat not building the muscle

  131. Joshua Says:

    I’ve had an eight pack my entire life. Yes I’ve also been very very skinny. No signs of getting fat either as my mother and her mother and my father are and still are slim. My father was the healthiest member in my family and great habits were learned. He beat cancer because he was so healthy. (Needless to say you can’t really win until theirs a cure) Exercise daily, eat right, and don’t hurt yourself or harm your body. Any exercises are good for you. HELL the military only wants you to run and do your sit ups and push ups everyday minimum.

  132. Cody Says:

    I’m 15, i started sit ups when i was 14, i usually do sets of 100, no rest, no cheating. It took a while and it used to hurt the next day, now i havent done situps in at least a month but my six pack is still here, i cannot get an eight pack it’s not possible(lol when i feel under my six pack though it is hard and it is like a one pack the abs are connected betwwen the 2. It took me 2 weeks to go from a 4 pack to a six pack. But now my only goal is to get where my six pack is more defined when i dont flex it. I just do sit ups and crunches, trust me they work if you can do enough of them

  133. Prideyyy Says:

    Hey, according to the comments and this article, in order to get an 8 pack you need to get your lower abs. Well for me it is the other way round, i am still working on my abs but so far i can only see 6, i have the bottem 2 then the next 4 above them, but according to the image in this article, i should still have another two upper abs, but there seems to be no room lol… any help?

  134. Evan The Fit Person Says:

    Im 15 too and I have a bad ass six pack. It’s most likely due to the fact that I’m a wrestler, play water polo, and run track for my schools varsity teams. Seriously people, you have to work for it. I worked my ass off to get my six pack to where it is today. Good luck to everyone.

  135. John Says:

    I’m 11,I have been playing football and basketball for quite some time. I weigh 108 and am 5′3″. I’m not going to lie to you I always have the best score in gym when we do the timed sit-up test. The thing is I am not exactly skinny, yet not fat. I have broad shoulders and am muscular(genetics). The onlt thing is I have the fat that covers my abs. Do you think that once I hit puberty, I might have more defined abs? Thanks!

  136. Jakeb Glaser Says:

    It has to be genetics because I’m 15, and have barley spent time in the gym and I have an 8 pack. I can do a gazillion crunches but I never worked at that, it just came natural to me.

  137. jks Says:

    hi guys,i m just 19 yr old with six pack abs.

  138. tim Says:

    I’m 13 and have a six pack. not best definition on it, but its there. I only use body weight pressups, chin ups, body weight squats and lunges, lig lifts and sit ups. I train to get stronger, not bigger as i play football and rugby, where i need strength. i’m also quite fit and i won my years cross country last year. I have been doing it for a while and didn’t try as hard as i could all the time as i have a life. you have to work hard, but not really hard.

  139. tim Says:

    I’m 5′10″ and 150 lbs btw. had puberty early

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  144. BADcASE Says:

    Okay I am 5′9 weigh 170 bench 280 and squat 360 most of the older people are talking like there big bad asses and really there not its about the genetics you were given some people gotta work harder from the start ya some of the kids might have a skinny pack but i bet they cant lift and the other fatter or chubbier kids may not have that six pack but can probably lift more its all genetics and btw i am 15

  145. T.O. Says:

    OK for females six packs make you look somewhat manly so why would you want an 8? and at such young ages who’s gonna be looking at your body anyway? are you trying to attract pedophiles? anyway the main thing is to stay fit.. if you are young and you stay in shape you’ll be fine when you get older. if you’re older you’ll feel better physically and mentally. and this is to everybody. and yes genetics plays a big roll in your body’s limits, and potential

  146. Hahahaha Says:

    This is a joke, alright I don’t know one girl in my entire town or my school which has 4 different towns going to it, nor even a guy with a full 8 pack, and im in highschool. yea you gotta workout hard, but believe or not doing weight lifting speeds your metabolism too so it helps abs.Btw training for 4 hours everyday is about the stupidest thing ive ever heard thats overtraining at its best. The best way to workout is 45 minutes – 1 hour 20 minutes or atleast for me. as for abs i barely work mine still have a 6 pack. I definitely see what the older people are saying its easier to have abs when your younger, im already noticing harder to maintain and im only 15. trust me i use to go to the gym everyday and workout 3 and a half hours. DUMBEST THING YOU CAN DO. Barely saw any results strengthwise, none whatsoever bulking, the only thing i got was some endurance in all my muscles. Don’t just worry about abs btw, aha i use to just work abs and it didnt get me anywhere. I’m doin a 4 day on 1 day off routine right now, ive gotten good results it gives me just enough time to be rested. Noticed good results in strength in Bulk. I’m about 5″8, 160lbs. Max Bench: 240 Max Deadlift: 300
    theres a tradeoff though its harder to maintain abs, but you build muscle ALOT FASTER. So thats just my 2 cents, but if theres a 11 year old girl with a full out ripped 8 pack then your saying all the guys who are in their 20s,30s, etc work their ass’s off, and an 11 year old girl beats them out no problem HA.

  147. john Says:

    right i just wanted to ask the older generation of this page, im 6 ft.2, 15 years old and i weigh 12.5 stone.i have a 6 i just skin and bone?i hit the gym couple times a week and am a regular member ,i play rugby and football. i never work my abbs directly but being a football player i am very toned.i hardly ever work my abbs directly due to the fact that i think arms and chest are much more important to how you look in general. i also read that if u work your abbs directly you are more likely to decrease their visibility due to the fact that you are building up muscle over them?

  148. George Says:

    Hi guys, i’m 15 with a six pack and honestly the best way to get one is the swim. swimming is amazing for abs especially butterfly, which is why all the top swimmers have awesome packs. so my key for getting great abs, jump in the pool and work hard.

  149. aimHIGH Says:

    All the older people saying that young adults around the age of 13 who have six-packs are full of it just because they said they worked for it are totally wrong because you see im 14 and I started
    working for a six pack since last month and im getting their, with the help of a healthy diet, weightlifting, and ab exercises. And those who say we have a six pack because of puberty decreasing our bf are stupid and wrong to , i know because i used to be skinny and when i hit puberty i started getting fat, thats the direct opposite of your nonsense statements and this isnt because of my genetics.
    so you now see young people work hard for their six or 8 packs, its true it may be very easy for some bexause of good genes but the point is we work our asses of for it so…STOP UNDERMINING US .

  150. Pablo Says:

    I have an 8 pack and I didn’t work for. I am 6 feet tall and 165 pounds, and I can bench 225 so can somebody tell me why that is? Is it genetics??

  151. Adamcaa Says:

    Genetics determines the shape of the abs(6 or 8 pack)
    Body-fat determines how visible the ab muscles are
    Ab exercises determine how large the ab muscles get

  152. salac Says:

    im 15 and have a 8pk you have to build the bottem abbs enough so they bulge so they seperate on the bottem and i can easily bench my weight

  153. Jakeb Says:

    Okay, I’m 16 have only been in the weight room like 60 times and that was for 35 minutes, before then I had never worked out. But I already had an 8 pack. I’m 6 feet tall and around 150-160 (depends on the year but I’m between 5-8% body fat and I’m a wrestler. I bench like 160 as my max but out of the weight room I am better than the guys that are in there throwing up 220. My power cleans are like 180 and still out of the weight I’m stronger than other guys that clean 240. I don’t know what it is, I’m just a fit kid and have been all my life, I can run like a 5:30 mile and I have been on the swim team and was the best butterfly swimmer we had, that might be the reason why, Hope I helped.

  154. Dan Says:

    Hey i am 17 and i actually believe genetics plays a huge role in how your abs look. Sure you can change the appearance a bit with working out and eating right but i found out my top 2 abs on my right side have the connecting tissue too thick like this article explained. I cant do anything about it but its the same idea as the bottom two bellow your naval. Basically If your connecting tissue is really thick then the amount of abdominal muscle you need to build will be greater than if your connecting tissue was thinner. Remember the tissue will stay the same thickness when you are done growing so you need to get more muscle there if you have thick tissue on the bottom two abs. Its like having huge bones in your arms, you need to have more arm muscle to get the same look as a guy with small arm bones and less muscle tissue. It also depends on what you want, if you want to get huge scuplted abs your going to have to do a lot of work in the gym and at home and you will have to follow a fairly strict diet. If you just want a six pack instead of that little bit of tummy fat (who doesnt?) then try lose weight by eating right while not starving yourself and doing about 45 – 60 mins of weights and about 30 mins of cardio rotating cardio in for weights and vice versa as much as you can a week.

  155. NeymarJr. Says:

    Hahahahaha this is hilarious on how many of these little kids actually posted about their experiences on this page. Little 13 year old brats don’t know anything. The real way to actually acquire really ripped abs(not necessarily 8 pack but maybe a real great looking 6 pack) is to actually have a consistent running schedule to burn off fat, perform workouts that actually push you… I actually tried that during the summer, really helps), and MOST IMPORTANTLY you need to have a really healthy diet. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. You can do a million situps a day but you body needs healthy food. Hope that helps.

  156. Jordan Says:

    Im 16 and I pretty much have an 8 pack. I work on abs around twice a week. Bench around 225 or more squat around 360-380. Now yes hes right it is genetics. All u people that are saying that hes wrong are the ones who are actually wrong. U will not see your 8 pack just from being skinny you are. The bigger the muscle gets and the skinnier you are the better you can see it. Now I have a lot of friends that work on abs and can only get 6. Some can only get 4. Arnold Swarcheneggar believe it or not could not get an 8 pack.. Why? genetics. I mean he was big as **** and bodyfat percentages below 10 percent. yet his genetics prevented him from seeing the rest of his pacs. go look up pics if you dont believe me.

  157. sam Says:

    Sorry tough nips but an anatomy book would pretty much sum up the human body. Maybe you should do some research?

  158. Adham Sedky Says:

    Hey, I am 13 and I have 8 packs, till now I am still confused about the difference between 6 and 8 packs abs. I am doing a project on the abs but I still don’t know the main reason

  159. Goldenboy Says:

    You guys are all liars, I started doing judo at the age of 3, by the time I was 6 I had an 8 pack, don”t tell me I didn’t work for it because when I was 2 I was 300 pounds with big droopy man boobs

  160. jay Says:

    Ok I’m a little late to all this but first let me say this to the so called adults on here getting upset at the kids. You do realize you’re arguing with children right.? Since when do kids not think they know it all? I mean with all of 13 years of existence they got life all figured out right? Hahaha remember arguing with children is like arguing woth a fool both will be absolutely convinced of their ridiculous notions no matter the logic you give. Secondly to the kids if you do have abs that’s fantastic but you have to keep in mind that you are growing still and therfore most of your “progress ” is due to your changing body from puberty and very little of it has to do with your Various workout routines. You will see how difficult it actually is to get into amd remain in shape once you pass the age of 25. Also your main concern right now should be forming a positive self image internally not falling for the trick of outer image being all encompassing. I know that is a difficult feat as a teen ager because your whole world revolves around outer image right now but you will learn latter on how much more important your inner self image is in comparison when yoy are older. Lastly to the kid who was worried about entering high-school and getting beat up while it is true that could be a real possibility for you the reality is that having a six pack or big muscles will not prevent that from happening. Some kids are just jerks no matter what. My advice would be learn to walk away and if yoy can’t do that then man up and fight. Wont matter if you win what will matter is that you stood your ground.

  161. jay Says:

    Also a quick couple of notes; abs are created in the kitchen not the gym. This means diet is the number one way towards getting abs. Also for those who weight lift but do very little abs exercises wondering how they managed to get abs its because your abs are being worked to lift that weight up. Also running for miles and miles is burning your muscle gains off its unnecessary. Need proof? I have a six pack and do absolutely zero cardio. None! I weight lift 5 times a week though and have a strict diet which goes back to my statement about abs being created in the kitchen.lastly genetics does play a part in things but its not end all be all. It just means that for some getting a six or eight pack is easy and for others not so much. Cheers!

  162. Jeffery Says:

    I have 8 pac abs. It was very hard. You have to eat nearly perfect and work your abs out 2-3 times a week hard. Don’t work your abs out 2 days in a row or you don’t give them time to rebuild.

  163. ann"the proud mom" Says:

    my son is 10 years old, and he has an eight pack, my other son is 8 and he has a six pack. I do believe is part of the genetic because their father and also my brother are always looked like they worked out since they were little kids. I do have my children in all type of sports, not for the packs just to keep them busy and also good for their health. :)

  164. Ripped ass kid Says:

    I’m 15 and have an 8 pack.. I have them probably one from genes and wrestling a lot…… I have literally seen someone go from being a chubby 180 lb kid to being a 140 lb monster with an 8 pack in like 3 months of wrestling and eating only health foods…. I recommend wrestling because it doesn’t only work out your core but every single muscle in your body…. And you really have to loose a lot of body fat just to wrestle in your designated weight class….really pushes you to keep the weight off

  165. That Guy Over There. Says:

    I’ve been working out for a pretty long time and now, I have a six pack, and I dont just workout my abs though, I can bench almost 120, and curl just 45, and im only 18, play all sports i can attend, or tryout for, I do Parkour or “Free Running” for good hours on end, and it really does help with upper body strength and foot work, if your weak in upper body strength id recomend looking into it.

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