Diet Pills and Weight Loss Drugs: Urgent Consumer Alert

April 19th, 2011
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Today’s post is in honor of honesty and truth in the health and fitness field. So I have a handful of extremely helpful items for you – and everyone else you’d like to share this with.

The first reason for this post is to maintain my promise to you. To keep you informed and up to date on the dangerous and scandalous doings in the fitness and nutrition business. Consumers are VERY vulnerable when it comes to this topic – so I do all I can to help you, protect you and keep you safe…

The second reason for this post is to celebrate the release of an awesome new free report from my partners at prograde: What They NEVER Want You To Find Out About Diet Pills

But don’t go there yet – please read these updates first so you know the dangers that surround you and your loved ones every day…

1) Diet Pill/Weight-Loss Pill Consumer Alert

Irwin Naturals enters $2.65 million settlement.

Irwin Naturals, of Los Angeles, CA, has agreed pay $2.65 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the District Attorneys of Orange, Alameda, Marin, Monterey, Napa, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Solano, and Sonoma counties. The suit, filed about two years ago, charged that the company:

**Violated Proposition 65, which requires a warning label on products that expose the consumer to over half a microgram of lead per day.

**Marketed hoodia products that did not contain the Hoodia gordonii herb. Laboratory testing revealed that certain Irwin Naturals products, Green Tea Fat Metabolizer and Green Tea Fat Burner, contained over half a microgram of lead. Samples of the company’s System Six and Green Tea Fat Meltdown dietary supplements tested up to 10 times over the legal limit of lead and Green Tea Fat Burner tested over 14 times over the legal limit of lead.

**Failed to reimburse customers in timely fashion for returned products.

**Charged some direct sales customers for products not ordered.

The settlement requires Irwin to pay $1.95 million in civil penalties, up to $100,000 in restitution to California consumers who did not receive previously request refunds, and $600,000 in investigative costs. Without admitting fault, the company also agreed to injunctive terms that would prevent any future unfair or deceptive business practices. Officials say the outcome is the largest multi-jurisdictional settlement of its kind in California by a dietary supplement manufacturer for unfair business practices. [Dietary supplement distributor to pay $2.65 million to settle historic statewide unfair business practices lawsuit. News release, Orange County District Attorney, Feb 1, 2011]

2) 2010 Slim Chance Awards Announced

Francie M. Berg, M.S., who operates the Healthy Weight Network, has issued the 22nd annual set of “Slim Chance Awards” to weight-loss schemes promoters. Her 2010 picks are:

**Worst Claim: Ultimate Cleanse. Ultimate Cleanse cashes in on a popular quack theme: the body must be detoxified regularly to get rid of wastes and toxins. Aside from their basic silliness, cleansing programs are often high-risk, containing potent laxatives.

**Worst Product: HCG Supplements. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone produced during pregnancy, is claimed to reset the hypothalamus, improve metabolism and mobilize fat stores. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting HCG treatment as a weight or fat loss strategy. Common short-term effects include fatigue, headache, mood swings, depression, confusion, dizziness and stomach pain.

**Most Outrageous: Basic Research LLC. Basic Research, marketer of bogus products, carries an extensive history of FTC warnings, charges, fines and on-going lawsuits against multiple products. Also doing business as Carter-Reed Company, it has been a plaintiff or defendant in more than 40 suits filed in federal court in the past five years.

**Worst Gimmick: Lapex BCS Lipo Laser. Promoters promise: “Lose 31/2 -7 inches of fat in 3 weeks. . . . proven inches lost, without diet or exercise . . . the LipoLaser is the only non-diet, non-invasive, pain-free way to lose inches of fat . . . all effortlessly and easily.” Supposedly, shining the lighted device on a pocket of fat gives results “almost exactly the same as exercise” only instead of “hormones opening the fat cells with exercise, the Laser light opens the fat cells-right through your skin. The same stuff comes out of the fat cells.”

I know I have some ’scientific’ subscribers who will appreciate this Review Article from the Journal of Obesity:
Drugs/Pharmacotherapies for Obesity: Past, Current, and Future Therapies
- Lisa L. Ioannides-Demos, Loretta Piccenna, and John J. McNeil
- Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Alfred Centre, Commercial Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia

Obesity Drugs & Diet Pills: Past, Present and Future – The Inside Scoop


The report below may be the most important report you read all year. PLEASE share today’s entire blog post with anyone you know who needs to learn about all the garbage that is out there – and how to separate it from the true and honest information.

And here is the link to new free report from my partners at prograde: What They NEVER Want You To Find Out About Diet Pills

free diet pill report link
click to get your copy now.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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Gluten Free Interview with Jennifer Finley

April 7th, 2011

Here is PART 2 of: The Gluten Series

While listening – be sure to check out this great resource from Kelley Herring – author of Guilt Free & Gluten Free Desserts

These are the questions we covered:

1 – Share your story/summary about how you discovered your Gluten Allergies and what that caused you to do personally and professionally.

2 – What are the top signs/symptoms people should be aware of?

3 – What are the biggest challenges when starting to go Gluten-Free?

4 – What are the top benefits – Even for people who aren’t not diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant, but want to try a Gluten-Free or almost Gluten-Free diet?

5 – What are your keys to living Gluten-Free in a fitness lifestyle?

One of the people who prompted me to cover this topic is Myra Parson – a long time subscriber. After I posted PART 1 of The Gluten Series on my facebook page she immediately sent me this message:

Joey you are awesome.

When I sent you that message when I found out I was gluten sensitive and all the problems it caused me, with the belly pudge, extremely dry skin, headaches, the depression and a few other things you ask if you could use the information.

I said sure but really didn’t think you would go to such great lengths to inform others of this dreaded affliction.

Since I have gone gluten-free my skin is nice and smooth (lotion at my option only), my hair isn’t dry and brittle and I no longer need anti-depressants.

Thank you again for showing interest and for the great information because until my bout with gluten, I didn’t know that so many others are allergic to it as well and they don’t even know it!

– Myra

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The Mystery of Belly Fat Caused By Gluten Allergies

April 7th, 2011

Be sure to check out the new book from Kelley Herring:>>>Guilt Free & Gluten Free Desserts

UPDATE: here is the link to the interview page => Gluten-Free Health and Fat Loss Interview

And this interview we just did will help you – even if you only “suspect” you are allergic to glutens to some degree. You’ll understand why when you listen to what she reveals in the interview…

I know for a fact it’s going to help the type of person who is “stuck” and frustrated about putting so much time and energy into doing the right things – but still not reaching their goals…

We even get into other ’symptoms’ glutens can create – such as:

- bad skin
- headaches
- low-energy
- insomnia
- mental fogginess
- constipation
- and more….

Until then – I have 3 things for you:

1 – Why Jen Knows Her Stuff When It Comes to This Confusing Topic
2a – Great Article On Shocking Stats and – 2b. 7 Keys to Gluten-Free Fat-Loss
3 – A Very Insightful Q&A (question submitted by Ella & Frank Rizzo)

First: Why Jen Knows Her Stuff…

The key to Jen’s background is this fact: As a fitness pro and trainer she personally suffered for years from a gluten intolerance which slowly got worse over time – until she had no choice but to dig into the topic and figure out what she needed to do to overcome this food related allergy.

By living through this experience on a personal level, Jen has been able to translate this into a gluten-specific approach to meal planning for fitness, weight loss and awesome energy – simply through a modern approach to managing the glutens in your eating habits.

Most people reading this understand the topic of Gluten intolerance, food allergies and gluten-free nutrition. But for those who don’t…

Shocking Stats In the Growth of Gluten Free Foods and Interest

The report ‘Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages in the U.S. 3rd Edition’ projects that U.S. sales of gluten-free foods and beverages will exceed $5 billion by 2015.

According to the 210 page report “Gluten-free” has become an identity for the tens of millions of Americans who have reduced or eliminated their consumption of wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Indeed, consumer demand has driven the extraordinary surge in the market for gluten-free foods and beverages. Many people are gluten-free out of necessity, because they suffer from celiac disease or a food allergy.

But a growing number are gluten-free by choice, as evidence emerges that this diet may treat medical conditions ranging from autism in children to rheumatoid arthritis in adults….

Others find that living gluten-free simply makes them feel better. An online survey conducted expressly for the report Gluten-free Foods and Beverages in the U.S. reveals the number-one motivation for buying gluten-free food products is – they are considered healthier than their conventional counterparts.

Specialty marketers like Glutino, Pamela’s Products, and Kinnikinnick Foods have exploded onto the mainstream scene, and health-oriented companies such as Bob’s Red Mill and Amy’s Kitchen have demonstrated a commitment to producing reliably gluten-free foods.

Due to their growing retail presence, as well as to continual improvements in gluten-free products overall, the report estimates the U.S. market for gluten-free foods and beverages at $2.6 billion in 2010, for a compound annual growth rate of 30% over the 2006-2010 period.

7 Keys to The Gluten-Free Lifestyle for Optimal Health & Fat-Loss

As you’re creating your Gluten-Free nutrition strategy – these are the critical areas to focus on:

1 – Identify the glutens you are now eating on a daily basis
2 – Learn the easiest ways to take the glutens out, and replace them with the right alternatives
3 – Conversion tips to transform your favorite personal recipes into Gluten-Free versions
4 – Which companies create gluten free foods and how to locate them in the supermarket or online
5 – The quick tricks for label-reading; so you can spot glutens in a snap and avoid them
6 – Which restaurants have high gluten menus and which ones serve low gluten meals
7 – You need to know what to order when dining out

When you get this going – it’s all connected and it simply becomes your ‘eating lifestyle’…

Click to Take the 7-Day Challenge - It's FREE

Click to Take the 7-Day Challenge - It's FREE

Again, here is the FREE interview: => Gluten-Free Health and Fat Loss Interview

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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NEVER Eat This Salad Dressing, Or Else…

November 18th, 2010

Before I share the article about the type of salad dressing you should never eat – I want to give you one of my quick and easy (and HEALTHY), awesome tasting dressings – which I use at least 5 times a week…

**Joey’s World Famous ‘Fit-Body’ Italian Dressing** (and marinade)… You may recognize this from my book…

Use a 16oz empty jar – or bottle (you may need a funnel if using a small top bottle)

Add the following to the jar/bottle:

- 10 oz balsamic vinegar
- 6 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil -or- Hazelnut Oil -or- Macadamia Nut Oil (feel free to switch things up for variety)
- 1 teaspoon ground Sea Salt
- 2 teaspoons ground black pepper
- 1 tablespoon onion powder
- 1 rounded teaspoon garlic powder

Shake well – and use ‘wisely’ – “less is more” sometimes. And feel free to adjust some of the ingredients to suit your taste. Let me know what you think of it …

OK – now for the “NEVER eat this type of salad dressing article. It’s posted on my friend Mike’s blog:

The Salad Dressing You Should NEVER Eat:
Dangerous Salad Dressing

In that post he also shares his version of an amazing salad dressing – which you can use in your healthy fitness meals.

Enjoy and please feel free to share these easy and tasty recipes with anyone you wish – just forward this blog post to them.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

PS – if you or anyone you know suffers from back pain or sciatica – then you NEED this freebie book: Reduce Back Pain & Sciatica – I don’t know how much longer it will be offered at NO-CHARGE so be sure to grab yours now…

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12 Days of Fat-Burning Meal Plans

October 11th, 2010

One of the biggest challenges of “maintaining a respectable level of fitness” is the dedication required to eat properly – in a way which is in line with your goals…

For the average man or woman – one of the most valued pieces of advice comes in the form of nutritional help and guidance. When “diet” assistance is simple, structured and realistic – it makes everything else easy, and makes your goals more reachable – both for the short term and the long term.

Here is a simple (and FREE) Fat-Burning 12-Day Meal Planner from my partners at Prograde…

Fat Burning Meal Plans <<= Click, Print and Follow

WARNING: Always get medical clearance before making positive lifestyle changes. Better to be safe than sorry.

I’m going to be adding more to this post to make the printout even more helpful to you. For example; I’m going to list:

- several sample food choice substitutions (meat vs non-meat, etc…)
- how to pinpoint the amount of each food choice you should eat
- what to adjust based on your gender (male vs female)
- and more…

But for now – just download and read yours. Then feel free to share this post with anyone else you know who can use this kind of simplified help.

…And then stay tuned for the extra help I listed above – I should have it done in the next day or two.

***In the meantime – If you have ANY questions regarding this post and the FREE download – Just post it below in the ‘comments’ section – and I’ll check in later to answer as many as possible…***

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

– Joey Atlas

PS – you can also use the 28-Day Blow-Torch “Diet” Meals Plans in the FREE e-Version of my book ‘Fatness to Fitness’ <<= Click to Get Instant Access

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Healthy Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Avocado Salad

June 23rd, 2010

An excerpt from ==> Healthy Fitness Recipes

Healthy Fitness Recipe for Summer-Time: Roasted Red Pepper Chicken and Avocado Salad

Looking for a cool salad to fill you up this summer? Here’s a delicious recipe from my helpful partners over at Prograde Nutrition…

Super-Cool Roasted Red Pepper Chicken and Avocado Salad

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 medium ripe avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced

1 tsp. lemon juice (or lime juice)

1 bag (10 oz.) or 1 head of torn/chopped romaine or green leaf lettuce (about 10 cups)

2 cups shredded cooked chicken (my alternative is organic, free range chicken or turkey – or sometimes I just substitute chick peas/garbanzo beans for the poultry as I’m a ‘pseudo vegetarian’ of sorts…)

1 medium tomato, cut into wedges

1 small cucumber, sliced

1/4 of a medium Vidalia or Walla Walla onion, chopped

½ cup chopped Red Peppers

1/2 cup Light or Fat-free Italian Dressing (my alternative is Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sea salt, pepper, onion power and garlic powder)

¼ cup Romano or Parmesan Cheese

Quick and EZ Preparation Directions:


  • Toss avocados with lemon juice in large salad bowl.

    Add lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions; mix lightly.

    Add dressing; toss to coat.

    Sprinkle with grated romano or parmesan cheese.

    Serve immediately and enjoy slowly…

  • Hey, if you like that one they’ve got 196 more! Seriously, Prograde has a really cool 197 Healthy and Delicious Fat Burning Recipes ebook for just $4.95! The same book in the bookstore would go for $25 easily… So get here now as I don’t know how much longer this special will be running for:

    Check it out here ==> Healthy Fitness Recipes

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    Fat Loss Fact: Long-term Diet Study Shows Caloric Balance Key Factor In Weight Loss

    March 17th, 2009


    Fat Loss Fact: Long-term Diet Study Shows Caloric Balance Key Factor In Weight Loss

    A 2-year study of 811 overweight adults assigned to one of four diets has found that the proportions of macronutrients did not affect how much weight they lost. The targeted percentages of calories derived from fat, protein, and carbohydrates in the four diets were 20/15/65, 20/25/55, 40/15/45, and 40/25/35, respectively. The diets consisted of similar foods and met guidelines for cardiovascular health. The participants were offered group and individual instructional sessions.

    Among the 80% of participants who completed the trial, the average weight loss was 4 kg (about 9 pounds) and the results were similar in those who were assigned to a diet with 20% or 40% fat; 15% or 25% protein; and 65% or 35% carbohydrates. Satiety, hunger, satisfaction with the diet, and attendance at group sessions were similar for all diets. The diets also improved lipid-related risk factors and fasting insulin levels. The authors concluded:

    **Reduced-calorie diets will result in clinically meaningful weight loss regardless of which macronutrients they emphasize.

    **A range of fat, protein, and carbohydrate compositions can have beneficial effects on risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

    **Such diets can be tailored to individual patients based on personal and cultural preferences and may therefore have the best chance for long-term success.

    [Sacks FM and others. Comparison of weight-loss diets with different compositions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. New England Journal of Medicine 360:859-873, 2009]

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    Here’s my response to yesterday’s ‘5 C Fitness Foods’ article…

    February 24th, 2009


    We got a ton of ‘thank you’ emails responding to the e-newsletter I
    sent out yesterday – and as I anticipated we also got a few
    screamers and shouters – asking me “Why are you recommending canola
    oil – it’s a toxic chemical!!”

    (for those of you who missed it – I’ve added it to the bottom of
    this email) It’s actually the next blog post now…

    Well, let’s put this to rest right now:

    1 – I should have prefaced my recommendation of canola oil with my
    very typical “always choose organic, non-gmo brands.” I usually
    attach this to any food suggestion – but I left it off yesterday, in
    haste… my mistake.

    2 – Some of you are correct – most canola oil is of a genetically
    engineered variety – that is NOT what I suggest to add to your
    daily nutrition. As I mentioned in # 1 above – go for
    expeller-pressed, non-gmo brands, such as Spectrum brand.

    3 – I did not say to replace the best source of healthy fats -
    which I always tell you is Extra-Virgin, Organic Olive Oil. My
    suggestion is to simply add it to your diet as a ‘less-flavored’
    option when cooking certain dishes.

    – Dr’ Weil – yes, THE Dr. Weil – shares the same sentiments as I
    do when it comes to canola oil…

    Here is a statement right from the lips of the master of natural
    health himself, Dr. Andrew Weil:

    “I use canola oil in moderation, when I want a neutral-tasting oil,
    but I always look for organic, expeller-pressed brands. The
    lower-cost products sold in supermarkets have often been extracted
    with chemical solvents or high-speed presses that generate heat.
    Both methods alter the oil’s fatty acid chemistry in undesirable
    ways. Furthermore, canola oil producers use a lot of pesticides on
    their crops, and I suspect that residues find their way into the
    finished product, so be sure to check labels.”

    Did you see that – let me highlight it so we don’t miss it:

    **I use canola oil in moderation, when I want a neutral-tasting
    oil, but I always look for organic, expeller-pressed brands…**

    That’s it for today…

    Stay tuned for the next ‘Fitness Foods’ article.

    Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

    Joey Atlas

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    Stevia Uprising: Natural, No-Cal Sweetener Kills Artificial Sweeteners

    February 19th, 2009


    Stevia Uprising: Natural, No-Cal Sweetener Stevia Kills Artificial Sweeteners

    It was raining yesterday – so I did a 30 minute hill/run/stride treadmill workout before I did my Atlas Bodyweight Routine…

    I’m not a TV watcher – but while on the treadmill – there are about 4 TVs going at the same time – so ill check ‘em out to see what the mainstream world is being “shown”…

    On comes a short commercial about the artificial sweetener Splenda.

    It was ridiculous – but as true as true can be. Here’s what they presented:

    “It starts as sugar.”

    “It tastes like sugar.”

    “But it’s not sugar.”

    My question is:

    “What in the world happened between “Starts as sugar…. – …But it’s not sugar.”??

    Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a chemical scientist in this case) to figure out how Splenda starts as sugar – and then magically its transformed into “not sugar”…

    Truth is the artificial sweetener companies are shaking in their boots because Stevia, the natural, no-calorie herbal sweetener is positioned to kill off all chemical sweeteners. This is HUGE and its a massive boon to our long term health and fitness.

    Stay tuned for more exciting and very important news on this topic.

    Care to leave a comment or some info of your own – just click ‘comment’ below – and give it a go.

    Your trainer,

    Joey Atlas

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    FTC Stops Another Diet Pill Scammer, But Still More On the Loose

    January 16th, 2009


    FTC Stops Another Diet Pill Scammer, But Still More On the Loose


    Weight-loss-pill marketers who offered free samples in order to obtain credit card information have agreed to stop making false claims and unauthorized charges. The marketers-Neil J. Wardle, Pace Mannion, Christopher J. Wardle, and their companies UltraLife Fitness Inc. and Tru Genix LLC-made false and unsubstantiated statements that hoodia would cause long-term or permanent weight loss without having to reduce caloric intake or increase physical activity.

    Many customers who provided their credit card information to cover shipping and handling were also charged for unauthorized periodic shipments. The FTC complaint was settled with a consent agreement under which the defendants were ordered to pay $9.9 million (the total estimated consumer injury).

    However, based on inability to pay, each of the three must pay only $50,000 and the rest was suspended. The settlement agreement also bars the defendants from misrepresenting any material fact in connection with the sale of a dietary supplement, food, drug, device, or health-related program or service and from using billing information to acquire unauthorized payments.

    Since 1990, the FTC has brought more than 100 regulatory actions against dubious weight-loss products. Despite this effort, the number of scams appears to be growing. Their marketers know that only a small percentage of scammers encounter regulatory action and that even those who do might still make millions.

    The marketplace might improve, however, if weight-loss scams could be made less profitable to their “silent accomplices”: the media and credit card companies that facilitate the flow of misinformation and money. It probably would help to lengthen the period during which credit card holders can protest for unauthorized charges or nondelivery of dietary supplement products.

    Another helpful strategy might be criminal prosecution for credit card fraud. [Barrett S. FTC curbs hoodia scammers. Diet Scam Watch, Dec 24, 2008]

    Have any thoughts, comments or questions about these dirty ripoff, con-artists? Click the ‘comment’ link just below here – and chime in – I’d love to hear from you.

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