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January 9th, 2012
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Joey Atlas

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Your Personal Trainer: “I’m Coming to YOUR House Soon…”

May 6th, 2009


Your Personal Trainer: “I’m Coming to YOUR House to Get You and Your Family In Great Shape FOREVER”

I just had to share this exciting info with you today… because it pertains to the future of ‘in-home fitness’ – your fitness to be exact…

There’s a lot going on here at ‘Atlas International Headquarters’ in regards to what the future holds for you.

Let me explain…

Ever since I started offering my exercise programs to people around the world – via DVDs, e-Manuals, print book, streaming online video…

There has been a constant positive energy coming back to me in the form of a very flattering wish – that basically sounds like this:

“Joey, how I wish you were local so that you could actually train me in person. Your programs are so effective – I can only imagine what kind of experience I would get to have you train me at home…”

Well, every time I read one of those emails – it resonates within me. And I’ve read a mountain of them over the past 5 years – So, I’ve decided to come to your house.

Here’s how… Right now – we are working on plans that will allow me to ‘flip a switch’ – and I show up, LIVE, on your TV or computer screen for a real time training session.

We will be setting up a professional video broadcasting in OUR VERY OWN home gym area. When its time for ‘todays’ workout – I turn the system on – You tune in – And BOOM! we are working out TOGETHER.

And I’ll be doing various types of workouts… for Men, Women, Kids, etc… You’ll even see me putting my wife and kids through their paces so that your other family members can tune in and follow along as well.

See, with modern technology making things so simple – it allows you to do what was previously un-imaginable.

My goal is to bring to highest quality, best results, ‘health club experience’ to YOUR home – for you and your family – for a mere fraction of the cost. This will save you time, money and creates more quality time for you and your family, as you ‘do fitness’ together – with me as your trainer.

I would love to hear from you about this – no matter where you are in the world… If you have quesions, comments – or if you just want to share your excitement about this – please just click ‘Comment’ below and type away. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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Fitness Program Success: How to Measure Fitness Progress & Success

April 23rd, 2009


Fitness Program Success: How to Measure Fitness Progress & Success

Fitness goals come in many forms and definitions. Take a group of twenty people, ask them what their fitness goals are and you’ll get twenty different answers. There may very well be some close similarities between a good number of those fitness seekers – but then again, what means ‘tone up’ to one person may mean something totally different to another. But regardless of the many different individual versions of fitness goals, we can safely and confidently put them into several general categories that can hold the various subcategories and meanings as implied or inferred by the end user.

To keep matters simple, I will list the broadest terms that encompass the majority of fitness goals as applied to the general population.

1) Fat loss/Weight loss
2) Muscle ‘Toning’
3) Strength Building
4) Muscle Building
5) Energy Enhancement
6) Body Shaping (Re-shaping)/Body Sculpting
7) Flexibility Improvement
8) Reduction in Aches & Pains
9) Improved Self-Image & Self-Confidence
10) Improved Health/Medical Profile
11) Cellulite Reduction and Flab Lifting

There is definitely some overlap between these terms not only in definition but also in practice. But, this is a good thing – not a bad thing, at all – reason being that you can only get improvement in some of these areas if you are getting improvements in some of the others. Now, we are probably getting into an area of discussion more suited for fitness pros as opposed to fitness seekers but I think you are getting the idea of where I am coming from.

Are You ‘Hot’ or Not

Optimal fitness is not defined by one parameter – but rather by at least several. In other words, having a ‘hot body’ does not define one as fit – but having a hot body, that is flexible and capable of a moderate amount of physical output – which is fed a well rounded, nutrient dense diet will most likely fall into the ‘healthy and fit’ category.

On the flipside of this, having a body that is not defined as ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ by societal norms does not mean that the ‘owner’ of that body is ‘unhealthy and unfit’. Remember, fitness is not defined by whether or not you can elicit cat calls and get yourself ‘checked out’ by others around you. Rather, fitness is a ‘full package deal’. It should answer the question: ‘What are we as a whole?’ when we account for all factors. Ultimately, it’s ‘how we feel about ourselves, with all elements of fitness being taken into consideration’.

So, where am I going with this slightly philosophical tilt? Well, the actual measurement of fitness progress and success can take many forms when we talk about specifics, but when the smoke clears and its time to assess ones changes and improvements – there are several elements to measure, depending on your personal goals, that will tell a tale and provide all the feedback needed to let you know if you are on the right track or in need of fitness/nutrition program adjustments.

You Already Have What You Need to Succeed

One of these key elements is your own intuition – you should be able to ‘feel’ if you are making progress or not. While there is nothing wrong with body-fat testing, weekly weigh ins, or strength testing (just to name a few)… It is more important that you start to rely on your internal feedback system. You want to learn how to get in tune with your body and your self. The better you get at this – the EASIER it becomes to ’stick with your program’, to make gradual progress… and to make your fitness lifestyle ‘SECOND NATURE’ to you.

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Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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Here’s my response to yesterday’s ‘5 C Fitness Foods’ article…

February 24th, 2009


We got a ton of ‘thank you’ emails responding to the e-newsletter I
sent out yesterday – and as I anticipated we also got a few
screamers and shouters – asking me “Why are you recommending canola
oil – it’s a toxic chemical!!”

(for those of you who missed it – I’ve added it to the bottom of
this email) It’s actually the next blog post now…

Well, let’s put this to rest right now:

1 – I should have prefaced my recommendation of canola oil with my
very typical “always choose organic, non-gmo brands.” I usually
attach this to any food suggestion – but I left it off yesterday, in
haste… my mistake.

2 – Some of you are correct – most canola oil is of a genetically
engineered variety – that is NOT what I suggest to add to your
daily nutrition. As I mentioned in # 1 above – go for
expeller-pressed, non-gmo brands, such as Spectrum brand.

3 – I did not say to replace the best source of healthy fats -
which I always tell you is Extra-Virgin, Organic Olive Oil. My
suggestion is to simply add it to your diet as a ‘less-flavored’
option when cooking certain dishes.

– Dr’ Weil – yes, THE Dr. Weil – shares the same sentiments as I
do when it comes to canola oil…

Here is a statement right from the lips of the master of natural
health himself, Dr. Andrew Weil:

“I use canola oil in moderation, when I want a neutral-tasting oil,
but I always look for organic, expeller-pressed brands. The
lower-cost products sold in supermarkets have often been extracted
with chemical solvents or high-speed presses that generate heat.
Both methods alter the oil’s fatty acid chemistry in undesirable
ways. Furthermore, canola oil producers use a lot of pesticides on
their crops, and I suspect that residues find their way into the
finished product, so be sure to check labels.”

Did you see that – let me highlight it so we don’t miss it:

**I use canola oil in moderation, when I want a neutral-tasting
oil, but I always look for organic, expeller-pressed brands…**

That’s it for today…

Stay tuned for the next ‘Fitness Foods’ article.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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True Fitness Is Deeper Than Superficial Vanity

January 15th, 2009
If you’ve been following me for more than a few months – you’ll know that I have a different take on fitness success… I’ve said before, maybe in slightly different words – you eat well, and exercise not JUST too look incredible – but too feel your best and to ultimately live your life to the fullest, in all aspects.
When your body, mind and spirit are ‘tuned-in’ and well primed – everything you do is that much better. As a matter of fact, your potential to do more meaningful ‘things’ is tremendously enhanced and chances of success are greatly improved.

I know when I talk about fitness from the ‘mind, body, spirit’ angle – some people start to get the puzzled look on their face. But, it’s really not that complicated…

See, there’s a word that keeps coming up in some of the emails I get, some of the blogs comments people are leaving and in some of the posts in my private forum.


The word is Self Image.


Why do I bring self image into this conversation?

Because a healthy and vibrant self image is the easiest and strongest way to be in touch with your spirit. I’m not talking about an outwardly fake, offensively boisterous personality – I’m talking about the kind of self image that exudes confidence, happiness and a genuine appreciation for, and enjoyment of, “life”.

I’m a voracious reader. In the last 4 weeks I’ve torn through 3 fairly thick books. I have a never ending desire to learn – not just about ‘other topics’ relevant to my activities and business – but the desire to learn about “me”, the ’self’ – and in doing so, I learn about “you”. Let me explain…

In life, especially throughout childhood – the only information we have to go on is what we get from the people that are closest to us, such as family, friends and teachers (and unfortunately – the mass media).

I’m talking about the kind of information that molds, shapes and influences who we become as adults. Every generation has its own set of societal ‘ways of life’ – and digging deeper, we can see that different classes of society (lower, middle, upper, etc…) has its own subset of ‘ways of life’.

The deeper we dig, the more specific the ‘ways of life’ get – until you reach the level of ‘immediate (and nuclear) family unit’.


Let’s take my family, as an example.


My father came from Sicily when he was 13 years old, with the rest of his family. My mother’s parents came from Calabria – and gave birth to my mom in Brooklyn, NY. They all came to the US to give the future generations (me, my siblings, cousins, our kids, etc…) a better chance for success and a better way of life.

They taught us what they could, mostly by example – and some they tried to deliver in their own words. All of our grandparents were hard workers – tailors, seamstresses…

After serving in the US reserves (helo. medical rescue) – my father became a carpenter’s apprentice – and went on to become a master carpenter – capable of building just about anything. (He has since retired – and is now a Certified Personal Trainer, believe it or not).


The one thing I learned from my family is “work hard (I say ’smart’) and go after your dreams.”


But just like any other family – there are limitations on what you are capable of passing on to your offspring. There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s just a fact of life. And this is where the opportunity for self exploration and self education presents itself.


What do I mean by self education?


Simply put, it’s the material you learn outside of formal institutions such as schools, colleges – AND – outside of your familial ‘boundaries’.

Some people naturally tap into this – while others don’t even realize it’s there, waiting to be awoken.

I realized this in my teens – and I’ve been using (and refining) it ever since…

One of the easiest ways to do this is through books.

There are thousands of brilliant people who have walked this earth long before we did – whose writings will remain eternally true and infinitely helpful.

When I say brilliant – I’m not saying these people are any different form me and you. See, we are all pretty much given the same ‘tools’ when we are born. – What we choose to do with these tools during our life, COMBINED with the various influences in our life, is where the differences become evident.

One such book, which I’m reading right now, was originally written in 1960, by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. The title is Psycho-Cybernetics. Despite the fact that this book was first published in 1960 – it’s still a perennial bestseller. The primary reason being that this is a life-changing book.


This is one book I wish I found 20 years ago – But you know what I say… “It’s never too late.”


I think I’ve written long enough today – and I thank you for sticking with me. So I won’t go into a review of the book. You’ll be better served by just going to Amazon and getting a copy. Even if you can read 2 or 3 pages a day – you’ll be emailing me in a few weeks to says ‘thanks’ for recommending it.

And it doesn’t matter where you are in your life – this book is a valuable perspective on self image, self value and the realization of your ’self-potential’. Even if you’ve “accomplished all that you wanted – and are 100% happy” – the tools and lessons in this book will allow you to help those around you in ways you can’t imagine.

Wanna talk about this? Got a comment or question? I’d love to hear from you – and so would everyone else who reads this blog – So click on ‘Comment’ below and let us hear from you.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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My Deepest Dieting Fear Conquered: Fat Loss Is Forever

October 24th, 2008

- by Joey Atlas

My Deepest Dieting Fear Conquered: Fat Loss Is Forever…


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I’ve finally been able to make the complete transition (my life-long dream) to working from home (or anywhere else I wish to take my laptop)…

But what I never told you is…

During the last year, leading up to this milestone, one of my biggest fears of working from home was “what’s going to happen with my eating habits once I’m operating from home on a full time basis?”

See – as you already know – I’ve had my personal challenges since childhood with my weight, body image, food codependency and a wicked sweet tooth…

I’m quite different from the majority of personal trainers/weight loss coaches who have “always been in shape” – most of them have never lived through the experience of living “a full time battle with your body and mind”…

But I’ve been on the other side and I know exactly what it’s like…

During my adult years – ESPECIALLY with kids in the house – one of my biggest challenges has been ‘being at home on the weekend after a long, busy work week…’

I would simply eat whatever I could get my hands on. Up until about 4 years ago – I couldn’t conquer this demon – it was the last ‘weak point’ that I needed to fix – or so I thought…

During the last 4 years – I did beat that challenge – and weekends were no longer “2 days of uncontrollable binge eating” – they were under complete and natural control and in line with my goals…

But I had never been home EVERY DAY… And when I realized what this type of challenge this situation might hold for me – it was a bit scary and unsettling… But onward we go…

Well it’s been about 2 and a half months since I started working from home on a full time basis – and I’m quite excited to share… “the final demon has been conquered” – as a matter of fact my state of mind, self awareness and “living in line with my desires” is easier and more natural than I thought it would be…

The goal I set for myself about 5 years ago was to get back to my high school weight of 133lbs – BEFORE I hit the age of 39 – and STAY at that weight – with a body-fat% of no higher than 12%…

Well – my weight is holding an average steady of 133.5lbs with a body-fat% ranging between 9.8 and 11.5 and I’m 38 years young …I DID IT!!

Did this happen “by accident” or just “by itself”? No way… See, this type of ‘change’ doesn’t happen by accident – there are things I did… simple, subtle yet powerful things… – that ANYONE can do (yet most people don’t do – because they are not shown how) – to make this kind of self improvement success happen…

And these are precisely the things I’ll be teaching when I open the doors to ‘Every Day Fat Loss’ at the start of 2009. Lots of questions have been coming in via email and on this blog about the program – so I’ll answer some of them here:

What Is ‘Every Day Fat Loss’


1 – It is ideal for any woman who has struggled with her weight – and currently desires to get the fat off and keep it off…

2 – Even though it’s primarily for women – men can participate as well – and get the results…

3 – The program is NOT for the clinically obese. If you fall into this category – you need medical intervention, first and foremost. ‘Every Day Fat Loss’ is not a program for the clinically obese.

4 – IT is not “just another e-book”… EDFL is structured to provide the missing elements that have prevented you from achieving fat loss success in the past. This requires more than a book or a PDF, for most people.

5 – EDFL will be open to people all over the world – and the tactics will be applicable to the food choices in any country.

6 – Exercise is NOT a major part of EDFL. This is not another unrealistic 2-hour per day fitness regime combined with a psychotic bodybuilder diet being disguised as a simple weight loss program.

Exercise will be a tiny part of EDFL – I’ll actually be teaching you how to do as little exercise as possible (via online videos) – while still getting the fat off… If you choose to do more, that’s up to you. In today’s busy society – I realize every minute of the day is valuable – especially to the busy women of the world.

Well – that’s all I have for today. I hope my story of success has energized you and given you hope for what you are capable of – and what powers are inside you waiting to be tapped into…

If you have any questions about EDFL, or want to share you biggest weight loss challenges or fat loss failures – feel free to click on ‘Comment’ below and post your question or comment there…

And if you haven’t already downloaded your copy of ‘Confessions of a Former Yo-Yo Dieter’ you can still get your copy at:

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

joey atlas

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Fat Loss for Smart People: No Fat Loss for Idiots Here

August 19th, 2008

Fat Loss for Smart People: No Fat Loss for Idiots Here

- by Joey Atlas

In anticipation of the fat loss diet coaching program I’m putting together – you can expect to see lots of talk about the fat loss dieting subject on this blog – lightly sprinkled with other various topics of enhanced health, fitness and LIFE.

As a follow up to one of my recent articles: the emphasis of the new program (set for release in about 2 months) will be on ‘tactics’ – … a handful of closely guarded tactics that I’ve been reluctant to share until a recent conversation with an old fitness colleague of mine, Frank.

I’ve been pretty secretive about these tactics over the last 21 years because they are very unlike what you read about in the mainstream world – and I haven’t been quite sure if I want to go ‘against the grain’ as there is no question they will raise controversy – not because they are unsafe – but simply because they are different – and deviously simple to use…

Yeah your girlfriends will hate you because you look fantastic… – they’ll swear you had some kind of surgical procedure.. blah, blah, blah – but hey – who cares – you and I will know the truth about your success…

These ‘underground’ tactics will allow you to take your focus off of calorie counting, unrealistic meal planning, strict exercise routines, endless cardio sessions – and most importantly – the destructive, typical ‘dieters’ mindset. I can promise you it will be like nothing you’ve seen or heard about before.

I can’t go further into this as I know for a fact I have some devious competitors following every move I make – But you can be assured I’ll keep you posted as best I can over the next few weeks and months – right up until I pull back the curtain to reveal what will surely cause a stir amongst my peers and the diet, fitness, nutrition industry – It will be quite exciting to say the least…

Stay tuned for more about that – and please feel free to post your thoughts, questions comments, and even your desires at the end of this article – but first a diet question and answer. This was sent in by an ‘Atlas Client’…

Dear Joey…

I’m finding it hard to believe that something out of a can such as the peas, corn, etc. can be healthy for You as I’ve read labels on cans & have been told by health professionals to stay away from canned food & eat fresh as they all have large amounts of sodium, salts, & hidden sweeteners, etc…so please help Me understand how this will help My daughter who was so happy that I found something that would help Her…



Great question Jules…

I’ve mentioned this in many past articles, in interviews, in my book Fatness to Fitness, and in the Blow-Torch ‘Diet’ section itself…

“Always choose fresh or frozen over canned goods when it works for you.”

The reasons why I make this statement is…

GENERALLY speaking – canned foods ‘tend’ to have more sodium and preservatives than their fresh or frozen twins. Additionally – there is ongoing controversy about BPA lined cans – and their potential to adversely affect your health.

You can read more about that here:

HOWEVER, it’s important to note that there are many canned products that I consider to be VERY good options for the weight control in a healthy lifestyle…

For example – today for lunch I ate half a can of chick peas with some other ingredients – from the company ‘Eden’ – they make many organic items AND – they have done away with using cans that are lined with BPA – great news for us – as this move will prompt many other companies to do the same!

In regards to high sodium content…

MANY items now are available in a low or no sodium version – and some savvy companies are using the healthiest salt available… SEA SALT

Another example:

Yesterday – for lunch I simply opened a can of ORGANIC Spicy Vegetarian (I’m not a vegan) Chunky Chili from Health Valley – NO SALT ADDED (this is on the front label) – it was a 2 serving can – I ate the whole thing…

fat loss diet food
Organic Chunky Chili

So – a $2.19 organic lunch that took me 30 seconds to open and about 10 minutes to eat – and who said eating well was hard and expensive!! Anyway… here’s the nutrition breakdown for the whole can:

* Calories = 300
* Fat = 2 g
* SODIUM = 150 mg (this is amazing!!)
* Carbs = 62 g
* FIBER = a whopping 20 grams !!
* Protein = 18 grams!! – I can feel my muscles growing as I eat it!!

I hope that clears things up…. OH! – I gotta mention this… As I was putting this article together – I was notified that yet another fat loss diet scam went live on the internet this week – I wont get into the details today – but when the time is right – I’m gonna show you EXACTLY how to tell that the program is pure bogus right down to it’s core. You will be sick to your stomach when I expose this thing…

But for now – I want to hear from you – leave your comments, wishes, desires, questions, problems, etc… below.

Your trainer for life,

joey atlas
weight loss program

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Former Fat Guy is Quickly Becoming Sex Symbol

June 26th, 2008

How a Former Fat Guy is Quickly Becoming Sex Symbol Through Fitness

- by Joey Atlas
If you’ve been following me for at least the last few months – you already know about Colin’s fat loss success story. As I mentioned previously – he’s the guy featured on the back cover of my book.

He likes to keep me posted on his progress – and he sent me this great email a few days ago. Read it and see what inspiration you can draw from it to fuel your motivation to change your life for the better.

colin after body fat loss
The Sexy Stud Says
‘He ain’t done yet…

…What ever that means to you – because it’s not the same for everyone…


I was at work today working away and a lady come up to me and said “you know I was going to buy a big bag of chips, but I seen you over there and know all the weight you had lost and I put the chips back cause I didn’t really need them” I told her “good for you”.

She told me she had lost a bit of weight but put some of it back on, now she has a tough time trying to get back into the routine of sticking to her diet. I told her the next time she got the urge for a snack grab a fruit to eat like an apple, orange, grapes, banana or a pear. If it’s nice out you may just go for a little walk. Sometimes it’s hard work but worth it in the end.

I guess this is a part of the fitness ripple effect. I’m still smiling and proud that I can be such an influence on people I don’t even know.

PS – Before that I had another lady today come up to me, I didn’t know she was and asked me where did I go to (meaning the weight loss), she told me I looked good and I’m doing a great job. I told her I had 158 lbs gone and her jaw dropped; I said it was over 2.5 years losing it slowly so it didn’t make me look sick like some people do when they lose a lot of weight.

Then first thing this morning when the store opened a young lady who works at Tim Horton’s was in picking up groceries and I said “Good Morning” to her, she looked around and seen me there working away and she said “you know the other day I seen you at the mall and you look good”

I told her thank you! hehehehe

Keeping Fit!

Colin Cramm

What are your thoughts about Colin’s success? What fitness success are you trying to achieve?

What’s your biggest obstacle?

Click ‘Comment’ below – and let the rest of us know…

Your Trainer,

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Eating Healthy Can Also Be Cheap – My 47cent Breakfast

June 24th, 2008

One of the biggest complaints about getting people to eat a cleaner and healthier diet is that it’s too expensive. I’ll admit that in SOME regards this may be true – but in a general sense this is just a bunch of bullshit – or shall I say an ‘internally justified’ excuse to keep living like a slovenly fat-ass.

Don’t take my words personally or let them offend you. If you are making the effort but are still not where you would like to be – I commend you and completely respect you – I don’t care what you look like or what size you are – I’m on your side for taking action…

But the person I am speaking to is the lazy ass who is the first in line at the breakfast drive thru – ready to plunk down $5.95 for their 780 calorie, artery clogging, energy robbing, life shortening breakfast…

How To Shorten Your Lifespan


What the hell is wrong with you?!!

…keep in mind I’m using a loving tone when I say this stuff – ya know, a brotherly kind of love… – because I care – and I want you to do better – to be better – to change because you can – and how it will affect your life…

Ok – enough with my rant – here’s how easy t is to each perfectly AND cheaply.

Yesterday – Publix, our local supermarket had a sale on Kashi Go lean Crunch – one of my favorite cereals. 2 boxes for $2.50 ($1.25 per box!!) – and as if that wasn’t good enough – you also get a free half gallon of Organic soy milk. Incredible – but true…

Based on my calculations – one serving came out to about 47 cents…

Who says eating good is too expensive?

Click here for nutritional info => Nutritional Info – Kashi Go Lean Crunch

How do you eat well but still keep it affordable? Click below to let us know…


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Fat Loss Updates – Fitness Through Healthy Weight Loss

June 18th, 2008

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

Fat Loss and Fitness Through Healthy Weight Loss – Photos of Proof

Many of you know already Colin Cramm – as he is one of the fitness success stories featured on the back cover of my book, ‘Fatness to Fitness’ – but it is quite likely you haven’t (yet) heard of his good buddy, Todd.

I’m writing about these two amazing guys today for 2 reasons:

1 – a lot of my male subscribers wanted to see more success stories about mens’ fitness and fat loss, as they have “already seen more than enough female fitness success stories across my websites”.

2 – to illustrate something I wrote about in the book, ‘the Fitness Ripple Effect’.

Here is Colin’s most recent photo – showing him standing behind his ‘fat jeans’ (size 48!) – and he noted that he is now COMFORTABLY wearing a brand new pair of size 36 pants – that we can’t see becasue his massive ‘fat jeans’ are blocking our view. GREAT STUFF! – We’ll hear more from Colin in the near future, as he is “not done just yet…”

colin after body fat loss
Fat Loss – Photos of Proof

Now, meet Todd (minus 135 lbs!) – one of Colin’s good buddies who was inspired by Colin’s transformation and decided he needed to do the same thing – or else probably die way before his time. Todd is still at it – so we can consider this a ‘during’ photo – and we will be sure to hear back from him – as he is a strong candidate to be included in my next book, ‘Fitness – The Atlas Way’. Here he is…
todd during fat loss diet and fitness success
Todd – Down 135 lbs, and Still Burning Fat


This brings me to the ‘Fitness Ripple Effect’…

So many times – it’s the action and success of one person that can inspire and positively influence other people. Such is the case with Colin and Todd. It’s also what I attribute my fitness success to – thanks to my father, and it’s what has recently changed the life of another ‘Joey’ – read on…

This is a message that was posted just yesterday in the members only forum at my other site,

…and that’s why I think this forum is great. Not only do we have our trainer for life but other people interacting and helping and encouraging each other along the way. I will keep going in the same direction, in my gut I know if I stay consistent and am patient with myself then all will fall into place.

By the way, my 12 year old son was having problems with the bottom of his back, therapist gave home exercises to do but they didn’t really help. Him to has the “belly” and the doctor said he would have to exercise his back.

As I have changed my eating habits they also are reflected on my son and he started doing the ABS dvd with me but he does them twice a week. It’s so cool because he’s interested in exercise, we spend quality time together AND his back no longer hurts him. Thank you Joey.

P.S.: So funny because my son’s name is JOEY.


Are you creating a ‘Fitness Ripple Effect’ on those around you? Have you been influenced by someone else’s inspiring success? Whatever the case – I would like to hear about it – please post below – by clicking on ‘Comment’.

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