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January 9th, 2012
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See you there!

Joey Atlas

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The Atlas Gym Unit; Bodyweight Exercise Demo Video # 2

May 29th, 2009


The Atlas Gym Unit; Bodyweight Exercise Demo Video # 2

Direct link on Youtube (if you watch the video here – please rate it and leave me a comment – I’d love to hear from you):
The Atlas Gym Unit; Bodyweight Exercise Demo # 2
Link to =>> Atlas Gym Unit Bodyweight Workout Demo # 1

Direct link to The Atlas Unit:>> Bodyweight Home Gym Website

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever:

Joey Atlas

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The Atlas Gym Unit Bodyweight Workout System: Sneak Preview VIDEO

May 19th, 2009


The Atlas Gym Unit Bodyweight Workout System; Bodyweight Exercise Unit for Home Gyms, Top Notch Personal Training Centers & Serious Fitness Clubs


UPDATE: The Official Home for the Atlas Home Gym Unit is here:

Here is the VIDEO Sneak Preview of The Atlas Unit, I promised. Keep in mind – My Youtube limit is 10 mins per video – so I was limited in ‘how much’ I could reveal at this point. At the end of the week – when the other Atlas Attachments get here – I will be posting more exercise/workout examples with The Atlas Unit. Enjoy this… and pass it on…

Direct link to Youtube for >> The Atlas Unit, Underground Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview of The Atlas Gym Unit Bodyweight Workout System from Inventor & Author, Joey Atlas – M.S. Exercise Physiology. If you haven’t already go to the ‘Home’ page to sign up for Joey’s FREE e-Newsletter, ‘Secrets of a Trainer’ – and to be on the early notification list for the official release of The Atlas Gym Unit Bodyweight Workout System for Men, Women and Kids.

Sure to be a ‘Game Changer’ in the Fitness Industry – The Atlas Unit is ideal for Serious Fitness Centers, Top Notch Personal Training Facilities and REAL Home Gyms (the type of Home Gym that is actually USED by the people who live there ;-) )

Got some questions, comments or just want to share your growing excitement and anxiousness? Then just click on ‘Comment’ below – and let me know.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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Your Personal Trainer: “I’m Coming to YOUR House Soon…”

May 6th, 2009


Your Personal Trainer: “I’m Coming to YOUR House to Get You and Your Family In Great Shape FOREVER”

I just had to share this exciting info with you today… because it pertains to the future of ‘in-home fitness’ – your fitness to be exact…

There’s a lot going on here at ‘Atlas International Headquarters’ in regards to what the future holds for you.

Let me explain…

Ever since I started offering my exercise programs to people around the world – via DVDs, e-Manuals, print book, streaming online video…

There has been a constant positive energy coming back to me in the form of a very flattering wish – that basically sounds like this:

“Joey, how I wish you were local so that you could actually train me in person. Your programs are so effective – I can only imagine what kind of experience I would get to have you train me at home…”

Well, every time I read one of those emails – it resonates within me. And I’ve read a mountain of them over the past 5 years – So, I’ve decided to come to your house.

Here’s how… Right now – we are working on plans that will allow me to ‘flip a switch’ – and I show up, LIVE, on your TV or computer screen for a real time training session.

We will be setting up a professional video broadcasting in OUR VERY OWN home gym area. When its time for ‘todays’ workout – I turn the system on – You tune in – And BOOM! we are working out TOGETHER.

And I’ll be doing various types of workouts… for Men, Women, Kids, etc… You’ll even see me putting my wife and kids through their paces so that your other family members can tune in and follow along as well.

See, with modern technology making things so simple – it allows you to do what was previously un-imaginable.

My goal is to bring to highest quality, best results, ‘health club experience’ to YOUR home – for you and your family – for a mere fraction of the cost. This will save you time, money and creates more quality time for you and your family, as you ‘do fitness’ together – with me as your trainer.

I would love to hear from you about this – no matter where you are in the world… If you have quesions, comments – or if you just want to share your excitement about this – please just click ‘Comment’ below and type away. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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Fitness Program Success: How to Measure Fitness Progress & Success

April 23rd, 2009


Fitness Program Success: How to Measure Fitness Progress & Success

Fitness goals come in many forms and definitions. Take a group of twenty people, ask them what their fitness goals are and you’ll get twenty different answers. There may very well be some close similarities between a good number of those fitness seekers – but then again, what means ‘tone up’ to one person may mean something totally different to another. But regardless of the many different individual versions of fitness goals, we can safely and confidently put them into several general categories that can hold the various subcategories and meanings as implied or inferred by the end user.

To keep matters simple, I will list the broadest terms that encompass the majority of fitness goals as applied to the general population.

1) Fat loss/Weight loss
2) Muscle ‘Toning’
3) Strength Building
4) Muscle Building
5) Energy Enhancement
6) Body Shaping (Re-shaping)/Body Sculpting
7) Flexibility Improvement
8) Reduction in Aches & Pains
9) Improved Self-Image & Self-Confidence
10) Improved Health/Medical Profile
11) Cellulite Reduction and Flab Lifting

There is definitely some overlap between these terms not only in definition but also in practice. But, this is a good thing – not a bad thing, at all – reason being that you can only get improvement in some of these areas if you are getting improvements in some of the others. Now, we are probably getting into an area of discussion more suited for fitness pros as opposed to fitness seekers but I think you are getting the idea of where I am coming from.

Are You ‘Hot’ or Not

Optimal fitness is not defined by one parameter – but rather by at least several. In other words, having a ‘hot body’ does not define one as fit – but having a hot body, that is flexible and capable of a moderate amount of physical output – which is fed a well rounded, nutrient dense diet will most likely fall into the ‘healthy and fit’ category.

On the flipside of this, having a body that is not defined as ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ by societal norms does not mean that the ‘owner’ of that body is ‘unhealthy and unfit’. Remember, fitness is not defined by whether or not you can elicit cat calls and get yourself ‘checked out’ by others around you. Rather, fitness is a ‘full package deal’. It should answer the question: ‘What are we as a whole?’ when we account for all factors. Ultimately, it’s ‘how we feel about ourselves, with all elements of fitness being taken into consideration’.

So, where am I going with this slightly philosophical tilt? Well, the actual measurement of fitness progress and success can take many forms when we talk about specifics, but when the smoke clears and its time to assess ones changes and improvements – there are several elements to measure, depending on your personal goals, that will tell a tale and provide all the feedback needed to let you know if you are on the right track or in need of fitness/nutrition program adjustments.

You Already Have What You Need to Succeed

One of these key elements is your own intuition – you should be able to ‘feel’ if you are making progress or not. While there is nothing wrong with body-fat testing, weekly weigh ins, or strength testing (just to name a few)… It is more important that you start to rely on your internal feedback system. You want to learn how to get in tune with your body and your self. The better you get at this – the EASIER it becomes to ’stick with your program’, to make gradual progress… and to make your fitness lifestyle ‘SECOND NATURE’ to you.

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Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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Butt & Body Site for Ladies is LIVE (Men stay tuned for yours!)

March 4th, 2009


Butt & Body Site for Ladies is LIVE (*Men stay tuned for yours!)

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Abs Exercise Machines: Big Problem With Ab Machines and Your Abs

January 20th, 2009

I hope you are being faithful to me, and your ‘AtlaStyle’ exercise sessions…

I have to tell you what happened today…

We have a typical fitness center in our community. A full circuit of machines with weights stacks, some benches with dumbbells, a line of cardio equip., and some more free weights – NOT how ‘Joey Atlas’ would have advised them to put the place together… anyhow…

While my creation, The Bodyweight & Band Family Home Gym, is being built for our house – I’ve been using our community’s fitness center for some of my workouts (I get lots of stares, glares and questions – when everyone see me doing all this bodyweight stuff and not lifting an ounce of weight or touching a machine with a weight stack on it.)

There is a tiny mat/stretching area – and I was going through one of my 20 minute Abs/Core routines from my dvds: – and a woman was about 6 feet away from me, using this massive ‘abcrunch’, body-folding unit…

When I stopped for second – she asks “What do all of those exercises do?”

I reply – “They all target your abs and core in a balanced and safe way – while bringing results better than any machine.”

She says, “So those moves are better than this thing I’m using?”

I say, “Exactly.”

She says, “I find that hard to believe. Because this machine is made for the abs and stomach area.”

I reply, “Please dont take offense to this, but how long have you been using that machine?”

She says, “3 or 4 times a week for the last 5 months.”

I say, “Has your midriff changed at all?”

She says, “It’s stronger, but it still looks he same.”

I say, “So are you going to keep doing it – or look for something that will bring you the changes you are looking for?”

I also went on to explain why machines like this simply cannot stimulate and properly engage the hundreds of muscles in the female abdominal, core and lower back region – and that the unnatural, repetitive motion can often leads to injuries and setbacks.

She smiles and says – “OK – can you teach me your routine?”

I say, “Yes – and then some… Just go to: you can get my world famous abs and core program right from the site. I’ll be teaching you via the DVDs – and then you can come in here and tell others how to do things right – and get results.”

She was totally excited – she couldn’t even wait – she dashed out of the fitness center and said she was going to order her dvds asap.

Encounters like this are very fun – and I always welcome them.

It’s much easier when I go somewhere as an ‘unknown’ and nobody knows my background – but its also fun to feel like a celebrity and have clients and subscribers recognize me in public and politely approach me and say, “Hey, aren’t you Joey Atlas? OMG, I have your programs – and your stuff is amazing – It’s so cool to meet you in the flesh!”

My kids get a kick out of that stuff when they are with me.

Remember …

“Don’t be like everybody else… Be YOU… be FIT… be SEXY!”

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

PS – got some comments, questions – or just something to say about this post? Then just click ‘comment’ below – and let me know…

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Fat Loss Proof: Here’s What 158 LBS Lost Looks and Sounds Like

January 9th, 2009

We all know – “a picture is worth a thousands words” – but what most people don’t realize that 2 pictures can be worth 100,000 words – especially when they are remarkable ‘Before and After’ Weight Loss Success Story pictures – like these…


378 Lbs down to—->> 220 Lbs

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Hey Joey, here’s my update!
From: “Colin Cramm” –>
Date: Thu, December 18, 2008 4:58 pm
To:“Joey Atlas” – -

Hi Joey,

I decided to take a picture today to show you that I am still going strong with my new lifestyle. To date my percentage of body weight that I have lost is 58.20 % going from 378 Lbs down to 220 Lbs – and 48 pants down to 34 pants.

I said back before I started that “I wish I could get into size 34 pants…” and thanks to you Joey I have made a long shot possible. Thanks for your guidance and direction over the past year or so – it’s greatly appreciated.

I feel like I’m my own personal trainer now, always pushing myself to take one more step or one ab rep, and complimenting myself each time. It gives me so much satisfaction to wipe out the old way of life that could have put me in the grave being that there is heart trouble in my family and strive for a better and longer life now.

My blood pressure is all normal, thank God!

Two days ago I had a lady tell me that whenever she watches The Biggest Loser she thinks of me and I said “Oh, thanks!”… she tells me I’m doing a great job.

Here is my updated photo; before and after.

Thanks for all you have done for me Joey, I’m forever honored to be your student.

Keeping fit!

Colin Cramm

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Fat Loss Breakthrough: Small Disc Promises Fat Burning Success

October 8th, 2008

- by Joey Atlas

Fat Loss Breakthrough: Small Disc Promises Fat Burning Success…

URGENT: Before I tell you about this small disc – be sure to go and get your free copy of ‘Confessions of a Former Yo-Yo Dieter’ at my other site: <= Click Here - this freebie is going very quickly - so don't miss out

NOTE: When you get to – don’t be surprised if you see your photograph on the website ;-) )


Ok – about this Fat Loss Disc…

2 weekends ago – me and Jeri-Jo (my wife) took the kids to the park to run and play, etc… We usually grab a soccer ball or a football – but this day – I grabbed a frisbee…

fat burning cardio with frisbee
$7 Disc Causes Safe & Fun Fat Loss


I’ve always loved playing frisbee – ever since I started throwing one as a youngster. During my teen years we’d throw it so much we had to start using glow in the dark frisbees – because we just didn’t want to stop, even when the sun went down…

We never got tired because it was endless fun. Seeing who could throw it farther, faster, trickier – and of course who could catch it behind the back, between the legs, behind the head – you name it…

Coming back to the present… now in my older youth – it’s still just as fun – but now I have the joy of teaching my kids how to throw and catch a frisbee – and they’re loving it…

We all broke a good sweat, burned a bunch of calories – even got a little good muscle soreness from all the different movements involved in throwing, chasing and catching this magical little disc…

I was so back into it – I ran to Target during the week and picked up the MaxFlight from Wham-O that you see pictured above (I got mine in black though) – and it cost just a few cents over $7. Now how’s that for a fun, effective and portable piece of fat burning cardio equipment that the whole family can use??

We went back to the park again this past weekend – and did our ‘Frisbee-Fit’ workout with the MaxFlight I picked up… If you want to get yours – just go to Amazon – they have a ton of frisbees…

My main point here is… effective exercise and weight loss – doesn’t have to be boring, monotonous or expensive – as you an see from my perfect example above…

Be creative, have fun – and “think outside the gym”…

Do you have any good alternatives to traditional, stereotypical types of cardio exercise? (You can’t say ’sex’ – because I just said it ;-) )

Whatever ideas you have – just list them below – by clicking on ‘Comment’…

Your trainer for life…

joey atlas

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Lower Body, Core, Abs and Cardio Exercise COMBINED

September 9th, 2008

Lower Body, Core, Abs and Cardio Exercise COMBINED

- by Joey Atlas

As you know – I love exercising outdoors – and today was one of my favorite workouts. I do this once a week for my legs, butt, hips, thighs, abs, core and metabolism boosting, calorie burning cardio.

I woke up at about 7am when my 4 year old, Darah, came in and climbed up on the bed to wake me up… I brushed my teeth, got my running shoes on – saw the girls out the door – then hit the pavement…

I did a brisk jog for about 1.25 miles AWAY from the house – broke a nice sweat – saw some other morning exercisers as well…

Then turned back TOWARD the house…

…and did 30 walking lunge touch-downs (15 per side)…

- followed by 50 brisk walking steps
- followed by 30 all-out sprint strides

…then I kept repeating ’til I got home:

- 30 walking lunge touch-downs…
- followed by 50 brisk walking steps
- followed by 30 all-out sprint strides

Now – depending on your fitness level…

…you can vary this many ways… For example, if you are an out of shape beginner…

You can do a brisk walk for 3/4 of a mile – AWAY from the house…

Then turning back toward your house, you can do modified, half-range walking lunges with a shin touch-down – 10 to 20 reps for starters…

Then you follow those with a brisk jog for about 20 to 30 strides…

…followed by brisk walking for about 50 strides…

You’ll only appreciate the effectiveness of this mini-workout AFTER you’ve done it. Let me know how you like it…

Some Secret Tools I Use

On another note – I’ve received A LOT of questions regarding readers wanting to start their own websites and newsletters – asking for my recommendation for online tools that are very easy.

My 2 all time favorites are (one is free to get started and the other is extremely cheap): <=Click to Visit) - I WISH this was around 7 years ago when I first got started. This website building tool is so easy - a 5 year old can put together a professional site in an hour or 2 - it's an awesomely simple site and its free to start building your own site and free to get your own domain - and when you are ready to go live with your site - it's only a few bucks a months - if you are interested in starting a web based business - start here... EXTREMELY HIGHLY recommended...

My other all time favorite is: <=Click to Visit) - I've tried 4 different email/newsletter services - and this one is tops - keep in mind - I'm a classic technophobe - so anything I use has to be dead easy for me. This service is downright 'dead easy' and super effective - for the low-cost - you'll never find anything else like this for your web communications and business building. SUPER HIGHLY recommended...

I’m using both of these services right now – and my life has become VERY easy with them…

Don’t forget to leave me your comments below about the leg, butt, hip, thigh, abs, core and metabolism boosting, calorie burning cardio workout I’ve outline above for you…

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever says…

“Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

joey atlas

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