Stevia a Major Fitness Breakthrough – FDA Opens Gates for Stevia

December 23rd, 2008
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- by Joey Atlas

Stevia: The No-Cal Sweetener from Nature Has Been a Long Time Coming


If you’ve been a longtime follower of my teachings – you already know that I’ve been using the no calorie, all natural sweetener, stevia, since I was about 18 years old (that’s since 1998).

I’ve posted many articles about stevia, simple recipes with stevia as an ingredient – and I’ve even highlighted this amazing plant extract in my book, Fatness to Fitness.

All along – I’ve been hinting at the tremendous potential of this healthy herb – known around the word as stevia (rebaudioside A).

Well – one of the biggest obstacles has been recently pushed aside – by the hand of the obstacle itself… the FDA.

The FDA has issued letters of “no objection” to companies which use stevia as a natural, no calorie sweetener, essentially stating it would no longer seek to oppress or outlaw stevia-based sweeteners used in health foods and beverages.

I can’t even begin to tell you the importance of this breakthrough. In short – stevia will prove to be a major element in the health, wellness and fitness fields for generations to come.

Monday, June 04, 2007
Artificial Sweeteners and Your Fitness

I get lots of emails asking about my position on artificial sweeteners. I mention briefly in my free version of the Blow-Torch Diet ebook that I am against them and I advise all readers to stay away from them.

I also mention the herbal extract, Stevia, as a safe and natural alternative. I give it to my kids – thats how much I believe in it. Me and Jeri-Jo do not allow them (or us) to consume chemically altered sweeteners.

I also mention that I will be addressing some of the finer details about this subject in my book, “Fatness to Fitness”.

In the meantime – here is an article that Pam forwarded to me last week. (In her email Pam wrote, “Joey, you are on the cutting edge!”) – in some regards, she’s right – however, being on the cutting edge sometimes just involves using a little bit of foresight and some ‘universal’ common sense.

Before you read the article – please be warned that there is information that sits ‘between the lines’ – and most who read this will not pick up on this vital info – but I am making it a point to address it solidly in my book (I know many of you have been waiting very patiently for the book – please note – we are getting closer! & are hoping to have it published in the first half of 2008).

Read the article for all that its worth – but also remember – the most important stuff is not in black and white – it’s ‘below the surface’.

Here is the article in the Wall Street Journal:

Artificial Sweeteners Replaced by Natural Ingredients? (this link is old news, thats why I’ve removed it – as you can see above I made this post in the middle of 2007…

BUT – here’s a very recent article on the FDA’s position regarding stevia:

Stevia Natural Sweetener Gets FDA Go-Ahead

Have you heard of stevia?

Do you use stevia?

What foods or beverages would you like to see stevia used in?

Please post your comments and ideas below…

Your trainer,

Joey Atlas

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