Fat Loss for Smart People: No Fat Loss for Idiots Here

August 19th, 2008
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Fat Loss for Smart People: No Fat Loss for Idiots Here

- by Joey Atlas

In anticipation of the fat loss diet coaching program I’m putting together – you can expect to see lots of talk about the fat loss dieting subject on this blog – lightly sprinkled with other various topics of enhanced health, fitness and LIFE.

As a follow up to one of my recent articles: the emphasis of the new program (set for release in about 2 months) will be on ‘tactics’ – … a handful of closely guarded tactics that I’ve been reluctant to share until a recent conversation with an old fitness colleague of mine, Frank.

I’ve been pretty secretive about these tactics over the last 21 years because they are very unlike what you read about in the mainstream world – and I haven’t been quite sure if I want to go ‘against the grain’ as there is no question they will raise controversy – not because they are unsafe – but simply because they are different – and deviously simple to use…

Yeah your girlfriends will hate you because you look fantastic… – they’ll swear you had some kind of surgical procedure.. blah, blah, blah – but hey – who cares – you and I will know the truth about your success…

These ‘underground’ tactics will allow you to take your focus off of calorie counting, unrealistic meal planning, strict exercise routines, endless cardio sessions – and most importantly – the destructive, typical ‘dieters’ mindset. I can promise you it will be like nothing you’ve seen or heard about before.

I can’t go further into this as I know for a fact I have some devious competitors following every move I make – But you can be assured I’ll keep you posted as best I can over the next few weeks and months – right up until I pull back the curtain to reveal what will surely cause a stir amongst my peers and the diet, fitness, nutrition industry – It will be quite exciting to say the least…

Stay tuned for more about that – and please feel free to post your thoughts, questions comments, and even your desires at the end of this article – but first a diet question and answer. This was sent in by an ‘Atlas Client’…

Dear Joey…

I’m finding it hard to believe that something out of a can such as the peas, corn, etc. can be healthy for You as I’ve read labels on cans & have been told by health professionals to stay away from canned food & eat fresh as they all have large amounts of sodium, salts, & hidden sweeteners, etc…so please help Me understand how this will help My daughter who was so happy that I found something that would help Her…



Great question Jules…

I’ve mentioned this in many past articles, in interviews, in my book Fatness to Fitness, and in the Blow-Torch ‘Diet’ section itself…

“Always choose fresh or frozen over canned goods when it works for you.”

The reasons why I make this statement is…

GENERALLY speaking – canned foods ‘tend’ to have more sodium and preservatives than their fresh or frozen twins. Additionally – there is ongoing controversy about BPA lined cans – and their potential to adversely affect your health.

You can read more about that here: http://www.cspinet.org/new/200804021.html

HOWEVER, it’s important to note that there are many canned products that I consider to be VERY good options for the weight control in a healthy lifestyle…

For example – today for lunch I ate half a can of chick peas with some other ingredients – from the company ‘Eden’ – they make many organic items AND – they have done away with using cans that are lined with BPA – great news for us – as this move will prompt many other companies to do the same!

In regards to high sodium content…

MANY items now are available in a low or no sodium version – and some savvy companies are using the healthiest salt available… SEA SALT

Another example:

Yesterday – for lunch I simply opened a can of ORGANIC Spicy Vegetarian (I’m not a vegan) Chunky Chili from Health Valley – NO SALT ADDED (this is on the front label) – it was a 2 serving can – I ate the whole thing…

fat loss diet food
Organic Chunky Chili

So – a $2.19 organic lunch that took me 30 seconds to open and about 10 minutes to eat – and who said eating well was hard and expensive!! Anyway… here’s the nutrition breakdown for the whole can:

* Calories = 300
* Fat = 2 g
* SODIUM = 150 mg (this is amazing!!)
* Carbs = 62 g
* FIBER = a whopping 20 grams !!
* Protein = 18 grams!! – I can feel my muscles growing as I eat it!!

I hope that clears things up…. OH! – I gotta mention this… As I was putting this article together – I was notified that yet another fat loss diet scam went live on the internet this week – I wont get into the details today – but when the time is right – I’m gonna show you EXACTLY how to tell that the program is pure bogus right down to it’s core. You will be sick to your stomach when I expose this thing…

But for now – I want to hear from you – leave your comments, wishes, desires, questions, problems, etc… below.

Your trainer for life,

joey atlas
weight loss program

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Six Pack Abs vs. Eight Pack Abs – What’s the Difference

August 7th, 2008


Six Pack Abs vs. Eight Pack Abs – What’s the Difference

One of the most often asked questions I get from guys is “Joey why is it that some guys have six pack abs and others get eight pack abs? Is it their diet, their workouts or what?”

What made me think of writing this article today is my friend, Mike from http://www.HowToGet6PackAbs.com – called me about a week ago while he was working on a new article – to ask me my perspective on the same exact question.

In a nutshell here’s what I told him:

If you take a look at this photo:

six pack abs to eight pack abs
Six Packs Abs or Eight Pack Abs

You’ll see what’s known as the Rectus Abdominus – these are the 2 strip like muscles that look like 2 pieces of flat beef jerky running parallel to each other, from the pubic area up to the sternal area…

Each strip has white lines running horizontally trough them – these are bands of connective tissue.

For most men – the top 3 bands (not including the top band/connective tissue where you see the muscles attach to the front of the rib cage) are what creates the six packs abs look…

But what about the bottom band? Don’t all men have that same band in the lower abdominal area?

Yes – we all do – but (now here’s where ‘genetics’ comes into play) – that bottom band – in most men – is sitting at the same level as the muscle – or very close to the same level.

See the ones above it – the ones that create the six pack look – are actually lying below the level of the muscles – so they create like a little valley between the individual ‘blocks’ of muscle.

So – since the ones at the bottom are at the same level as the muscles – there is no ‘valley’ – to create the separated look and hence you don’t see the eight pack – just a six pack – not that “just a six pack” is such a bad thing to have, right?

That’s the simple truth.

Some experts will argue that with “stricter dieting” and “harder workouts” – you can eventually get your six packs to become eight pack abs…

But if you’ve know me for a while – my philosophy on this is:

Just give me the six pack – I don’t need two more – I have a life to live and it’s not ‘in the gym’…

Mike from http://www.HowToGet6PackAbs.com knows exactly what I mean – and he loved the simplicity of my answer. If you happen to go watch his free online videos – don’t forget to tell him “Gumba Joey sent me.” (that’s Italian slang for ‘friend’)…

And if you want to try a few of my six pack ab and core workouts – you can try these free videos right now: Ab and Core Exercises <= Click and Do Them...

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

Joey Atlas

Click here for: How to Get 6, or 8, Pack Abs Video

Click Pic for: How to Get 6, or 8, Pack Abs Video

FREE Download: What to Never Eat After You Workout

FREE Download: What to Never Eat After You Workout

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