Former Fat Guy is Quickly Becoming Sex Symbol

June 26th, 2008
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How a Former Fat Guy is Quickly Becoming Sex Symbol Through Fitness

- by Joey Atlas
If you’ve been following me for at least the last few months – you already know about Colin’s fat loss success story. As I mentioned previously – he’s the guy featured on the back cover of my book.

He likes to keep me posted on his progress – and he sent me this great email a few days ago. Read it and see what inspiration you can draw from it to fuel your motivation to change your life for the better.

colin after body fat loss
The Sexy Stud Says
‘He ain’t done yet…

…What ever that means to you – because it’s not the same for everyone…


I was at work today working away and a lady come up to me and said “you know I was going to buy a big bag of chips, but I seen you over there and know all the weight you had lost and I put the chips back cause I didn’t really need them” I told her “good for you”.

She told me she had lost a bit of weight but put some of it back on, now she has a tough time trying to get back into the routine of sticking to her diet. I told her the next time she got the urge for a snack grab a fruit to eat like an apple, orange, grapes, banana or a pear. If it’s nice out you may just go for a little walk. Sometimes it’s hard work but worth it in the end.

I guess this is a part of the fitness ripple effect. I’m still smiling and proud that I can be such an influence on people I don’t even know.

PS – Before that I had another lady today come up to me, I didn’t know she was and asked me where did I go to (meaning the weight loss), she told me I looked good and I’m doing a great job. I told her I had 158 lbs gone and her jaw dropped; I said it was over 2.5 years losing it slowly so it didn’t make me look sick like some people do when they lose a lot of weight.

Then first thing this morning when the store opened a young lady who works at Tim Horton’s was in picking up groceries and I said “Good Morning” to her, she looked around and seen me there working away and she said “you know the other day I seen you at the mall and you look good”

I told her thank you! hehehehe

Keeping Fit!

Colin Cramm

What are your thoughts about Colin’s success? What fitness success are you trying to achieve?

What’s your biggest obstacle?

Click ‘Comment’ below – and let the rest of us know…

Your Trainer,

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Eating Healthy Can Also Be Cheap – My 47cent Breakfast

June 24th, 2008

One of the biggest complaints about getting people to eat a cleaner and healthier diet is that it’s too expensive. I’ll admit that in SOME regards this may be true – but in a general sense this is just a bunch of bullshit – or shall I say an ‘internally justified’ excuse to keep living like a slovenly fat-ass.

Don’t take my words personally or let them offend you. If you are making the effort but are still not where you would like to be – I commend you and completely respect you – I don’t care what you look like or what size you are – I’m on your side for taking action…

But the person I am speaking to is the lazy ass who is the first in line at the breakfast drive thru – ready to plunk down $5.95 for their 780 calorie, artery clogging, energy robbing, life shortening breakfast…

How To Shorten Your Lifespan


What the hell is wrong with you?!!

…keep in mind I’m using a loving tone when I say this stuff – ya know, a brotherly kind of love… – because I care – and I want you to do better – to be better – to change because you can – and how it will affect your life…

Ok – enough with my rant – here’s how easy t is to each perfectly AND cheaply.

Yesterday – Publix, our local supermarket had a sale on Kashi Go lean Crunch – one of my favorite cereals. 2 boxes for $2.50 ($1.25 per box!!) – and as if that wasn’t good enough – you also get a free half gallon of Organic soy milk. Incredible – but true…

Based on my calculations – one serving came out to about 47 cents…

Who says eating good is too expensive?

Click here for nutritional info => Nutritional Info – Kashi Go Lean Crunch

How do you eat well but still keep it affordable? Click below to let us know…


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Fat Loss Updates – Fitness Through Healthy Weight Loss

June 18th, 2008

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

Fat Loss and Fitness Through Healthy Weight Loss – Photos of Proof

Many of you know already Colin Cramm – as he is one of the fitness success stories featured on the back cover of my book, ‘Fatness to Fitness’ – but it is quite likely you haven’t (yet) heard of his good buddy, Todd.

I’m writing about these two amazing guys today for 2 reasons:

1 – a lot of my male subscribers wanted to see more success stories about mens’ fitness and fat loss, as they have “already seen more than enough female fitness success stories across my websites”.

2 – to illustrate something I wrote about in the book, ‘the Fitness Ripple Effect’.

Here is Colin’s most recent photo – showing him standing behind his ‘fat jeans’ (size 48!) – and he noted that he is now COMFORTABLY wearing a brand new pair of size 36 pants – that we can’t see becasue his massive ‘fat jeans’ are blocking our view. GREAT STUFF! – We’ll hear more from Colin in the near future, as he is “not done just yet…”

colin after body fat loss
Fat Loss – Photos of Proof

Now, meet Todd (minus 135 lbs!) – one of Colin’s good buddies who was inspired by Colin’s transformation and decided he needed to do the same thing – or else probably die way before his time. Todd is still at it – so we can consider this a ‘during’ photo – and we will be sure to hear back from him – as he is a strong candidate to be included in my next book, ‘Fitness – The Atlas Way’. Here he is…
todd during fat loss diet and fitness success
Todd – Down 135 lbs, and Still Burning Fat


This brings me to the ‘Fitness Ripple Effect’…

So many times – it’s the action and success of one person that can inspire and positively influence other people. Such is the case with Colin and Todd. It’s also what I attribute my fitness success to – thanks to my father, and it’s what has recently changed the life of another ‘Joey’ – read on…

This is a message that was posted just yesterday in the members only forum at my other site,

…and that’s why I think this forum is great. Not only do we have our trainer for life but other people interacting and helping and encouraging each other along the way. I will keep going in the same direction, in my gut I know if I stay consistent and am patient with myself then all will fall into place.

By the way, my 12 year old son was having problems with the bottom of his back, therapist gave home exercises to do but they didn’t really help. Him to has the “belly” and the doctor said he would have to exercise his back.

As I have changed my eating habits they also are reflected on my son and he started doing the ABS dvd with me but he does them twice a week. It’s so cool because he’s interested in exercise, we spend quality time together AND his back no longer hurts him. Thank you Joey.

P.S.: So funny because my son’s name is JOEY.


Are you creating a ‘Fitness Ripple Effect’ on those around you? Have you been influenced by someone else’s inspiring success? Whatever the case – I would like to hear about it – please post below – by clicking on ‘Comment’.

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else…

Be Fit!

Your Trainer,

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Lose Fat and Be Fit with Herbs and Spices

June 13th, 2008

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’
A question was recently posted in the ‘Comments’ section of the blog – and it’s one that I hear every few weeks – and it’s a great topic to talk about. Here it is…

“While I am waiting for your book to arrive I wonder, If you can comment on use of spices such as Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, etc as part of diet. Especially, for someone who likes to follow a vegetarian diet.”

The quick, short version answer to this great question is…

Herbs and spices are ESSENTIAL to a healthy diet. Thats why we’ve been gifted by their abundant presence on this earth. They are perfect for any diet – regardless of type – vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, and even the ‘regular’ non-diet – healthy diet, etc, etc…

Besides the countless benefits offered by all of the herbs and spices avaiable to us – they can, in fact, be an essential tool in helping people lose fat and become fit.

The flavor enhancing effects of these botanicals give you a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment in your daily meals – allowing us to eat less because we were able to enjoy the amounts we did eat.

Some would say – “Well, if it tastes better – wouldn’t I eat more of it?”

In my experience the answer is no.

When combined with other tactics, strategies, and principles of a healthy fitness lifestyle – the herbs and spices become our ally.

They are easy to find, relatively cheap to purchase – and super simple to use.

They are also fun – and can make meal preparation a cool event for you and your family.

There are a lot of them – so experiment, be daring and be creative. You’ll be surprised at the results.

An Special Note: Some herbs and spices do contain compounds that can interact or interfere with certain medications or dietary supplements. Do check with your doctor if you are unsure about your specific situation.

What herbs and or spices do you like using in your healthy foods and ‘diet’ recipes? Post them below by clicking on ‘Comments’.

Your trainer,

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Joey Atlas # 1 Bestseller on in Exercise and Fitness Book Category

June 6th, 2008

- from Atlas International Headquarters, St. Johns, Florida
FIRST – a sincere “THANK YOU!” to everyone who helped make the book a # 1 Bestseller by ordering a copy on the release date.

[NOTE - the book and special release date bonus package is still available, even though Amazon is showing, "Temporarily Out of Stock".
See > ]

I post this article today – not to toot my own horn – but rather to show you what can be achieved when you set your mind to something.

First we start with a cool screen shot of my book, Fatness to Fitness, sitting in the top spot on the Exercise and Fitness Bestseller List on (as I’m typing this – it is STILL in the # 1 spot).

exercise and fitness book bestseller
#1 Bestseller: ‘Fatness to Fitness’

We hit # 1 around midday yesterday and have been there ever since.

Now – here is why this is important….

Several weeks ago the book wasn’t even printed – in other words, ‘there was no book’… yet.

BUT – it was in the works – as about 3 years ago I decided to ‘write a book’…. AND make it a Bestseller.

That was just the beginning.

Everything that followed that decision was fueled by ‘focused intention’. In other words – I did whatever I needed to do – to fulfill my goal.

The fact that you see my book in THE top spot should light a fire in you. It should make you truly understand that YOU are capable of achieving much more than you might believe at this point in your life.

See – to the book/publishing world – before yesterday – ‘Joey Atlas’ was a ‘nobody’. Joey Atlas didn’t exist.

Well, that’s different today.

Because, literally – from a ‘million miles away’ – I was preparing to strike like lightening. And that I did.

Now – you must understand that the books that sit at the top of the bestseller lists are backed by the biggest publishing companies in the world with a LOT of money to spend on marketing and advertising.

BUT – again, I go back to this: When you put your mind to something – you can achieve great things.

You make a decision…

Then you assess your current status. You learn what tools are needed. You find out what paths are available. You decide which path fits you best. You map out a plan. And then you follow your plan – with an open mind, ‘flexibility’, and enthusiasm – with the end result in focus.

That’s how I went from ‘nobody’ (I say that facetiously) to # 1 Bestseller (I say that with all seriousness). And it’s exactly how you can go after your own goals – whatever it or they may be.

A few cool notes about the book release. We also hit # 19 on the OVERALL Amazon Bestseller list yesterday (I think we are currently # 24). This is amazing considering the names that you see on that list – some real heavy hitters who get tons and tons of media exposure every single day – and that there are a few million books on Amazon.

And we are also at # 4 in the ‘Health, Mind & Body’ Bestseller list. When you look at some of the books and authors that we leap-frogged yesterday – its a bit ‘energizing’ to say the least.

For those of you asking…

“Yes!” – my next book is in the works… and I want you in it!

The title is ‘Fitness – The Atlas Way’ – and YOU have the opportunity to be featured in that book and be part of my next Bestseller. All the details are in the last chapter of Fatness to Fitness.

Essentially – you turn yourself into your own success story by following my advice while tracking your progress along the way – and when you reach your goal – you send me your ‘Before and After’ success story, interview questionnaire and photos. If it’s good – you are in the next book.

Thats in for now – Don’t forget to leave your comments below – I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

‘Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

You trainer for life,

joey atlas

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The Book Has Been Released! Get $300 for only $17…

June 5th, 2008

All the details are right here =>

Don’t be late or you’ll miss everything…

Your trainer for life,


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