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Former Fat Kid Reveals His Most Powerful Personal Strategies and Techniques to Help You Quickly and Safely Achieve Permanent Fitness Success

“Don’t let the title fool you. This is not just a fitness
book. Joey’s advice will help you make the right choices
for enhanced health, energy and happiness.” - Jon Gordon
Author of the international best seller,
“The Energy Bus:
10 Rules to Fuel your
Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy.’’

Amazon Bestseller

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Within Hours of it’s Release on June 5th, ‘Fatness to
Fitness’ Shot Straight Up to # 1 in the Exercise & Fitness
and the Diet & Weight Loss Categories


Chapter One:
How To Make Your Food Work For You, Not Against You

- This is where I reveal how I hit ‘rock-bottom’ and had no choice but to face my crippling co-dependency on food. So many people suffer from this condition and don’t even know about it. I felt the strong need to put my own ‘problem’ into this book in the hopes of helping many people realize their own co-dependency on unhealthy, high calorie foods. And give them the tools to fix the problem and create a beneficial, life-enhancing relationship with food.

Think you might have a deadly co-dependency on food? What about your kids? If you say ‘maybe’ – then you need to read Chapter One.

Chapter Two:

The Most Important Chapter in the History of Fitness Books

- Every ‘Best-Seller’ book contains at least 2 or 3 profound elements that really hit home with many people. This chapter is one of those key elements in this book that will move so many people into results-oriented action, naturally spreading the word about realistic fitness and making this book a best seller.


Because when you become a living example of what is possible when you know how to go about it – many other people can’t help but take notice of the changes they are seeing right before their eyes. In other words, ’seeing is believing’, and what people see – they also want to do.

I’ll also show you how the majority of the population is fooling themselves into an early and painful death – and how easy it is to reverse this deadly assumption.

Chapter Three:

Deadly Myths and Ridiculous Misconceptions That Prevent Your Fitness Success

- Learn the seven most common ‘fitness myths’ that most people (even certified fitness pros) believe to be true. These absurdities could be keeping you from reaching your goals and realizing your natural potential. Even professional trainers are surprised by some of these ‘myth-busters’. I am shocked at how many people actually ask me about these with a straight face – as if they are actually true!

But I do remind myself how these ‘myths’ are a direct reflection of how ‘out of shape’ the majority of the population really is.

Chapter Four:

Mysterious and Frustrating Fitness & Weight Loss Obstacles

- Have you tried doing everything right? Are you convinced you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing – but still not getting the results you feel you should be getting? You’re not alone. Many people experience this extremely frustrating scenario over and over again. In this chapter I reveal several startling obstacles that could be holding you back – and how to get past them with ease.

A few of these will leave you dumbfounded – as you would never suspect them to effect your body and energy levels in such ways.



Chapter Five:

The Dirty Truth About the Dietary Supplement Industry — Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals and Other “Supplements”

- This is one of my favorite subjects – and the sleazy companies that sell trashy, rip-off products hate me for exposing the truth. Reading this chapter will make you furious at first – but after learning the truth, you’ll never be duped or scammed again.

You’ll be disgusted (if not extremely pissed off) at how you can be sold a bottle of starch tablets that don’t even have the supposed ‘effective ingredients’ marketed on the front of the label of certain dietary supplements (especially ‘appetite control’, ‘metabolism boosters’ and ’slimming/toning pills’).

“Far from being just another diet book, `Fatness To Fitness’
is both a compelling and motivating autobiographical account
of one man’s real-life fitness journey, as well as a solid
common-sense guidebook to living a healthy lifestyle and
inspiring others to do the same.” - Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS
Author of “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’’


Chapter Six:

The Truth Revealed: Organic Foods and Artificial Sweeteners, Preservatives, Flavors & Colors

- The debate about the benefits of organic foods and beverages as compared to traditionally processed foods gets bigger and bigger every month. But most people are still confused about this area of nutrition and optimal fitness. In this chapter I tell you all you need to know so that you can understand the topic and how to decide what is best for you and your family. My explanation removes all confusion and mixed messages.

In this chapter I also reveal several, eye-opening experiences with artificial sweeteners – that made me and my inner circle of fitness pals – take a very close look a the chemicals that are allowed to go into our foods. You’ll be glad you read this section.

You’ll also learn about an artificial sweetener that was banned by the FDA in 1969 – but is under review again – and may be back on the market and in some of the foods you and your kids eat, within the next few months.

Organic nutrition will be one of the most crucial factors in the health of many people in the next few decades and beyond. Learn why in Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven:

Water, Oil, Fiber and Salt — A Trainer’s Secret Ingredients

Sometimes the ’seemingly’ smallest adjustments can lead to such dramatic and positive changes. I reveal several easy and immediate adjustments you can make in this chapter – that can yield some incrdible results regardless of age and regardless of previous fitness/medical history. Some of the topics I cover are:

- How Your Drinking Water Can Kill You
- Bottled Water – A Better Choice or Just a Hoax?
- Improve Your Fitness and Sex Life with Olive Oil
- Fiber for Fat Loss and Health
- Salt – The Evil Condiment and Its Fitness-Promoting Twin

Chapter Eight:
‘28-Days to Life’ Version of The Blow-Torch “Diet’’

- Don’t let the word “diet” fool you. Far from a short term fad, or an unrealistic regimen of deprivation – the Blow-Torch ‘Diet’ is simply a “way of eating”. As a professional trainer – one of the most frequently asked questions I have received over the years is, “Joey, what should I be eating?” The BT ‘Diet’ is the exact answer to that question. It’s flexible, it’s realistic, it’s adjustable – and it’s effective. Fat loss, healthy muscle gain, or weight maintenance – no matter what your goal is – this ‘way of eating’ will help you get there with ease.

Yeah – it has it’s critics, but I gave it to a Registered Dietitian, associated with one of the most prestigious medical/health institutions in the USA, and had her do a full review of it. You’ll be surprised at her review when you read it. I left it intact and added it as it’s own section in the ‘Diet’ chapter. You will never see this done anywhere else.

“Great book! It is a great tool for clients like ours
because it answers a lot of questions that I get asked
all of the time. Far from a `fad’ way of thinking
(which always makes us dietitians happy), the menus
show the reader that it is possible to eat healthy
without spending a ton of time in the kitchen preparing
and cooking meals. I will definitely refer my clients
to this book.’’ - Jillian McMullen, RD, LD/N
Nutrition Consultant


Chapter Nine:

Seven Rock-Solid Principles to Deliver You to Fitness

- One of my book reviewers called these seven principles ‘a brilliant cheat sheet for lifelong, guaranteed fitness success’. One of these principles has a lot of personal trainers very angry with me. It literally shows you how to become your own personal trainer – so you don’t have to spend $50 an hour for someone else to get you into shape. Enough said, right?

Chapter Ten:

The Most Effective Exercise Program for You

- No hard to understand photos, no confusing instructions. In this chapter I explain the 3 level, home fitness program I created for you. And why I went through the expense of putting it on DVD to include with this book for free.

“Joey does a great job of creating a straightforward,
simple eating and lifestyle plan that doesn’t chain you
down to zero carbs, crazy supplements, or gimmicky
exercises. `Fatness to Fitness’ is an easy read and
super simple to follow.” - Christopher Guerriero
Bestselling Author, “Maximize Your Metabolism’’

And now, in my best ‘Bodfather’ voice, “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.”
Click the ‘play’ button if you actually want to hear my Marlon Brando/Vito Corleone impersonation. This is my sense of humor coming through here…



Here is exactly what you get in your Bonus Home Exercise DVD and Fitness Success Kit Package:


“Ready for Change” Bonus # 1 – Your Basic Home Fitness Training DVD, ‘Building a Solid Foundation’, Levels 1, 2, 3
(normally sells for $28.00 at

home exercise dvd
You ONLY pay shipping/handling;
$4.95 in the USA or $9.95 International


“Ready for Change” Bonus # 2 – Two-Weeks Free, Members-Only Pass to My Interactive Fitness Magazine site
This is where members get to ask me their questions directly in the Private Fitness Success Forum – in addition to accessing all of my full length, feature articles, product reviews, and much more.

($55 value)



“Ready for Success” Bonuses:


1 – Self Assessment Form ($17 value)

It’s much easier to get to where you’re going when you know where you are starting from. This Self Assessment Form – simplifies the process of defining your current fitness profile – and giving you a clear picture of where you stand. Then you can move forward with direction and confidence.

2 – The Cardio Truth Report ($15 value)

There’s no two ways about it – Cardiovascular exercise is essential to optimal fitness. But there is a lot of confusion, hype and outdated information that makes it hard for the regular person to decide what is best for them. This report clears up all the confusion and cuts through the hype – to give you what you need to know in a simple and straightforward manner.

3 – Fitness Success Blueprint ($23 value)

Everything in life is easier with a plan. And much easier with a great plan. This Blueprint is your ‘great plan’. I created it so you can refer to it daily to remind yourself about your goals and your personal mission. More importantly – it gives you ‘action cues’. These are trigger thoughts that guide you into the proper action – for that specific stage of the plan. Even more powerful is that this is a plan without an end – it just becomes a way of life that feeds right into itself – very simple, bet VERY powerful.

4 – “Be Fit!’’ Reminder Poster ($10 value)

Ever wish you could have your favorite trainer with you at a specific time in your day – to utter a few words of encouragement, and fuel your motivation? Print as many of these mini-posters and stick ‘em wherever you need ‘em (you bathroom mirror, your desk, your car, your refrigerator door…) – and you’ll constantly ‘hear’ my trademark reminder, “Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!”

5 – Travel Fitness Cheat Sheets ($11 value)

‘Going on the road’ is one of the most frequently used reasons for people not staying committed to their own fitness routine. These Cheat Sheets make it so easy for you to stay on track and not miss a beat – no matter if you are going away on business or vacation. You can ‘take your program on the road with you’.

6 – Blow-Torch Food-Shopping List ($9 value)

Don’t want to carry the book to the grocery store? No worries, just print out this quick reference shopping list – make your own notes on it, if you need to – and take it with you. How easy can it get?

7 – Web Site Quick Reference Sheet ($9 value)

I refence a bunch of helpful websites throughout the book – sites you’ll want to check out. I make it very easy for you to do this – with a 1-page, quick-reference sheet (PDF) with live website links – that you can click on instantly.

8 – Home Fitness DVD Progression Plans ($19 value)

These progression plans bring the magic of your free Home Fitness DVD to life. I give you the exact number of sets and repetitions, the number of days per week to do the program and when to change the sets, repetitions, exercises and when to move to the next level – leaving no guesswork on your part.

9 – “Before and After’’ Coaching Questionnaire and Progress Tracker ($22 value)

This is where you will track your progress over time and create your very own ‘Before and After’ Success Story. You’ll want to follow this for 2 reasons: ONE – it simply works by keeping you focused and energized about your commitment – and TWO – we will be collecting these over the course of the next 12 months – for possible inclusion in my next book, ‘Fitness – The Atlas Way’. All details are in the book.

10 – Inspirational “Before and After’’ Interviews and Photos ($24 value)

My words can’t do justice to the power of this collection of detailed ‘before and after’ success stories. When you see what these people have accomplished – you will be invigorated and empowered to do the same. Powerful stuff!

11 – Secrets of Stretching – The Priceless Rewards of Flexibility ($20 value)

It’s the most overlooked, misunderstood, under-rated, and dangerously ignored components of the typical fitness program. BUT – it holds some of the most incredible benefits one could wish for. In this report – I give you the Why, the When and the How Much of proper stretching for flexibility – and you’ll see exactly why I include stretching in the DVD, ‘Building a Solid Foundation’.

12 – Unannounced, Secret Bonuses of Gratitude (various $$ values)

All book purchasers will receive periodic bonuses, long after your book purchase – as my way of saying ‘thanks’ for giving me the opportunity to help you achieve a better quality of life through realistic fitness and sensible nutrition.

Are you ‘Ready for Change’? Are you ‘Ready for Success’?

Remember, this equals well over $262 worth of life-enhancing fitness tools as my way of saying ‘thank you’ and delivering on my promise of helping you achieve permanent fitness success. Take advantage of each tool as you journey along your way to a better quality of life.

The essence of this program revolves around the fact that it can be done at home, at the office or on the road. There is no need to travel to a health club or gym, no need to fight the crowds or guess about what you are supposed to be doing. This is not a program for bodybuilders, power lifters or fitness competitors. Created for beginners and individuals who have suffered chronic fitness failures, this program is designed for real people with real families and careers.

It is specifically suited for people who are more interested in a balanced, enjoyable approach to fitness, people who would rather exercise where they want and when they want. This program is NOT for men looking to gain as much puffy and bulky muscle as possible, and it is NOT for women who want to lose every possible ounce of body fat at the expense of their health and overall wellbeing.

This exercise program is your foundation for long-term sex appeal, total body strength, self-confidence, optimal energy levels, health enhancement, functional flexibility and reduction of aches and pains. Follow my advice and good things will happen.

“…very well-written with solid, common-sense (which isn’t so common)
information for the masses. The menus seem quite diverse, which for
most people is a good thing. If people follow it, they should see
excellent results. I will be giving many of these recommendations a
shot myself. In short, it’s hard to fault a book that presents a diet
full of mostly unrefined foods and healthy fats. The variance with
the occasional bagel and other starchy foods makes the diet that
much more acceptable.
The book is a bit short, but that may be a good thing.
Great job, Joey! I enjoyed the read.” - Jon Benson
Transformational Life Coach, Health & Fitness Counselor
Award-winning Web Author – “Fit Over 40’’

As a matter of fact, I will be expecting your complete fitness success story for possible inclusion in my next book, “Fitness – The Atlas Way.’’ An important part of my next book will be a compilation of “before’’ and “after’’ success stories from people just like you.So, take your “before’’ photos as soon as possible (not just one – take a handful of them), record your measurements and fill out your self-assessment form, as well as the “Before and After’’ Coaching Questionnaire today (you’ll be able to download and print all of these after you purchase the book on Amazon).Then, start putting this book (once it arrives in the mail) and all of the support materials to use and don’t look back.I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

“Don’t Be Like Everybody Else…Be Fit!’’
- Your Trainer for Life,

joey atlasjoey-atlas-sig.GIF

- Author, ‘Fatness to Fitness’

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